Odds Makers: Cleveland Cavaliers 9.5 Points Better with James and Love

Odds makers are already making adjustments to some Cleveland Cavaliers matchups during the season, especially those against the top teams in the Eastern Conference.

With LeBron James already signed to played in Cleveland and Kevin Love nearly there, bookmakers are adjusting point spreads, one of which is the Christmas Day game the Cavaliers will have on the road against the Miami Heat.

According to Bovada and topbet, the Cavaliers are now a road favorite by 3.5 points over the Miami Heat on Christmas Day.

After the regular season ended in May, Cleveland wa

s rated 11 points behind the San Antonio Spurs, the top-rated team in the NBA, playing on a neutral court.

As far as an actual spread, the Spurs at the time were favorites on their home court against the Cavaliers November 23 by 13 points. However, that has been cut to -7.5 as of now.

Prior to last season’s playoffs, Miami was only a half point behind the Spurs according to betonline and sporstbook.com, but now they have tumbled down the list.

Putting Cleveland as a favorite by 3.5 points on the ho

me court of Miami puts into prospective what value the bookmakers have assigned to the pair of Love and James.

Oddsmakers have made the Cavaliers 9.5 points better with James and Love than last season.

Others said that James makes the Cavaliers 6.5 points better and if nothing happens to stop the expected deal for Love, then he would make them better by another 4.5 points. On some books that would make Cleveland 11 points better than last year and at the top of the list with the league’s top rated team the San Antonio Spurs.

Last season, Cleveland won just 33 games while losing 49. With the addition of James, they were moved up to 57.5 on the win total. While James was on the Cavaliers, the team won 66 games in 2008-09 and 61 in 2009-10. If Love is picked up by Cleveland, the 57.5 number should expect to be moved up b

Odds makers will be adjusting the line on point spreads and win totals throughout the remainder of the summer.y at least 5 to 7 games.

Love is expected to be traded by Minnesota in late August to Cleveland for Andrew Wiggins the top draft pick in this year’s draft. Anthony Bennett is also expected to be part of the deal, along with a protected first round draft pick.