A Dose of Honesty Among Other News for a Sunday

Cameron Tringale DQ'ed himself days after the PGA Championship ended.

I’ve spent so much time being negative lately that it’s time for a nugget of news that is actually positive. It might not sound real positive for the person involved, but his actions are refreshing and welcome in a time when there is very little honesty and upbeat news.

This piece comes from the PGA Tour and goes all the way back to Sunday’s PGA Championship. You’ve probably never heard of Cameron Tringale who is in his fifth season on the PGA Tour. Tringale was nowhere near the action when Rory McIlroy clinched his second PGA Title and probably shouldn’t be in the news today if not for his owning up to his own mistake.

During the final round, Tringale claimed he did not credit himself with a stroke after he mistakenly waved the putter over the ball before tapping in for bogey. He could have easily kept quiet and taken his $53,000 in prize money (he finished 33rd) and walked away. His conscious got the better of him through the week and yesterday he contacted the PGA telling him about his error.

First of all, this should have been noted by the player competing alongside Tringale. As a competitive golfer, your job is not only to keep track of your own score, but to also keep track of a player you are playing with. I’m not certain of who was playing with Tringale but he should have been paying attention.

Either way, it’s refreshing to see a professional athlete be so forth-coming in a situation like this. Kudos to Cameron Tringale.

Johnny Manziel can't afford 'innocent mistakes.'

OK, back to the negative stuff…

Johnny Manziel was late to a meeting this week and claims it was an innocent mistake. You know what? It really could have been just as he says but there’s a problem even with that. Manziel is fighting for a starting quarterback position in the NFL. There are only 32 of these jobs in the entire world. You do not make an ‘innocent mistake’ in this case.

This is exactly the type of thing that Manziel can’t do because he is under a microscope the size of Texas. Manziel also went on to say this week that he wasn’t ready for the Pittsburgh Steelers on opening day. I like his honesty. That said, I still think he’s the starter on opening day at Heinz Field. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian Hoyer were in another uniform soon too with the addition of Rex Grossman.

Back to golf to close things out…

I’m extremely hard on Tiger Woods and for the most part I feel it’s warranted, but I have to give him credit for shutting it down this week. Woods could have easily been stubborn and despite not being 100% would have made the Ryder Cup team. The pressure on Captain Tom Watson would have been too great for him not to select him for the team.

The pressure coming from NBC had to have been there but Woods bailed out Watson by taking himself out of consideration. The other reason this is good for Tiger is that if he really truly feels that he can return to his glory days then he must rest his back. It’s also a good time to duck out of the limelight while Rory McIlroy enjoys his tremendous run that he’s on.

Tiger playing well is good for golf. This was the right move and I know it couldn’t have been easy for him.