It Just Won’t End But as Fans We Can Do Better

Add Adrian Peterson to the list of NFL players in trouble with the law.

I planned on writing today about the pennant races and the third week of college football but yet again I’m forced into another direction because of yet another stupid act by a professional athlete. Days after the Ray Rice video emerged leading to his release from the Baltimore Ravens, another NFL player in purple is finding himself in trouble with the law.

Minnesota Vikings’ star running back Adrian Peterson was charged with abuse of child in the state of Texas. He is accused of using a switch to discipline his four-year old son. When the child returned to his mother in Minnesota, she took him to the doctors where he was photographed with open scares on many areas of his body. The hospital then reported this to the authorities in Texas.

The Vikings have chosen to make Peterson inactive for Sunday’s game against New England and that’s the right move. But I have to ask, when will this all finally end for the National Football League?

Honestly? I don’t care when it ends but we as fans need to have a hand in it don’t we?

Apparently not because many fans, women especially, proudly wore their Ray Rice jerseys to the Baltimore-Pittsburgh game on Thursday night. Some were interviewed and even said “She (Janay Rice) hit him first so she deserved to be hit back.”

Greg Hardy has had his domestic violence issues too and even brought his owner to tears.

This is the type of people we are dealing with here. This was far from the last stupid thing said though. I can’t even count the number of Tweets I saw last evening that were about Adrian Peterson screwing up their fantasy teams for this weekend. So let’s see; you’re upset that your fantasy football team might be impacted by Peterson not playing rather than being upset by the fact he abused his child?

I can’t tell you how sorry I am that your fantasy team is messed up. Perhaps you ought to get a different set of priorities in life don’t you think?

Peterson and Rice aren’t the only ones bringing the NFL more body blows either. San Francisco’s Ray McDonald played last week and will play again this week despite his arrest just days after the NFL put new domestic violence penalties into place. Carolina’s Greg Hardy is also prepared to play this week despite his domestic violence conviction this summer.

Panthers’ owner Jerry Richardson recently gave an impassioned speech about domestic violence. So moving was it that he brought himself to tears. If fighting against domestic violence is so important to Richardson then why isn’t he making Hardy inactive? Oh that’s right! Because the bottom line in the NFL is winning and winning means more money.

We’ll have to excuse Mr. Richardson then now won’t we?

We as fans have to do better. Are we really going to defend a man who knocks out his wife? Are we going to defend a player who ‘disciplines’ his son to the point where he bleeds? This child is four-years old not 14 as if that were to make it any better.

To this point the majority of fans have driven the social media outrage in the right direction. The push following the release of the damning video of Rice was a major factor in Goodell finally acting.

I’ve seen excuses about many of these players being brought up in rough circumstances and that they don’t know any better. That’s crap and you know it. We all know the difference between right and wrong and if we don’t then it’s our own fault.

Keep pushing Roger Goodell and the NFL to do better. It’s the only way to clean this mess up.