Tips for Your Fantasy Football Team Through Two Weeks

Is Tom Brady giving you the numbers you need as your starting quarterback in Fantasy Football?

Today you find yourself in one of three positions with regards to your fantasy football team; you are 2-0 and atop your division, you are 0-2 and staring up at everyone or you’re 1-1 and not sure how to feel about your team.

I play in two fantasy football leagues. One is a typical, PPR-type league where we draft every season and use just a teams’ defense and special teams. Starters include a QB, two RBs, two WRs, a TE, a ‘flex’ player, a kicker and the defense/special teams.

The other league I participate in is a dynasty league where you keep all of your players year to year or cut as many as you want. The draft includes rookies coming into the league and any free agent players that are not on teams.

In this league, you play a QB, two RBs, three WRs, a TE and kicker. Defensively, you play 2 DL, three LBs and three DBS.

I’ll try to keep my advice as general as possible but will specify which type of league I’m referring to where necessary.

If you’re 2-0… Where are the bulk of your points coming from? If your QB is lighting it up and is creating a good deal of your scoring that’s great, but what is your back-up plan? Can you survive if Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning goes down?

Carlos Hyde
In dynasty leagues, Carlos Hyde might be worth a pick with Frank Gore getting older.

If the majority of your points are coming from your receivers/tight ends then perhaps you need to look for a QB or RB on the waiver wire. There are already a few guys not on most teams that are putting up respectable numbers. Trades are always a possibility. I have ‘that’ guy in a league who takes the top two QBs available to him as trade bait for later in the season.

Even though you’re unbeaten right now, there are areas you can do better. Look at you roster and also look at the schedule coming up for key players.

If you’re 1-1… This means you’ve likely got a hole somewhere. You’ve got a roster that can score or you just got lucky in a low-scoring affair to gain the victory but either way you need an upgrade to at the very least your bench.

It’s important to have options at key spots like receiver and running back especially after the rash of injuries last week. With regard to backs and receivers in dynasty leagues, having established players is good but you need to think long term.

Don’t be afraid to take guys like Odell Beckham or Carlos Hyde. Their time might not be yet, but it could be coming.

If you’re 0-2… You’ve either lost to teams that just flat-out went off or your team just isn’t putting it together for you. Obviously you have to start at QB. What kind of production have you gotten through two weeks?

There’s been a lot of talk about Tom Brady not being a being fantasy guy this year. That doesn’t mean you bail on him because chances are that he’ll still put up numbers but if it continues for a couple more weeks than you might need to move on.