The Cavs are Struggling; College Football Playoff Week Two

Love and LeBron
Love and LeBron will eventually get things together in Cleveland.

Welp, there it is. We may as well go ahead and cancel the rest of the National Basketball Association’s season. The Cleveland Cavaliers are 1-3 now despite having three of the game’s best players. A few more losses and we’ll likely see the riverfront once again on fire and people looting in the streets.

The whole thing is quite comical mind you and have no other way to look at than that. It’s four games people, four games!!! They have 78 more games to go and they play in the one conference where just about every team resembles the Washington Generals.

Before you “LeBron fans” have a heart attack let me remind you that his first year with the Heat didn’t exactly provide a quick payoff either. That team started 9-8 before ripping off 12-straight wins. That team made the NBA Finals where they lost to the Dallas Mavericks in six games.

It just doesn’t matter how many great players you pull together on the same team. It takes time to coalesce at both ends of the floor and right now the Cavs are having problems at each end.

Star guard Kyrie Irving had 34 points Wednesday night yet had zero assists. As a team, they had just six assists for the entire game. Kevin Love isn’t shooting the rock very well yet and he isn’t getting the looks he’s used to getting either.

The defensive end isn’t much better right now. The Cavs are 23rd in the league in points allowed (101.5ppg) and they are the third worst team in the league in field goal percentage allowed. Teams are shooting just under 50% against them through the first four games.

Head Coach Dave Blatt is not an idiot. This guy has proven he can coach but can he coach this group of players? That is the most honest question we can ask right now.

I believe Cavaliers’ fans must be patient and so does the rest of the “LeBron Nation” as well. I have every expectation that this team will start meshing and the wins will start coming. When, I do not know but in the NBA Eastern Conference, things are not as tough as they would be in the West.

Will T.J. Yeldon and the Tide be able slide past LSU again?

The College Football Rankings Mean Nothing

Tuesday night the 12-person college football committee released their rankings for the second straight week. There were no surprises in the top three positions with Mississippi State, Florida State and Auburn holding down the top three spots. Where the completely unnecessary sets in is  in reference to the fourth spot.

For this week, the Oregon Ducks have been selected as the fourth best team. This of course sent fans from Alabama and TCU into social media tantrums and for the life of me I cannot figure out why? This is not the final standings nor is in even the final weekend of the regular season. What the committee knows and what many fan bases already recognize is that the current top four is unlikely to remain the top four in several weeks.

Alabama has a road challenge Saturday at LSU and still plays at Auburn as well. TCU still has a schedule that consists of #7 Kansas State while these same Wildcats still have road trips to West Virginia and Baylor. Michigan State and Ohio State play an elimination game Saturday night so what I’m getting at is quite simple.

Teams are still going to lose games and that means a shake-up within the rankings. Root all you’d like for your team but these teams will figure out things on their own as the season comes to a close. In closing, these rankings mean nothing right now.