Patriots Cover on Sunday Hits Books Hard

Odds makers saw their books wiped out on Sunday when the New England Patriots covered the spread in their 23-14 win over the San Diego Chargers. The win was the Patriots eighth in nine games.

In seven of the eight wins, the Patriots covered the spread and when bettors saw the Pats laying just 3.5 points, they all jumped in behind New England.

The game on Sunday night did not just have the largest handle of any game, but represented the biggest one-sided risk for sports books including Bovada and betonline.

It was the final game of Week 14 Sunday games, which made the risk even bigger. There were no other games to recoup any losses if New England covered.

Many bettors had teasers and parlays from games played earlier that had been tied to the Patriots winning, according to and topbet.

It was not only straight wagers that books worried about, but the final leg of a parlay that was paying 13 to 5 odds or higher.

When the final score was posted in the game on Sunday night, almost every book that had battled for a victory through the day’s prior 13 games ended up handing in all back and for some, even more.

However, overall the weekend could be considered a draw. The teams popular with the public such as the Saints, Broncos, 49ers and Colts all did not cover the spread, but that was not enough to slow down the popularity for the Patriots at the betting window.

By late Friday, the Sunday night matchup was already the leading handle for the week, which is surprising for a game played in prime time.

Amongst book makers there are differences of opinions on how to handle the risk on the last game of the day.

Some books like to stick to the book and move the spreads only based upon straight bets, instead of paying much attention the risk of parlays.

The thought process is to give straight bets more respect, since the majority of that action is received from the sharper bettors putting down big money.

However, things did to become nerve racking when odds makers look at their screens and see the risks from moneylines, parlays and teasers that they are facing for Sunday night games.

Some odds makers are not in agreement with shaving some risk because they might be giving the wiseguys the edge by increasing the line for the favorite.

Others have the opinion that you if some risk is not shaved off, they are not bookmaking any longer, but rather gambling with their own money.

For the day, favorites on Sunday were 7-7 ATS, with five underdogs victorious outright. Four of 14 games ended OVER, with all five of the last games paying UNDER.