MLB Winter Meetings Shake Up World Series Futures

While college football takes a breather and NFL football is winding its way toward the postseason, the MLB winter meeting took center stage this week.

With all the shake up amongst teams, the futures board for the 2015 World Series on Bovada and topbet saw a great deal of movement.

Several teams made big alterations to their playing rosters in what was one of the busiest winter meetings of MLB in quite some time.

Sites such as betonline and were trying to stay abreast of all the transactions taking place to adjust the rankings for each team on the futures board to determine odds and daily lines for the World Series.

Daily lines can be changed in due time, but the future wagers take place now  and very quickly as bettors begin investing on different teams that became very active in the winter meetings, while trying to exploit some kind of edge they find in the numbers if they believe a line was not adjusted enough by a book maker.

The team that has been the most popular for bettors prior to and after the close of the winter meetings in San Diego is the Chicago Cubs.

One sportsbook said that over 18% of its overall handle for the World Series was on the Cubs and more than 15% of the overall tickets that were written.

The Cubs have become a popular bet after signing Jon Lester to a contract. Chicago had opened at 50 to 1 in October following the World Series and was bet down prior to the meetings to 30 to 1, now after the meetings the Cubs are at 16 to 1.

Another sports book has the Cubs as low as 5 to 1 and calls them their biggest liability on the board by far.

It is not strange to have large handles on the Cubs. They are typically the team that is most wagered on regardless of what prospects they have of winning or not.

Chicago has not won the World Series since 1908. However, with Theo Epstein in charge they have someone who brought Boston the World Series. Bettors feel that the Cubs president can do the same for them as he did for the Red Sox who had not won a title since 1918.

Besides signing Lester, Chicago added Miguel Montero a catcher and Joe Maddon as manager.

Los Angeles was busy at the meeting and remained on top at 5 to 1. The Red Sox were very active and went from 25 to 1 to 15 to 1.