NFL Has Weekend Betting Spotlight as College Football Takes a Breather

It is Week 15 of the NFL and the public is heavy into teasers with their same teams.

After 15 straight weeks of college football, this Saturday saw just the Army vs. Navy classic filling the scorecard in college football.

On Saturday morning, betting on Bovada and betonline for football was quiet, or worse than quiet, it was dead.

With the bowl season a week away from kickoff and college basketball still not in the mindset of bettors, the boards were quiet Saturday.

However, that will quickly change as football will reheat on Saturday’s starting next week and basketball will carry on through March Madness.

According to topbet and, during the next four weeks there will be college football bowl games and NFL Saturday games that will keep the public bettors on their toes and at the betting cage.

By then, the college basketball season will start capturing the attention of even the casual bettor.

However, by late Saturday bettors were beginning to make their first bets for Sunday’s NFL lineup.

Many books saw a great deal of straight bets on the Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets game with a number of big bets for Minnesota on the money line and at +8.

A number of sports books have said this week there is not any one big action game that has taken the betting world. However, with the high volume that comes each week from locals who are regular bettors on the NFL, there is plenty of risk out there on some teams with teasers and parlays.

Four big teams have seen a great deal of action on teasers. The four – Broncos, Colts, Lions and Patriots – will be key to the public or the books winning this week.

On the parlays side, the action is on the Lions, Broncos, Packers, Patriots and Colts.

Despite Denver only covering in 2 of its past 6 games and looking for a running game heading towards the postseason, the public loves the team each week at the betting window.

The big NFC games pits Dallas against Philadelphia and action has been on the Cowboys at +3.5 and on the Eagles at -3.

With a number of parlays and teasers on the board, the late Sunday game will be an important one for both the books and the public.

Regardless of how the day works out, the slow Saturday gave the bookmakers a short respite from what is to come with bowls games, the NFL postseason and college basketball.