Bookmakers Quiet During NFL Championship Week

Bookmakers are seeing different kinds of action this week leading up to the kickoff of the NFL Conference Championship games on Sunday.

With the kickoff only hours away for the two conference championship games, many books such as Bovada and topbet are reporting they are very quiet.

The week has been steady for many books on other sports, but since Wednesday, not much has moved for the NFL on betonline, or other online sits.

The line has not moved at all and that it what it takes to create good volume and that has not happened since earlier in the week.

In the NFC title matchup the Seattle Seahawks are a strong 7.5-point favorite at home, while in the AFC, New England is a home favorite by 6.5 points.

Amongst the two title games, Seattle is being bet the most said two online sites, both with straight bets as well as parlays.

Other books are seeing it differently. One online site said they have twice the action on New England with a number of parlays.

The Patriots opened at -7.5 but money on the Colts pushed that down to the current -6.5.

Sharp money has still not arrived at many bookmakers but that will come in Sunday morning and up to just prior to the opening kickoff.

Depending upon how or if the public money moves the line, sharp money will follow looking for the best possible place to put its money.

Many books were thinking during the early part of the week that the volume would give them a chance to topple the high handle they enjoyed in last season’s championship games.

People last year liked the Brady and Manning matchup, but this season the Luck and Brady matchup and the Seattle and Green Bay game has not drawn the interest.

The injury to Aaron Rodgers could have something to do with that as he played well last week, but it is still somewhat of an uncertainty going in.

Both of the point totals have remained steady. The Green Bay at Seattle game is 46.5 and the Indianapolis at New England game is 54.

The sports books will likely see as much as 70% of their overall handle for both games bet during the final 24 hours prior to kickoff.

Many public bettors are just waiting until the end to make their final decision and will all head to the computer or betting window at the last minute.

As for sharp money, it has a small portion already down and is just waiting to see if the spread comes back to them, giving them a chance to strike again.