Brady Presser Goes From Odd to Bizarre as He Denies Knowledge of Ball Deflation

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady both denied any knowledge of the deflated balls but this isn't over yet.

Tom Brady has never looked so uncomfortable. The pressure was on and Brady had no one open to throw it to and he was being attacked from all angles. This wasn’t a game though, this was a press conference and the topic had nothing to do with the Patriots’ Super Bowl opponent or Brady’s personal travel plans to Arizona.

This was about pressure of a different sort; air pressure and it couldn’t have been stranger.

Hours after New England Head Coach Bill Belichick denied any knowledge of how 11 of 12 balls for Sunday’s game were well below the legal limit, Brady took his turn. Much like Belichick, Brady denied any knowledge of how or why the balls were under-inflated.

I took a few things from this extremely awkward presser that I fully expect to be lampooned on Saturday Night Live.

Roger Goodell made many statements in past situations that he has to live up to now with the Patriots.

1. When asked if he had been interviewed by the NFL, Brady said “No he hadn’t.” Yesterday was Thursday if I have my days of the week correct which is three full days or more since the story broke. How in the wide world of sports does Tom Brady not get interviewed by the NFL over that time span?

2. Brady said on more than one occasion that he doesn’t pay attention to the air pressure in the ball but contradicted himself by saying he “liked it at 12.5 psi.” So if he doesn’t pay attention to the air pressure then how does he know he likes it at 12.5 psi?

3. The most interesting part of the pressers by both Belichick and Brady was the total contradiction from recent days about other issues. Belichick is known to be a stickler for knowing everything there is to know about the game. He studies the rule book and tries to find any advantage he can. Look no further than his use of eligible and ineligible receivers in recent weeks.

Brady, when asked about John Harbaugh’s assertion of illegal formations, said “They need to read the rule book.”

The fact that both men suddenly went from being experts on the NFL rule book to 100% oblivious strikes me as odd, but let’s also remember one more thing about this. The Patriots denied every, single thing that was thrown their way before evidence was finally produced in the SpyGate scandal.

Someone knows the truth and someone will eventually be called out. I expect it to be someone who is nothing more than a pawn in the game of life as Mongo once said. For all I know, maybe Brady and Belichick are telling the truth but someone tampered with the balls and that someone isn’t going to do that on their own.

Seattle Sits Back and Watches

If you’re looking for a winner in this whole “deflate-gate” controversy, I give you the Seattle Seahawks. For a team going for a rare repeat, there has been little to no discussion about them so far this week. Marshawn Lynch was fined for his rude gesture on Sunday and Richard Sherman made a few comments but there’s little if any attention being paid to them. I have to think Pete Carroll and his staff love it.

The Seahawks will arrive in Phoenix soon and they couldn’t be happier if this issue with the Patriots continues. Of course the Green Bay Packers also have reason to be happy about New England’s situation because no one is talking about their epic collapse.

Funny how things work huh?