Durant Becoming “Marshawn” of the NBA, Plus More Thoughts on All-Star Weekend

Kevin Durant isn't happy with the media. I hope he knows what he's doing.

Have you ever looked at a picture of the United States from space during the night when all of the major cities are illuminated and the rural parts of America are as black as space itself?

Kevin Durant may need to look at that picture.

The National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player has been quite ornery of late with the media and over All-Star Weekend it didn’t get any better. What does this happen to do with a map of the US at night?

There’s been a tremendous amount of speculation that Durant may leave Oklahoma City in free agency following the 2016 season and his most likely landing spot would be his hometown of Washington D.C.

Now if I’m the Thunder and I get the slightest breeze of him leaving, then I’m going to do my best to work out a trade before next season starts but this is easier said than done.

What Durant needs to consider following his rant against the media this past weekend is that D.C. “ain’t no OKC.” Meaning, that if he thinks the media is tough while he plays in the heartland then what does he expect when he heads to the East Coast?

Durant came off sounding like the NBA’s version of Marshawn Lynch when he said, “To be honest, man, I’m only here talking to y’all because I have to.”

Durant at times seemed offended by the media claiming they had more power than even the players did.

I’m not real sure where all of this is coming from. It’s been a rough year for Durant who has missed significant time with injuries and is fighting to get his team into the top eight in the very difficult Western Conference.

He claims he’s “growing as a man” and I can respect that. I just hope he understands the spotlight will only get more intense should he choose to return home to Washington.

I didn't give LaVine enough credit for his performance in the Slam Dunk Contest but I still think it needs to go.

All-Star Weekend Thoughts

I didn’t mean to be hard on Zach LaVine Saturday. The kid was spectacular and put on probably the greatest performance since Michael Jordan or Dr.J in a Slam Dunk contest. Despite his success, I still think the Slam Dunk Contest needs to go. It’s highly unlikely you’ll see a guy like him nail all of his dunks the way he did and that’s part of the problem.

Once guys miss a dunk, the thrill starts to leave fans immediately. The NBA needs to find something that creates the type of excitement and drama that the Three-Point Contest does and I’m not sure what that is but I’m open to ideas.

No sport relies on its’ individual stars the way the NBA does and not having them out there more often hurts the product. I really think if you created a H-O-R-S-E tournament or trick shot contest you’d bring the stars out. For one, neither would require much physically of the players and that’s about 90% of the battle right there.

As part of a HORSE contest, you could have kids come out and call shots for the players or at least the locations on the court. Maybe even do teams where kids are selected to participate with a particular player. This would be great exposure for the league and could easily be used to raise money for charities as well.

Again, LaVine was incredible but I don’t see that happening every year. Ideas for change are still needed.