Drivers Odds for the 2015 Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 will be run today at Daytona International Speedway home to the famous 2.5-mile tri-oval track. Between the Sprint Unlimited, the Budweiser Duels and eight practices there should be more than enough information available to make a good educated guess on who the winner will be in Sunday’s race.

Perhaps the source that is better than any other is how the race teams performed last season at races with restrictor plates, because it looks thus far like little has changed.

Hendrick Motorsports and Joe Gibbs Racing as in 2014, look fast. The two teams’ performances during the past week have strengthened the thought most have on the teams.

Over the past week, Jimmie Johnson’s stock has risen, while that of Brad Keselowksi had dropped. Keselowski has disappeared over the past week at Daytona and will have to come out of nowhere to win today.

Johnson ran very well in the second Budweiser race hanging on for the final 23 laps and proving that he is right there and will be a force on Sunday. Of course, Johnson has finished 20th or worse over 7 of his last 10 Daytona starts.

Although the vehicles are close to identical to last year, it has been very hard to pass this past week at Daytona. It just seems like the leader has the huge advantage and everyone else is behind him is mired in wet sad.

The winners of the duels have been from the HMS or JGR and the drivers who were chasing the winners in the duels were from either HMS or JGR.

The one racer who has held his own on the track this week with HMS and JGR has been Martin Truex Jr., who finished fifth in the second of the Bud Duels and in second in the Sprint Unlimited.

He has finished in the top 10 just once in his 19 Daytona races that were point paying during his career, but it is clear by the way he is performing this past week, he could become the upset winner.

Never count out veteran Jeff Gordon who has won this event three times and will be racing for the last time in the Daytona 500.


Boxing, Baseball and More on My Saturday Docket

Finally! Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather,Jr. will meet in the ring May 2nd.

Although it’s coming about five or six years too late, the two greatest boxers of this generation are finally going to meet inside the ring rather than through social media. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. announced yesterday that he and Manny Pacquiao will meet on May 2nd.

The unbeaten Mayweather turns 38 years old this week while Pacquiao is 36. I see no reason why this won’t be a great fight but I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest it would have been even better several years ago. Sadly, the reason why this match has taken so long to happen is why boxing has suffered in the last 20 years and we have promoters to thank.

But to be fair, its’ been far more than that that’s delayed this fight. Everything from networks to types of drug-testing to who gets what split of the pot has kept this event from happening. HBO and Showtime have agreed to produce the fight together and it looks like it will cost viewers about $90 for the fight via pay-per-view.

Right now Mayweather is listed at -275 and Pacquiao is at +220 and I don’t think that will change a lot. Regardless of who the money pushes towards this will be the richest fight in the history of the sport and it’s about time.

Commissioner Rob Manfred continues to put his mark on baseball in the short time he's been in charge.

Hurry-Up Offense in Baseball?

New Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has wasted no time in putting his stamp on the game. Already Manfred has suggested banning the defensive shift to combat pull hitters, wants to shrink the strike zone starting in 2016 and now wants to speed up the game.

As much as I’m a baseball purist, I think the new rules are needed. Batters continue to take more and more time in between pitches and while that might just be a few seconds, that adds up over the course of a game. Batters will now have to keep at least one foot in the batter’s box between pitches unless authorized but the umpire to do otherwise.

MLB’s goal is to speed up the game not so much for those at the stadium but for the television audience. Teams will be advised that there will no longer be a long delay once the networks come back from commercial. Instead, pitchers and batters will need to be ready to go when the commercial break is over.

I don’t think what Manfred and MLB are asking is impossible nor is it ridiculous. Watch film from games 40 years ago or more and you’ll see batters rarely leave the box and pitchers rarely leave the mound. Why we’ve gotten away from that I have no idea but I welcome the changes and I anticipate they’ll make the baseball viewing experience better.

NASCAR Suspends Kurt Busch

Perhaps the hand of NASCAR was already played thanks to the National Football League when it came to domestic violence. With the NFL and NASCAR sharing many fans, the country’s top racing circuit followed the lead of the NFL and suspended racer Kurt Busch following a court’s ruling that Busch smashed the head of his former girlfriend into the wall of their motor home.

The ruling comes just two days before the Daytona 500 and the official start of the 2015 NASCAR season. Busch and his lawyer, Rusty Hardin who you may remember represented Roger Clemens, called the decision “disappointing” and that the “this is a travesty of justice.”

The bottom line is that NASCAR could not sit on this. It was already public and many were watching with very keen interest to see how the “good ole’ boys” would handle domestic violence. For now, they are doing things the right way.

Stewart Likely to Deal With Ward’s Death for a Long Time

Tony Stewart won't face criminal charges in the death of Kevin Ward,Jr but the story is far from over.

Tony Stewart dodged a bullet this week but that was just the first of a few shots that will be fired his way in the coming months. A grand jury in upstate New York found that there was not enough evidence to warrant charges against Stewart in the death of dirt track racer Kevin Ward, Jr.

The way I see it, the grand jury came to this conclusion for two reasons; first, it was going to be nearly impossible to prove that Stewart acted with malice or intent when his car struck Ward and sent him flying to his death.

Tony Stewart claims he won't be driving his spring car any time soon.

There is only one person that knows whether Stewart intended to “scare” the young driver or not and that’s Stewart himself. It’s my contention that this is what happened. Stewart saw the youngster pointing at him and figured he’d give him a little scare by swinging the back end around just a tad.

The second reason why the grand jury decided not to proceed was because Kevin Ward, Jr’s autopsy revealed that he had very high levels of marijuana in his system. Any testimony would surely state that Ward was not in his right mind and this could have impacted his poor decision to exit his vehicle.

These two factors mean it would have been very difficult for the prosecution to get a conviction so it’s probably the right move.

My feelings on the incident have not changed since I saw the first replay. I have no doubt in my mind that Tony Stewart was trying to send the kid a message and the car got away from him. By nature, these sprint cars will drift to the outside and that’s exactly what happened here.

Stewart let the car drift thinking that Ward would get out of the way but this didn’t happen.

If you follow NASCAR or the career of Tony Stewart then you know why the account I choose to believe is possible. Stewart is a classic hot-head who has rammed opponents on pit row, bumped them from behind on the track and thrown helmets at them.

He’s even gotten himself into some fist-a-cuffs a time or two at the track. Stewart is the classic “don’t question my manhood” race car driver. This is exactly why he put Ward, Jr into the wall and why he was trying to put a scare into him when he came back around.

Yesterday Stewart said, I know 100 percent in my heart and in my mind that I did not do anything wrong. This was 100 percent an accident,” Stewart said. I agree that it was indeed an accidental death but I’ll never buy the theory that Stewart suddenly didn’t know how to drive one of these cars and had no idea Ward was that close.

For the record, the Ward Family isn’t buying it either. They believe that Stewart was the only racer still accelerating during the caution while other drivers had slowed down. Some of that belief comes from a second video that has not been seen by the public.

I expect the family to sue Stewart in civil court but I honestly don’t think it will get there. More than likely Stewart and the Ward Family will come to a financial settlement away from the courts.

The family cannot hide from the fact however that their son was high on marijuana at the time of his death. He was not only putting himself in harm’s way but he was also putting the lives of other drivers at risk as well.

I expect to see Stewart back to his usual self next season and regardless of what I think only Tony Stewart really knows what happened and he’s the one who has to deal with it.

NASCAR Season Looks to Rev Up Attention

After 13 years the three car is back and it hasn't been a popular decision among many NASCAR fans.

Unlike many sports, NASCAR kicks off its’ season with its’ biggest race. The Daytona 500 is far and away the ‘Super Bowl’ of stock car auto racing and later today it will be run for the 56th time.

In the years since Dale Earnhardt’s death, NASCAR has seen a slow decline in popularity. While there was a decent surge for a brief period of time, the fact remains that since the death of racing’s most popular and feared driver, NASCAR just hasn’t been the same.

Can Jeff Gordon return to his once dominant ways in NASCAR?

It lacks rivalries and it lacks great personalities. Jeff Gordon was once the driver many fans loved to hate but his success has waned significantly and he is almost liked more because he hasn’t won consistently in several years. Dale Earnhardt, Jr is consistently the most popular driver on the Sprint Cup circuit yet he has not come close to reaching the success his father had. He has yet to win a championship to this point.

The most successful driver in NASCAR is Jimmie Johnson yet he isn’t exactly the type of personality that rallies new people to the sport. Drivers like Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart are love-hate types of guys while the young up and coming guys have yet to really leave their mark.

NASCAR has decided to make changes to the chase at the end of the year in the hopes that the new format will create more drama and bring in more fans. These are the same reasons that they instituted a ‘chase’ for the cup in the first place. If you’ll remember, the Winston, now Sprint Cup was won by the driver who earned the most points over the length of the season.

Because there were scenarios that eliminated most chances of a dramatic ending in the final race, NASCAR felt they had to do something to make it more interesting. Thus the chase was born.

The good news for NASCAR heading into today’s 500 is that the sport is being discussed in a wide range of circles. Some of that discussion is positive while some of it is not.

I have to admit I was surprised that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. gave his blessing to bring back the number three car. His father’s number has not been driven since his fatal accident at Daytona in 2001. Rookie Austin Dillon was given the opportunity to drive the three-car and took immediate advantage by taking the pole position for today’s race.

The decision to bring back the three-car has not been popular as many Earnhardt fans see it as a slap in the face to the deceased champion. I concur with them as the number was supposed to have been retired.

Also in the news has been Richard Petty’s continued whining about Danica Patrick who he says will never win a race. As far as I know he might be right but he comes off as a cynical, pompous ass for constantly going after her. The 76-year old said he’d like to race her one-on-one and I would tune into to see that because I have no doubts he would lose.

Lastly is Denny Hamlin and his opportunity to make history today. Nine men before him have won the unlimited, one of the duel races but have been unable to win the 500. Should Hamlin pull it off today he would be the first in the history of the event.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr and Matt Kenseth will go off as 10/1 favorites today while Johnson, Hamlin, Harvick, Stewart and Kyle Busch go off at 12/1. Pole-sitter Dillon will take odds of 15/1 with him at the start. Keep an eye on Kenseth who had a great year in 2013.

MLB Baseball, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series on Tap for Sports Betting

As the weekend wraps up all too quickly, sports fans will at least be able to take in a few more options for online sports betting, before the inevitable return to the work week comes down upon us all. At least for Sunday, the action in Major League Baseball carries on like clockwork, with another 15 games scheduled throughout the afternoon and evening, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing continues on into the second half with today’s showdown in New Hampshire. With a number of weekend series wrapping up today, there’s going to be great betting opportunities on some solid pitching match-ups, teams either looking to avoid being swept, or trying to complete series sweeps, and many teams on hot streaks worth following towards the betting lines at one of the top reviewed sportsbooks found here at CR. For today, we’re jumping down to Betonline sportsbook, one of our favorite weekend sports betting destinations offering a simple design, competitive betting lines, and solid customer support whenever you need it.

Checking out the top options for betting on Major League Baseball today, first look to the early games on the schedule, including an important Game 3 showdown between the Los Angeles Angels and the New York Yankees. After losing 4 consecutive times on the road, the Angels will look to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Yankees, and could be in line to do so behind Jered Weaver (10-1, 1.96 ERA), who seeks a 5th consecutive win today. He’ll have to challenge Ivan Nova (10-3, 3.92 ERA), who continues to improve and has the luck of the Yankees behind him. Find New York at -102 odds to win, with LA at -108 odds as a very slight favorite to avoid the sweep today. Make sure to also check out a grip of other afternoon games getting underway, with the Washington Nationals in a solid showdown with the Miami Marlins (Stephen Strasburg vs. Ricky Nolasco), the New York Mets looking to avoid being swept by the Atlanta Braves (Johan Santana vs. Ben Sheets), and the Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians wrapping up their series with a rubber match featuring Derek Lowe and Carlos Villanueva.

Moving into more afternoon games worth wagering on, make sure to take a look at the Detroit Tigers and Justin Verlander (9-5, 2.58 ERA), who will be facing the Baltimore Orioles and spot-starter Miguel Gonzalez (1-0, 1.93 ERA). Detroit should be in line for a bounce back after dropping their first game last night despite winning 6 straight games previously. With Detroit a large -173 favorite straight up, we’re going after the Tigers to cover the spread at 1 ½ runs (-115 odds). Find other great pitching duels this afternoon as the Chicago Cubs battle the Arizona Diamondbacks and seek a rare sweep at home (Trevor Cahill vs. Matt Garza), catch a great series finale between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays as Josh Beckett (4-7, 4.43 ERA) takes on James Shields (8-5, 4.17 ERA), and the San Francisco Giants have Matt Cain (9-3, 2.62 ERA) going for his 10th win on the season as the try to sweep the Houston Astros out of town. Wrap up the MLB action on the day with a great game of the night featuring the Cincinnati Reds and the St. Louis Cardinals, in a find NL Central showdown that finds the hosting Reds looking to sweep their rivals out of town.

For NASCAR action today, look to the short track at New Hampshire Speedway to provide a close-quarters showdown between some of the top names in racing today, with Kyle Busch sitting on the pole position for the Lenox Industrial Tools 301. This race is the marker for the half-way point in the grueling Sprint Cup Series campaign, and with temperatures soaring, last year’s Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart has to be among the favorites, having excelled in the heat last season to earn 2nd place, with teammate Ryan Newman grabbing the pole and the trip to winners’ circle. Other drivers having success at this track, and worthy of consideration for wagering on today’s race at the short 1.058 mile track are Jeff Gordon (starting 8th, most laps led all-time), Jimmy Johnson (starting 7th, one of only two back-to-back winners), Joey Logano (16th, youngest winner at 19, in 2009) and Denny Hamlin (6 top-10 finishes in 6 starts in New Hampshire). Look out for some amazing racing action here this Sunday afternoon, and some great chances for exciting sports betting to wrap up your weekend!

MLB, UFC 148, NASCAR, CFL Football on Tap for Saturday Sports Betting

With the summer months come the usual drone of Major League Baseball on an everyday basis, which while always a great rock to rest upon for online sports betting, leaves a little to be desired as far as diversity goes. However, fear not sports fans, as this Saturday finally breaks out of the usual glut of MLB games for betting on sports, and opens up the doors with a host of alternatives from NASCAR Sprint Cup Series action, to CFL Football and UFA/MMA competition. For one of the most wide-stretching days for online sports betting so far this summer, we’re headed to one of our favorite all-encompassing sports betting destinations at Intertops sportsbook, which is known well for being one of the first sportsbooks to appear online, and has some of the most far-fetched betting options from everything from every day sports, to entertainment, politics and beyond. If you want to get into the wild and wacky wagering, Intertops is your best spot to do it!

Checking out today’s top options for sportsbook betting on Major League Baseball, there are a number of key match-ups that should suit your fancy right of the bat. While admittedly we’re a bit lazy getting at the first top match-up of the day (Yankees vs. Boston) which has already begun, there is still the 2nd game of the double header set between these two AL East powerhouses, which should be interesting to check out. With the Yankees up 6-1 currently and looking to be on pace to nab the first match-up of today’s double-header, we’re liking New York’s chances of grabbing both games, even despite Phil Hughes facing off against Felix Dubront, with Dubront certainly being the better pitcher heading into the match-up. With the way the Yankees jumped out in Game 1 today, expect them to stay strong with the bats, and be a good candidate as underdogs at+101 odds at Intertops. Another outstanding AL match-up to consider lies between the Baltimore Orioles and the Los Angeles Angels, as the O’s Jason Hammel (8-4, 3.43 ERA) battles the Halos’ Jered Weaver (9-1, 2.13 ERA). Though Hammel is a very capable pitcher, there just hasn’t been anyone that can touch Weaver’s nasty off-speed pitches and tremendous control, and at home we’ll back the Angels to cover the 1.5 runs at +130 odds today. Make sure to peruse options on both the AL and NL sides of the MLB spectrum today, as there are some great games taking place around the league to consider wagering on, such as the Toronto Blue Jays vs. Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins, Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies, and the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks.

There’s no question that you’ll be able to find a number of other great betting options today at Intertops, with UFC 148 getting underway this evening featuring the main event match-up between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen, which is certain to be a hard-hitting, exciting showdown to wager on. This grudge match should be an epic UFC battle of two great middleweights, with a good option taking the underdog Sonnen at +220 odds, considering these two fighters are very well matched up coming in. Make no mistake though that the Muay Thai/Brazilian Ju Jitsu master Anderson Silva is one of the most dominant UFC fighters in history with a 31-4 record, however if Chael Sonnen is able to get this match to the canvas and work his wrestling skills, the match could very well go either way. Make another note here of another important fight in the UFC world, as veteran Tito Ortiz is set to make his last stand in the octagon against Forrest Griffin, another very talented and formidable opponent. Ortiz hasn’t looked that great in his last couple of bouts in the octagon (1-4 in his last 5 fights), and will be an underdog tonight at +220 odds. Look out for Griffin to be in better shape, and more hungry to win this bout to send Ortiz off into family life with no thoughts of making a return to action.

Wrapping up the best options for online sports betting at Intertops today, check out the odds on the drivers racing in the Coke Zero 400 from the legendary Daytona Speedway, with Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart on the pole position to win getting -125 odds. However, we’re eyeing Dale Earnhardt Jr. as a great possible pick with -105 odds, even if he’s got to come from deep in the starting pack (24th in qualifying to do it). Looking to win his second race in three weeks, at a track where he finished second this year during the Daytona 500, this might end up being a solid pick for today’s gritty race in Florida. Never count out Jeff Gordon though, who has 6 wins at Daytona, or Matt Kenseth, who sits on the pole position with the fastest car in qualifying.

For you football fans out there, make sure to also get some teaser wagers in on CFL Football match-up tonight, as although most football fans don’t know too much about the game being played up in the Great White North, there’s always some quick learning to be had around the internets, and some exciting wagers on the games in play during Week 2 of the young CFL season. With the Edmonton Eskimos taking on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, this should be an interesting and possibly high-scoring match-up as the ‘Riders show off their impressive receivers Weston Dressler and Chris Getzlaf, who helped Saskatchewan to a 43-16 wipe out of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats last weekend. Favored at -180 odds straight up, we’ll go with our first CFL wager on the points spread, taking the offensively powerful ‘Riders to cover 4.5 points. If you’re interested in trying something new for online sports betting, now is the day to do it with CFL Football, NASCAR Racing and UFC action all on the betting lines to combine with MLB Baseball to make Saturday one great day for sports fans!

Weekend Approaches with Great New MLB Series for Sports Betting

As we head into another weekend, there’s no question that the focus for online sports betting will continue to revolve around Major League Baseball, which continues its run as the dominant sport over the summer months. However, with the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series headed to Daytona this weekend, UFC 148 featuring Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen set to take place, as well as the Canadian Football league just starting off its’ 2012 campaign, there’s some budding opportunities to make some wagers on alternative sports that just might give you a fun break from the non-stop action of MLB Baseball. Especially as we look forward to the midway point in the MLB season with the All-Star break coming next week, it’s a great time to branch out to other sportsbook betting opportunities at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here at CR, and start cashing in while the getting is good. For Friday however, we’ll stick to our guns, and spot the best wagers across a fleet of great MLB match-ups taking place around the league this afternoon and evening.

For starters, no one can miss out on the classic showdown between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, as a 4-game series between the oldest AL East rivals gets underway at Fenway Park in Boston tonight. New York’s Hiroki Kuroda (8-7, 3.17 ERA) will shoot for a 6th win in his last 7 decisions, in a great match-up against Josh Beckett (4-7, 4.06 ERA), who has been held winless in his last 5 starts. With Boston on a 3-game losing skid, they’ll try and turn things around tonight against the heavy-hitting Yankees, but will have to provide Beckett with more support than they’ve mustered for him, and being unconvinced they’ll be able to do that against a red-hot Kuroda, our first bet finds us siding with the visitors to win at Bookmaker sportsbook, our featured online sports betting destination for Friday. New York stands at just -118 odds to win as favorites, which should be a worthwhile wager for many today at Bookmaker.

Heading into other great options for MLB wagering, we’re checking out the match-up between the Washington Nationals and the Colorado Rockies, due to the fact that the Nats’ Stephen Strasburg (9-3, 2.81 ERA) is back on the mound, winless in his last three outings. That simply has to change at some point, and at home against the flailing Rockies, who are at their worst record before the All-Star break since 2005, we can’t resist taking the odds on the Nationals to cover the 1 ½ runs against the spread at -115 odds. In other great National League series worth checking out, turn to the showdown in Philadelphia as the Phillies host the Atlanta Braves (Atlanta are -128 favorites behind Tim Hudson, Philly +108 underdogs behind the unlucky Kyle Kendrick), and also look for a great clash between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks as LA’s Clayton Kershaw duels with the DBacks’ Josh Collmenter. Expect a very low scoring game here tonight as the two solid pitchers will be tough to earn runs off of out in the desert in Arizona.

For the rest of the AL match-ups worth wagering on today, check out a Game 2 clash between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cleveland Indians, as the Tribe looks to win their 4th straight game with another victory at home. With the Rays putting out rookie Alex Cobb (3-5, 4.94 ERA) against Cleveland’s Justin Masterson (5-7, 3.92 ERA), the smart money definitely has to go with the Indians once again, who are -150 favorites straight up on the money line here tonight. Cobb has simply been too inconsistent as of late, and with Masterson quickly returning to the solid form we’ve seen from him in years’ past, count on his mark improving to 6-7 this evening. Make sure to also catch the battle between the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Angels, with our pick going on C.J. Wilson and the home team Halos tonight, expect a low-scoring affair between the Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners out in the AL West, and we’ll keep chasing the Chicago White Sox, who seek their 4th straight win in a row after sweeping the Texas Rangers, and should be in a great position to win at home against the visiting Toronto Blue Jays behind ace Jake Peavy (6-5, 2.96 ERA). Enjoy all the MLB action set out for you on Friday, make sure to start spotting some great wagers across NASCAR, UFC action and the CFL to come this weekend, and we’ll catch you again tomorrow for our updates on the best online sports betting picks out there!

New Weekend MLB Series Highlight Top Sportsbook Picks on Friday

For Friday, we officially close the books on another chapter of professional sports, as after last night’s definitive victory for LeBron James and the Miami heat in the NBA Finals versus the Oklahoma City Thunder, another champion is crowned and another season of basketball is laid to rest. After an outstanding 4-game stretch played out by the Miami Heat, who simply shut down the Oklahoma City Thunder offense, we must tip our caps to this year’s champions, who have finally secured the first NBA championship for arguably one of the best players of the current generation, LeBron James. NBA Basketball, we’ll certainly miss you while you’re tucked away for another offseason, however thankfully we can rest assured this year that the next season will start at the appropriate time, with a full 82 game schedule for us sports fans to enjoy!

With the NBA season all wrapped up the action for online sports betting must go on, and as Major League Baseball enters the final weekend of Interleague play we get set for some great closing series to get underway on Friday, to extend through the end of Sunday. For today’s top picks at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at CR, we’re headed to WagerWeb Sportsbook, with an eye on the best-looking match-ups for the hottest teams in baseball right now. There are some seriously good-looking series set to begin tonight, and at the top of the list is the rematch between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets, as the famed Subway series takes a switch of venues over to Citi Field, where the Mets will try to avenge a tough series sweep at the hands of the Yankees just two weeks ago. A great pitching duel is set up for Game 1 tonight, with the Yankees’ veteran Andy Pettitte (3-2, 2.77 ERA) matching up against the Mets’ Jonathon Niese (4-3, 3.82 ERA). The Yankees have won 7 of their last 8 meetings with the Mets, but come into tonight’s game facing a quickly improving Mets’ rotation, and have lost two straight to Atlanta after winning 10 games in a row. Expect this to be a very tight game, with a great opportunity to back the Mets at home, behind Niese who will try to rebound from just his first loss of the season in 6 home starts and stop the Yankees’ winning streak against them.

Moving onward to other great games in play tonight, the Freeway series heats back up in SoCal as the Los Angeles Angels get set to host the Los Angeles Dodgers with a great match-up pitting the Dodgers’ Chris Capuano (8-2, 2.71 ERA) vs. the Angels’ Dan Haren (4-7, 3.97 ERA). Capuano has taken the lead in the Dodger rotation while Clayton Kershaw has struggled a bit as of late, and should give Dodger backers an advantage facing Haren, who has steadily declined in form over his past 4 outings. Another interesting series on the American League side of the MLB isle tonight is the clash between the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves, as both teams come off strong series that ended just last night. The Red Sox just managed to sweep the Miami Marlins, while the Braves close their series against the Yankees with 2 straight victories, and tonight a solid clash should be set as Jair Jurrjens of the Braves clashes with Jon Lester of the BoSox. Two underachieving pitchers may make for a large amount of runs, but watch out for Lester to have an upper hand, with 3 straight quality starts under his belt coming into tonight’s game. Lastly for our wagers on the baseball games in AL parks, we’re checking into the Washington Nationals vs. Baltimore Orioles series opener, featuring another top pitching match-up between the Nats’ Jordan Zimmerman and the O’s Jason Hammel. Both pitchers have been very consistent this season, but with each team heading in opposite directions at the moment, we’ll give the nod to Zimmerman to finally get some support behind him and pick up a rare win despite his excellent form this year.

Wrapping up the days’ MLB wagers at WagerWeb Sportsbook, catch a couple more great betting choices to be had with the Philadelphia Phillies facing the Tampa Bay Rays (Cliff Lee vs. James Shields), the Detroit Tigers taking on the Pittsburgh Pirates (Doug Fister vs. A.J. Burnett) and the Toronto Blue Jays vs. the Miami Marlins (Ricky Romero vs. Annibal Sanchez). With more exciting action for Euro 2012 soccer ahead, with today’s clash between Greece and Germany, tomorrow’s pitting Spain vs. France and Sunday finding England squaring off against Italy, and with NASCAR Racing on tap with Sprint Cup Series action from Pomona this weekend, there’s no question that sports fans of all types will be able to jump into some kind of action at the top reviewed sportsbooks found right here today and throughout the days’ off to come!

MLB Baseball Leads Charge Into New Week of Wagers at TopBet

After a thrilling conclusion of the weekend led by the Miami Heat’s 91-85 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Dale Earnhardt’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series victory at Michigan which snapped a 4-year winless streak, it’s safe to say that online sportsbook betting over the 2-day break from the daily grind was quite the exciting experience! As we break ground into another new week, the cross-sport excitement may be a little subdued, but still potentially very profitable, with the focus of betting on sports secured squarely on the action taking place in Major League Baseball. As we make our rounds through the top sports betting websites reviewed here, we drop in at the TopBet Sportsbook for today’s wagers, checking out the 9 games in action on the day. Though it’s s short list as a number of teams are traveling for the next set of series to start on Tuesday, nonetheless there are some quality match-ups to find right now at TopBet Sportsbook, where you can always find competitive betting lines and a great sports betting interface to engage with.

As Interleague play continues on into Monday, we’ll start with a look at the games played in National League parks today, with the top series set between the Baltimore Orioles and the hosting New York Mets. This match-up will feature R.A. Dickey (10-1, 2.20 ERA), arguably the best pitcher in the MLB in the first half, up against Jake Arrieta (3-8, 5.89 ERA) the weakest link in the O’s rotation this season. If you’ve been following Dickey lately, this guy has been simply unstoppable, giving up just one run in the final inning of last week’s complete game against Tampa Bay, for the only earned run allowed in the previous 32 2/3 innings of work. It’s just the right pitcher for the Mets to put on the mound today, as New York has slumped to a 3-game losing streak, while Baltimore has won two straight and has played great ball away from home (20-13 on the season thus far).

Next up for betting on baseball today, check out a favorable home match-up for the Arizona Diamondbacks, who start their series against the Seattle Mariners will Wade Miley (7-3, 2.39 ERA) facing Seattle’s Hector Noesi (2-7, 5.54 ERA). This again could be a great time to catch a team coming out of a slump, as the Dbacks have lost 2 straight but have a red-hot pitcher starting for them. The other match-ups in NL parks today include the opener of the Texas Rangers vs. San Diego Padres series, which features a solid pitching duel between Matt Harrison (8-3, 3.54 ERA) and Jason Marquis (1-1, 1.46 ERA), the Milwaukee Brewers hosting the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Kansas City Royals headed to Houston to take on the Astros. There are advantages to be found for each of the series’ openers being played today and tonight, so make sure to research these match-ups before placing your bets at TopBet Sportsbook.

Shifting attention over to the games in American League Parks today, the best odds to win will be on the Chicago White Sox vs. the Chicago Cubs series, as the Sox have simply owned the Cubs over the past 4 years, and have already swept them once in a series this year so far. Cubs’ starter Matt Garza (2-5, 4.04 ERA) has also been extremely poor in form lately, going winless in 5 starts (0-4), and is just 1-4 with a 5.17 ERA vs. the ChiSox all-time. However, the Cubs themselves could get an opportunity against Zach Stewart (1-1, 5.18 ERA), who makes his first start of the season, but they’ll have to finally start scoring enough runs to compete with the likes of the White Sox, who have plenty of power to go around the order.

Next up, turn your attention to a great series clash between the New York Yankees, winners of 9 straight games, and the Atlanta Braves, who will be trying to avoid yet another 3-game losing streak. This should be another game worth taking the heavily-favored Yankees, as C.C. Sabathia (8-3, 3.70 ERA) starts at home against Mike Minor (3-4, 6.01 ERA), who while pitching well in his last two outings has been awfully inconsistent this season. Look to another solid match-up in California as well today, as the San Francisco Giants face the Los Angeles Angels, with Matt Cain (8-2, 2.18 ERA) looking to build on his perfect game from last week, facing the Halo’s Jerome Williams (6-4, 4.20 ERA), who comes in off two consecutive rough starts. Definitely keep an eye out for the Giants to spring back after two losses, with their ace fireballer on the hill this evening. Also check out the one other series getting underway today, with a solid match-up between the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians, as the visiting Reds make an attempt at a season-high 7-game winning streak on the road tonight against a slumping Tribe, who has won just 3 of their last 10 games.

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Bookmaker Sportsbook Takes Your Bets for Friday Sports Action

There is a sense of pure relief today after a long and arduous work week, but with plenty of great sports action set up today and through the weekend, there’s lots to get excited about in the days ahead for online sports betting. Today, we travel to one of the top reviewed sportsbooks on our site at Bookmaker Sportsbook, for wagers on the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as a host of Major League Baseball. With upcoming sports competition this weekend adding the excitement of UEFA Champions League Final, the NASCAR Sprint Showdown and great MMA action with the Bellator Fighting Championships tonight and Strikeforce competition tomorrow, there’s plenty to put on the online sports betting ticket today at Bookmaker Sportsbook.

Looking at today’s offering for the NBA playoffs, another pair of games gets set to get underway this evening, with the Boston Celtics back against the Philadelphia 76ers, looking to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the series with a victory on the road tonight. Boston simply overwhelmed the Sixers in Game 3 on Wednesday, winning 107-91, and their veteran line-up once again will try to outsmart the talented, but much younger Philadelphia side this evening. Check out Boston as a +2 underdog against the spread heading into tonight’s match-up, also getting +115 odds as underdogs at Bookmaker, which is currently getting nearly 80 percent of the wagers placed.

Moving to the second NBA playoff match-up of the night, the contest between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers has seen a near split of the betting lines, with 51 percent of bettors taking the Lakers at -140 odds on home court, and 49 percent taking the Thunder at +120 odds. However against the spread, the majority have sided with the OKC Thunder to cover the small 2 1/2 points, with expectations that this game will be a close one indeed. Though Los Angeles is down 2-0 in the series, with everything on the line in the house they play best, make sure to put down your wagers for what is sure to be an exciting, if not desperate, game for the Lakers as they try to avoid a massive 3-0 hole to arguably one of the hottest teams left in the NBA playoffs.

Gear up for the NHL playoffs tonight as well, with betting lines available for Game 3 between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils, as the series shifts to the Garden State with everything knotted up at 1 game apiece. This is a critical match-up for both teams this evening, as the Devils managed to wipe out New York’s home ice advantage with an exciting win in Game 2, and back at home they’ll be favorites at -130 odds while New York gets the majority of the bets (72 percent) at +110 underdogs. Though the over/under is miniscule at 4 1/2 goals, 3/4 of the wagers taken thus far are going with the underside of the total points line, taking into account the quality of defense as well as two of the best goalies in the game who will be tasked with preventing the scoring from getting out of hand. This is a great opportunity to jump into what has already been a hugely exciting series between border rivals, so don’t miss out wagering on this Eastern Conference Finals showdown at Bookmaker Sportsbook.

Checking out the odds tonight for Major League Baseball, Interleague play kicks off this evening to add excitement to what has already been a great start to the 2012 baseball campaign. Before diving into the action across leagues however, make sure not to miss out on an exciting series starting between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers, as two of the National League’s top teams square off with one of the best pitching duels of the night featuring Ted Lilly (5-0, 2.11 ERA) of the Dodgers vs. Lance Lynn (6-1, 1.81 ERA) of the Cards. While the Cards are favored slightly on the road tonight, the bets are going on the Dodgers as underdogs, getting +108 odds to win straight up. Make sure to check out all the best opportunities for Interleague play as well, with featured series including the Boston Red Sox vs. Philadelphia Phillies, the Miami Marlins hosting the Cleveland Indians, the Baltimore Orioles at the Washington Nationals, and the Atlanta Braves at the Tampa Bay Rays to name a few of the best betting options at Bookmaker today. Enjoy the fleet of action across all the available sports leagues this evening, and good luck in your wagers leading into what is certain to be an exciting weekend of online sportsbook bets at the best online sportsbooks reviewed here.

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