Saturday Casino Wagers, more Sportsbook bets

If there is a day to play around on the featured casinos we have at, today is certainly a good day to do just that.  Hopefully most of you (excluding myself) have the day off, and are able to get out of doing chores, errands, etc. and get online for some good times in our featured sportsbooks and casinos.  While I wasn’t as lucky as some, having to wait out work to get on the tables and play some hands, I was fortunate enough to squeeze in a wager on a NHL hockey wager placed on yesterday for today’s game. If the Toronto Maple Leafs can take out the favored Montreal Canadians, this would help to extend my hockey wagering win streak to 4 in a row and with that bit of extra change, I will be all the more ready to play more cards this evening when I head to This website is a frequent favorite of mine, which continues to offer some of the best action, the most tables and wagering limit options, and excellent player bonus incentives for continued play. I may be a little boring due to the fact that I usually stick with no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em on this website, but it’s just too good of a time to pass up and if you are making money, why stray away right?

On another note, sports action for Saturday is outstanding, and should give any avid sports nut the opportunity for checking out and wagering on a variety of games. As mentioned before the NCAA has 93 games going, as well as matches in professional Hockey, Golf, Basketball and Tennis. Since I’m a little late on wagering and getting to watch some of the day’s sports match-ups due to work, Saturday night will be a relaxing evening for watching a few local sports games, and making some picks for tomorrow’s sports events.  So far for tomorrow, I’ve spread around a couple of bets at and using the former for NHL wagers, and the latter for NBA and College basketball. With games on national television today (including the NHL on NBC finally!), everyone should be able to find some great sporting events to check out, and hopefully make some wagers. A great hockey match-up between Dallas and Anaheim starts in the mid afternoon, and is the starting point to my parlay wager, so you know I’ll be down at the local pub watching and cheering for the (kind of) home team. thanks you for checking out our featured online casinos and sportsbooks, and we hope that the knowledge learned here helps to choose the best wagering experience for you. So kick your feet up and relax, place some wagers at one of our featured websites, and we’ll see you again soon!

Aaron G.

Thursday Sports Update, sportsbook wagering

While there weren’t too many games to wager on for any given sport this Thursday, there certainly was no shortage of potential wagers to be made on’s featured sportsbooks. From college basketball to golf to tennis, plenty of sports action was available for the avid sports fan.  In NCAA basketball action, a wager was taken at taking the Clemson Tigers to cover points against the Duke Blue Devils at home. Fortunately even as Duke came through with a last second lay-up near the buzzer, the small 2 point victory spelled a win for my wager placed. Also of note from the NCAA, Pac-10 action was in full swing, with #7 Oregon surprisingly going down in upset against Washington, UCLA still looking strong with a win at Cal, and Washington State adding to their already impressive season with a win at home of Oregon State. Across the league, the NCAA is getting very exciting, making for great wagering opportunities and great sports action for you to watch.

Fortunate to win a parlay wager on Wednesday night action in the NBA, this writer took a wagering day off, and enjoyed a great game with Dallas coming into Chicago. Chicago managed to snap the Maverick’s 8-game winning streak with a 96-85 win at home, banking on Ben Gordon’s 30 point effort, and Ben Wallace’s 17 rebounds. The Bulls have definitely showed some youthful talent and skill in an organization that has made a great recovery with the addition of the two Bens, Luol Deng, and Kirk Heinrich to their attack. Elsewhere in the NBA for Friday night, there will be a few good match-ups pitting Denver on the road at Utah, Washington at Detroit, and Milwaukee facing the red-hot Phoenix Suns, who look to extend their win streak to an astounding 16 games in a row. Needless to say, there are plenty of wagers to be made for Friday’s games in our featured sportsbooks. I for one have ventured over to and placed a wager taking under 219 for total points in the Suns v. Bucks game, the Utah Jazz to win at home, and the Washington Wizards to cover the line at 5.5 points.

Of other worthy sporting notes in Tennis, Andy Roddick has lost for the ninth straight time against the seemingly unstoppable Roger Federer, suffering a crushing defeat in three straight sets in the Australian Open Semi-Finals. Although I wouldn’t consider myself much of a tennis fan on a regular basis, watching Mr. Federer play is like watching a legend in action, and is worth any sports fan’s time. Elsewhere in sports, Tiger Woods starts off his ’07 season with a 6 under par 66 at the Buick Invitational held at the magnificent Torrey Pines. A victory would make 7 straight for Tiger, dating back to last July. Will this guy ever stop? Probably not, and I certainly won’t be the one to wager against it!  However, there is plenty of action across many different leagues for any type of sports fan to make many different types of wagers. Find out more about all the action we offer on our featured sportsbooks and online casinos at There is a little something for everyone here, so find your niche and place those bets!

Aaron G.

NHL All Star Game, more basketball action

If you weren’t fortunate enough to check out the NHL All-Star game this evening, I must apologize. A 12-9 final score (a goal scored about every three minutes mind you) would be an easy explanation that this game was exciting for whoever was watching it, however it underlies one very important fact. The National Hockey League is alive and well. Now I am fully aware that every All-Star game is basically like an organized penalty shoot-out, however this game showed off the speed, talent, and youthful nature of a reemerging league and a great sport. Not only did I profit from a placed wager this evening, but the level of skill displayed made for one of the more exciting sporting events so far this year. Stars like Buffalo’s Daniel Briere who won the game MVP with 5 points, and the 6’9″ Zdeno Chara who won the hardest shot at a 100 mph average and scored a pair of goals, emphasize just a few of many great players who came to show off their abilities tonight in Dallas. Needless to say, my wager at turned out doubly sweet with money in the bank and great action on the ‘tube.

Switching quickly over to basketball, there was plenty of wagering action available this evening from the NCAA to the NBA. It must first be mentioned that the highlight goes to Bobby Knight’s Texas Tech who took out the number five and six teams in the nation this week, with players storming the court both nights at home, and Coach Knight having yet another heart attack trying to contain the student body from spilling onto the court. Absolutely hilarious. A few upsets in the top 25, and March Madness approaching ever-so-quickly makes wagering on college basketball awfully exciting, and you can bet tomorrow that a bet will be placed in one of our feature sportsbooks on the Thursday night ACC match-up featuring Clemson at Duke. The NCAA is shaping up to have a wild, an unpredictable run to the final four, and you won’t want to miss out on any action from here on out.

Phoenix has won yet again, big surprise. With number 15 in the bag, and three more road games to before heading home, can anyone stop this team before they win out the season? Improbable, yes but I certainly won’t be betting against them anytime soon.  That being said, I did get one small parlay bet off this evening on taking Indiana to beat the Miami Heat in Shaq’s return, Sacramento over Milwaukee, and Minnesota over Portland. The games are just wrapping up so keep your fingers crossed for me, and I’ll do the same for you! There is plenty of NBA upcoming this Friday, with 12 games being played so get your bets ready and placed on one of our featured sportsbooks we have on We’ll see you tomorrow and from us to you, good luck and good night.





Aaron G.


Football Sunday is Finally Here!

After a wild Saturday of NCAA college basketball, at last, the NFC and AFC Championship games have arrived. Once again as a reminder, if you haven’t sought out one of our featured sportsbooks on, you will want to do so, as there is precious little time left before the first game starts.  As I mentioned, Saturday was a busy day, with 90 basketball games being played. This writer came out a little better than even, winning the first parlay bet (for the west coast teams), but losing the second parlay bet after Texas, if unexpectedly fell to Villanova. With a little extra change in the pocket, I have placed one more bet on the NFL playoffs, for a two team parlay taking both of the favorites on the line. With my bets placed for underdogs already, I went to and placed a security bet taking The Colts and the Bears to cover the point spread against them. With this, if I lose my other two bets for any reason, I’ll still come up with just a little slight loss of money. I may be exposing my reluctance over taking to underdogs, but whatever? The playoffs only come around once a year, right?

With that said and done, Sunday will shape up to be an exciting day indeed. The Bears and the Saints start in about 1 hour, and the anticipation is almost too much to bear (no pun intended).  In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to occupy time, especially with all of the great featured casinos we have at To kill a little bit of time, this writer is going back to, for a couple of hands at the Texas Hold ‘Em tables. Overall, this website has given me room to play with on my sportsbook wagers, as I have managed to come out on top in almost every sitting. This is a great way for anyone to bet small amounts of money (as most casinos offer table bets as low as 5/10 cents per ante and as high as 50/100 dollars per and up), develop good playing habits, and come up with extra change to use at our featured sportsbooks.  I am a huge fan of our featured online casinos, which have yet to provide anything but the best service, easiest usage, and often very good bonuses to be had.

So grab your snacks and settle in with your buddies this afternoon, or get yourself down to the local pub for some rowdy game time fun. This promises to be a couple of exciting games, and we here at wouldn’t miss this for the world. Enjoy your Sunday and thank you again for checking out our featured online sportsbooks and casinos. Wishing you the best of luck today, and every day and happy betting!



Aaron G.

NCAA Basketball Action, remember to place your NFL Playoff bets now!

With over 90 games to wager on in our featured online sportsbooks at, you would be hard pressed not to find something to wager on for this Saturday. From the Pac-10 to the ACC, the overwhelming amount of games will get any sports enthusiast excited, especially with the thought of having March Madness coming just around the corner. For my Saturday bets I’m keeping it relatively simple and taking two parlay wagers, one for each coast. With the great bonuses received over at, after almost a month I am finding that those bonuses have still not run out, leaving me to bet freely on games I normally would not. To use a little bit of that money on games I normally wouldn’t wager one seems like a perfect idea today. So I quickly hopped over to their website, and placed my first of two parlay bets, taking all Pac-10 teams. My 15 dollar wager includes Oregon over California, Washington State over Washington (even though I’m a Huskies fan, the ‘Cougs are better this year especially when at home), and UCLA over Arizona. We’ll just have to wait and see how these wagers turn out, as the Pac-10 is strong, and every game is contested regardless of record or rankings.

For the second parlay wager of the afternoon, I switch to the east coast games, if not merely for a little balance. To place my wager and mix it up, I switched websites to, taking 3 more teams for a more modest 10 dollar bet.  I’ll be taking North Carolina, Texas Tech, and Texas to all win games outright. Since I’m relatively new this season to the NCCA basketball circuit, this will be a little experiment to test out the waters, and see if this writer still has a little betting instincts for this league. With that said however, Saturday afternoon is perfect for kicking back (especially if you were like me and had to work this morning!) and enjoying some exciting college basketball action. Like I said earlier, you’d have a difficult time not finding something to bet on this afternoon so place those bets and take a seat in your favorite chair then enjoy!

With all this basketball action, it is easy to forget (if only for a moment or two) that tomorrow will be a great day for football fans. I freely admit that for me basketball is just a way to pass time before tomorrow’s playoff games. I’ve placed my wagers and the hype is being laid on thicker and thicker as the days go by. Who are you going to pick? I’m still going with two upsets on Sunday, though some would argue that the Saints can’t officially be called underdogs even if the wagering lines say otherwise. You could listen to the talking heads on television that seem to go back and forth on their opinions every hour, or you could flip a coin and probably have the same luck picking your winners. Needless to say, if you haven’t placed your wagers, you are only a few clicks away from betting on one or more of our featured online sportsbooks. Enjoy the Saturday sports action, and I wish you all the luck in placing your bets using the great featured sportsbooks and casinos at

Aaron G.

Friday Night in our featured sportsbooks and casinos wishes you a pleasant Friday, and the start of a great weekend.  Hopefully you are able to come home after work, relax, and enjoy a few of the great basketball and hockey games being played, or get a chance to knuckle up for some casino action on one of our featured sites. Luckily enough for this writer, placing a few bets on the NBA turned out to be a good investment, as the games have just ended with a notch in the win column for my parlay bet placed at The last game of the evening has just ended, with the Denver Nuggets defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in a much-hyped, yet little produced match-up in the Mile High City. Combined with the win for Phoenix (who stretched their win streak to 12), and Detroit’s 104-98 win over Minnesota, I am off to the Casinos to play some hands on the tables, and see if I can’t make this money go even farther!

Now I know it’s late on Friday, and normally going out on the town would be in order?but there is money to be earned on our featured casinos, and paying for 10 dollar drinks doesn’t sound so good when you could be winning that money at home instead. Besides, this guy’s got to work in the morning, hopefully hangover free and with some extra change in my pocket. So off to online casino at I go to play some cards, maybe a little roulette, maybe some blackjack, we’ll have to see. continues to be the one sportsbook and casino website that frequently sends me bonus offers for playing, and so far they have definitely paid off in my account with extra cash. This site is still one of my favorites, having the best in customer service, simple betting interfaces to quickly navigate through betting lines, as well as a long list of sports types to bet on. That is before you even step into the casino, or poker rooms, which offer some of the best services and games of any online casino this writer has played in to date. So if you have been through any of’s featured sportsbooks and casinos and haven’t taken the time to hit up, do yourself a favor and find out what a quality gambling institution looks like. You won’t be disappointed.

There is some great NCAA basketball match-ups scheduled for tomorrow, which are more than worthy of a bet, especially if you enjoy a good college rivalry. 90 games are available for wagers, including great games like Arizona vs. UCLA, Kansas vs. Texas Tech, or UNC vs. Georgia Tech. With all this action, there is an assurance that no matter where you live or who your root for, at least one NCAA game will suit your fancy. With that in mind, I’m off to the casinos! We’ll see you tomorrow on for more sportsbook and online casino action. Enjoy your evening and good luck placing those wagers!

Aaron G.

Monday Night is for Hockey and Basketball wishes you a happy and reflective Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and we sincerely hope that you were able to take the day off, and relax a little. For all of you still groaning from your lack of Monday Night Football this evening, I share your pain. Nothing is quite as good on a Monday Night than coming home, quickly placing a wager or two, than kicking back for some good old football (maybe you were lucky enough to even be at a game live this year?). Instead, as the sports junkies we should all admit to being, we must find alternatives to our normal sports fix, just to get by. Well, maybe it’s not that bad, but anyways, this writer is looking no further than the NHL and the NBA to satisfy his sports fix tonight.  With 7 hockey games and 11 NBA games going tonight, there is plenty of action to choose from, and I for one have headed to a few of our featured sportsbooks for some wagering before the games get started.

If there is a hockey game to consider watch this evening, join me as I will be glued to the tube for the Montreal Canadians vs. Detroit Red Wings, who face each other this evening after going 3 years without being opponents. Being the Dominik Hasek fan I am my first bet will be to take under on total points, as he usually owns Montreal. I jumped over to to place my bet just in time for the game and now I’m ready for two of the Original Six teams to match-up. I’m a sucker for sports history, what can I say. Anyways, also on my list for this evening was to place a total of two hockey bets and at least one parlay bet, whether it be on the NHL or the NBA. has yet to see a hockey bet from this writer, so I’ll entertain them with the evening game, pitting San Jose against Colorado. This should make for a good match-up as the San Jose sharks start a 3 game home stand (which I would bet they won’t lose the front end of) and thus I’m taking the Sharks on the money line.

Did I mention D. Wade vs. Kobe tonight? Being that my current location is Los Angeles, I figure I should place a bet on this game. Even though the Heat aren’t off to a great start, I’m still taking them in part because although the Lakers are in my home town, I can’t bet on Kobe Bryant, no matter how good he is. Is it ironic that I bet against the hometown team? Maybe. But this is LA, and no one is really from here anyways. I have placed my bet over on and I have a bit more hockey to watch before the B-ball game comes on. So I’ve placed my bets, what are you waiting for? Throw down what you’re doing and hop on over to one of our featured sportsbooks, place those wagers, and kick back for some  games this Monday night. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Aaron G.

More NFL playoff bets, a night of great sports action first and foremost would like to thank you for using our website for all your sportsbook and online casino needs, and for checking in with our daily articles. After a wild weekend of NFL playoffs and the National Championship handed out, officially concluding the college football season, Tuesday looked like one of those boring days where nothing exciting would happen. However to my surprise, a shift away from football brought exciting action elsewhere. If today you found yourself a sports junkie without a fix, you could look no further than some great hockey games, NCAA basketball, as well as the NBA, all of which had an exciting night’s schedule prepared for those suffering from a lack football options. The Detroit Red Wings and the Colorado Avalanche played a great game, going to shootout before the ‘Wings finally won. Speaking of winning, the Clemson NCAA basketball just tallied their 17th win of the season, currently undefeated in a tough ACC league. Also, a good game between LSU and Alabama, as well as a few NBA games rounded out a solid night of sports action.


The one thing on my mind still today was to place a wager in one of our sportsbooks to kick off the second round of the NFL playoffs. My first stop took me over to, where I placed an initial bet on the strong match-up between the San Diego Chargers and the New England Patriots. has an amazing array of information and stats available for players’ use, which ranges from injury reports, to real-time updating of any major sports news. Needless to say, I was impressed with their services and after crunching a few numbers, I am now taking the Chargers on the money line. I promised myself that I would wait until later in the week to start parlay betting, or any other questionable play, and first take who I thought would win outright in San Diego. This game would go either way on a neutral playing field, however with the Charger’s home field advantage the Pats are going to have to use all their playoff magic to beat what I consider to be the most well-rounded football team in the league.


If there is something that can be learned today about sports for this writer, it is that football isn’t (entirely) everything. There are great sports match-ups just about every day of the week, every week of the year. For wagering enthusiasts, there is an endless stream of action for you, especially when you have a multitude of sportsbooks and casinos to choose from, as we have for you on Do yourself a favor and try something new that you normally wouldn’t find yourself betting on. Check out some NHL Hockey, or place a bet or two on NCAA or NBA basketball this week. This may merely be another written memo for myself, however, I have found that getting out of one’s betting comfort zone can be an exciting and enlightening experience (if you use the vast resources available at most sportsbooks). So place those bets, and find something new at our featured sportsbooks and casinos today. I promise that you won’t be disappointed, and you may find yourself enjoying a game you normally wouldn’t watch or bet on otherwise. Until tomorrow, take care and happy betting to you!





Aaron G.



Wins, Wins and more Wins… (With one tiny, painful loss)



Sunday was indeed a high powered day for football, and a great day for online gambling!  I took my first bets, and I have found out that maybe I’m not such a bad gambler after all (though I probably shouldn’t say that too soon).  I will tell you that I’m already impressed with some of our featured sites we have here on  Again, the customer service is outstanding across the board, not to mention the immediate payouts to my account.  So for starters, my online gaming experience has been nothing but smiles. Not only did I hit my bets (even though my ‘Hawks suffered a horrible loss, they still cleared the spread I bet on) but I have a new stack which I plan to use to hit the online casinos offered at our featured sites.


Now I would like to inform you that I have also already profited from signup bonuses offered at a few sites.  On a deposit of $100.00 on, I was entitled to a 15% bonus up front, which is already going to good use for Monday Night Football.  Also, I received a more standard 10% bonus from, which also has come in handy so far. The bonuses offered on our featured online sports books, while taking a few bets to actually see returns on cashout value, are very good, especially for players who start out with an initial deposit of a buck or two. If you are given the opportunity, call one of these sites and find out all the applicable bonuses, promotion codes, etc. in order to maximize your gaming experience.  You never know when an extra 10, 15, or 20 dollars will come in handy, especially if you got that money for free!


Online gambling has already become a favorite hobby of mine this winter. Although I happen to reside in Los Angeles, California, were it is always warm outside, there is something also very warm and comforting about having quality sports match-ups on the tube and newly won money in your account.  I must also admit that until I have recently discovered the ease and enjoyment received from online gambling, I have paid little attention to other sports. That is until now.  My eyes have opened up, especially as NCAA basketball comes into full swing and I am already thinking about the great times that March Madness offers the online sports book gamer. Easy now.


So come next week, we will be seeing some action take place on the court, as well as on the field. Hope you all enjoy Monday Night Football this week as it may get a little wild on the turf in St. Louis, and remember no matter if your favorite team loses, you can still come out on top when you place the right bets at the right sportsbooks we have featured for you.







Aaron G.

NCAA sports betting makes Semifinal action even more exciting!

With this NCAA tournament season having surprisingly few upsets up until Saturday, those placing wagers certainly have a choice to make when putting money down on sportsbook bets. I certainly have been shocked by the relative lack of upsets in the first few rounds of the Conference Championships, and while everyone has been talking about all the underdogs that could prevail�every bet I had placed on an underdog to win went down in flames.  So today, I looked to do better with a couple of wagers placed on some great match-ups which will see a handful of teams winning Conference Championships, and securing a high spot going into the NCAA Tournament. Going back to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), I took out my first wager of the day on the Stanford vs. UCLA taking the Stanford Cardinal to cover the points. Fortunately for me, Stanford kept in close even though eventually falling 64-67 to the newly crowned PAC-10 champs, being the UCLA Bruins. The PAC-10 is still looking good going into this year’s tournament, however for UCLA this year, they certainly have the best shot, and should be going into this year’s bracket as a 1 or a 2 seed.

Elsewhere this afternoon, I expect more of the same winning ways from Memphis, who should roll over Tulsa today and thus I’ve taken Memphis with the points spread  on a wager placed at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). The game has just tipped off and I’m fully prepared for another exciting contest between two storied teams with lots of tournament history. Elsewhere, Pittsburgh and Georgetown are duking it out in one of the better finals of the day, which could be the last chance at an upset tonight. No doubt Georgetown is very skilled and prepared, however I have a feeling that the Panthers could be shocking tonight, as they match-up very well against the Hoyas. Currently though, Pitt holds an 3 point lead with a few minutes before half. Hopefully you get to see this game locally�I for one am restricted to only the west coast games over here and am stuck watching live updates on the internet. Boo.

Hopefully you have gotten a little time to relax, and have taken out a few wagers at our featured sportsbooks at There is a non-stop supply of fast-paced, exciting action across every sports league to appeal to every sports fan. Even if you’re not a sports fan, tournament time in the NCAA is ridiculously fun to watch. So have a great rest of the weekend, and thanks for checking us out!

Aaron G.