Online Casinos are Awesome.

If you happened to check in with my previous write-up I described how I banked on the Bear’s great defense, and anemic offense that would combine to get me under the point spread. Yeah, not so good it turned out.  To my dismay (and to the loss of my 10 clams on, Chicago just about beat the spread on their own. I apparently drastically overestimated the quality of the St. Louis defense. I should have known better. Chicago just crushed my Seahawks 37-6 in week four. And the Rams can’t win a ball game to save their lives. Oh, well, what I have lost in bets, I have more than made up on the tables!


Last night I sat down and played a little Texas Hold ‘Em is the casino. Before long, 15 minutes turned into a few hours, and my stack doubled! If there is one thing that I learned last night, it is that patience pays off.  I did some reading just for fun (I could be called excessive with this at times) on any and all information provided by regarding betting tips and the types of games offered. and was pleasantly surprised when my first trip back to the online casino tables proved to be a profitable one. Just reading through everything offered on site made me think differently, and with a more focused strategy in mind. Now, if I can do this and make some cash, you have got to be able to! I, being the beginning/amateur player that I am, am confident that most any new players will be able to have success (and also the bonuses that come with playing for a short while) like I have had so far. Now, if I could just find that piece of wood to knock on?


So as of now, I have done a little research and applied for 4 of our featured online sportsbooks and casinos we have for you here at  I am happy to report that all 4 of these internet sportsbook and casino sites are 100% secure, offering prompt service, and excellent rewards programs for new and repeating players.  Also, just to let you know, the folks at are now offering a special for a 50% bonus on site for larger deposits.  Some of you may want to check that out now, as it could be extremely handy if you are a more active gambler. Once again, I highly recommend using the quality sites at,,, and I have been having so much fun just learning new ways to bet, new casinos to try and the knowledge gained from the material posted on these sites.


Tomorrow, we go calling at We’ll see how they stack up amongst some of our best internet sportsbooks and casinos we offer. I will be writing about some of the features offered on this website, as it is also one of our featured online gaming websites, and comes well recommended to me from a few people I know who have used their services before. Thanks again for reading, and hopefully you can use any and all information we have provided you on to further enhance your online sportsbook and casino experiences!





Aaron G.

Monday Night Football

Hi folks!


Tonight I’ve decided to try out another one of our great featured online sports book and casino sites, just in time for Monday Night Football. has been featuring the sports book and casino at, and we must say? It really is a fantastic site, aimed specifically for the beginning gambler. also offers easy options for starting your account, as well as tailored bonuses and promotions that can give you some easy money just for dropping a deposit!  Tonight’s line posted by gives the Chicago Bears the advantage on the money line, and the points look good at 41.5. Taking in to consideration the combination of the Bears’ strong defense, and the poor performance of QB Rex Grossman, this should pretty much guarantee that few points will be scored tonight, even on the very fast St. Louis turf. I’ve placed my modest 10 dollar bet, and look forward to watching the game. Let’s hope it’s a low scoring affair. I want to keep my fledgling 2-0 record intact!


To tell you more about, I must disclose that this is actually my second time using this site. I have previously been an account holder for a long period of time, and have greatly enjoyed both the sports book as well as their fabulous casino.  The downloadable casino lets you match up at a large multitude of betting levels, and even offers an extra 20 bucks just for creating a profile! That compounded with the bonuses for frequent play mean that the more you play, the more money you are entitled to by just playing the games offered!


If you are a beginning gambler, or have just decided to start looking into online casinos or sports books, is certainly one of the right places to learn about online gambling. I can’t say enough good things about this site from previous experiences (the fact that my outstanding account balance is in the positive may weigh a little on my raves) and from the ability of the site to keep a very high standard of customer support, especially when it comes time to collect your money. No one likes to have their money tied up when they could be using it to place bets, or using it to win that big stack on the tables.


So enjoy the game if you choose to watch it tonight, and please check out if you have the opportunity. I promise you will be very satisfied. Until tomorrow, thanks for reading, and thanks for using for all the best reviews and links to the finest in online gambling and entertainment on the ‘net.




Aaron G.


Wins, Wins and more Wins… (With one tiny, painful loss)



Sunday was indeed a high powered day for football, and a great day for online gambling!  I took my first bets, and I have found out that maybe I’m not such a bad gambler after all (though I probably shouldn’t say that too soon).  I will tell you that I’m already impressed with some of our featured sites we have here on  Again, the customer service is outstanding across the board, not to mention the immediate payouts to my account.  So for starters, my online gaming experience has been nothing but smiles. Not only did I hit my bets (even though my ‘Hawks suffered a horrible loss, they still cleared the spread I bet on) but I have a new stack which I plan to use to hit the online casinos offered at our featured sites.


Now I would like to inform you that I have also already profited from signup bonuses offered at a few sites.  On a deposit of $100.00 on, I was entitled to a 15% bonus up front, which is already going to good use for Monday Night Football.  Also, I received a more standard 10% bonus from, which also has come in handy so far. The bonuses offered on our featured online sports books, while taking a few bets to actually see returns on cashout value, are very good, especially for players who start out with an initial deposit of a buck or two. If you are given the opportunity, call one of these sites and find out all the applicable bonuses, promotion codes, etc. in order to maximize your gaming experience.  You never know when an extra 10, 15, or 20 dollars will come in handy, especially if you got that money for free!


Online gambling has already become a favorite hobby of mine this winter. Although I happen to reside in Los Angeles, California, were it is always warm outside, there is something also very warm and comforting about having quality sports match-ups on the tube and newly won money in your account.  I must also admit that until I have recently discovered the ease and enjoyment received from online gambling, I have paid little attention to other sports. That is until now.  My eyes have opened up, especially as NCAA basketball comes into full swing and I am already thinking about the great times that March Madness offers the online sports book gamer. Easy now.


So come next week, we will be seeing some action take place on the court, as well as on the field. Hope you all enjoy Monday Night Football this week as it may get a little wild on the turf in St. Louis, and remember no matter if your favorite team loses, you can still come out on top when you place the right bets at the right sportsbooks we have featured for you.







Aaron G.

Sportsbook News – Football Sunday

Football Sunday, Here we come.


What an awesome day it will be. There is nothing more comfortable than rolling out of bed on a nice quiet morning, knowing full well that there will be a solid day of football coverage ahead of you.  Fortunately for me, I will have the added excitement of pacing through the scores and updates, watching to see what has become of my three-team parlay bet (Go Ravens, please!) and the point spread I have taken on the Seahawks v. Cards game (c’mon 46!). I decided to open up this weekend with a simple few bets, just to get my feet wet in the action.

My only question I have now is what will be the best game of the day to watch, and how I will be getting a hold of food at that time.

Now I had said before that I decided to recently open up accounts on three of our featured online sportsbook sites. Currently my bets have been placed with, and, both of which were extremely easy to use, and had me ready to place my bets in no time at all. The ease of these transactions, as well as the availability of the sites to provide up to date information about my bets and scores have me ready to relax, sit back and enjoy some good ol’ gridiron action.

So let’s talk a little about these games that are going on tomorrow.  I will admit, as I stated in my earlier article, that these match ups could go either way this week, in just about every single game.  The parlay bet that I have placed on has a game in each slot of the day. Theis is my first attempt at a parlay game on an online sportsbook, and I’m hoping all goes well. I thought this would be the best bang for my buck, in terms of having a little something riding on each game time. In the morning at 10:00 (or 1:00 pm on the Eastern seaboard) it will be a great matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the KC Chiefs. Now I know (because I read it in an informative write up on this game, furnished by by the way) that the Ravens have trouble in KC. However, with a relentless defense, and a good ground attack, I’m taking the birds anyway.

Next we have the afternoon selection of games. I have been advised by certain friends of mine that betting on the Denver/San Diego game is a bad idea however I’m getting in the mix. You know what I say to them? I say, it’s worth the few dollars to watch to great teams duke it out. I only paid 20 bucks for this match up to have real meaning for me, and this game should promise to get me my money’s worth. I’m taking San Diego in this one, because I refuse to bet against a team that has that guy named LT in the backfield. That folks, is THE best running back just shy of Barry Sanders. He should consider giving his whole ‘O’ line a piece of his salary though. I could get through those holes!

Here’s where my day gets interesting. While the Denver/San Diego game goes on, I will be rooting for high powered scoring in the Seahawks/Cardinals game. You see I’m a die hard Seahawks fan. You may say what you will, but I’ve been one since I was old enough and could say ‘Go Hawks!’ Fortunately for me, I finally got to use that phrase, as they are a solid team for really the first time since the team’s inception (minus that one Jim Zorn year). That being said, my ‘Hawks are going to prevail in the desert and hopfully score all 46 points I need by themselves. Consequently, I believe that Mr. Dennis Green is going to probably lose his job. Good coach, wrong organization.

Last, but certainly not least is a game I can’t wait for. New Orleans and Dallas will guarantee to be a shootout. These teams are both playoff bound, and both need this win. Drew Brees v. Tony Romo should make for one exciting finish to my gaming day.  That being said, I’m ready to go for tomorrow!  I’ve placed my bets, and you should have too by now. Let’s see how my first shot on and turn out. Either way, the anticipation is killing me, and I know that my money is well spent on some seriously good football action.



Aaron G.

An Introduction to Online Gaming

Hello and greetings from! This will mark the first installment in a series of articles aimed towards taking a look into some of the very best sportsbooks and casinos that we could find on the internet. In order to fully evaluate what it’s like to interact with these sites, I personally will be starting out as a beginner/amateur gambler, and playing across a number of different sites. These articles will hopefully give readers the opportunity to learn from my experiences on many different online gambling websites, and also choose what internet casinos offer to their players.

Just to start, I’m a closet sports freak. I absolutely love sports and competition is in full swing right now. I don’t know about you�but with the NFL playoffs around the corner, the NCAA bowl season just ahead, and all basketball in full swing, this is one very excited sports fan! Now I can’t tell you whether it’s going to be the Cowboys vs. the Bears in the Superbowl this year, or if J.D Drew will have a real impact in Boston without getting hurt. What I do know is that I will be relying on the vastly available resources, helpful tips, and bonuses available on a number of our featured online sportsbooks and casino websites to select my favorite games and pick my winners!

I have just recently signed up for an account with,, and, as they are a few of our highlighted internet sportsbooks. So far I can report that the folks at have been outstanding in initial relations. I mentioned on site about wanting the option to manage my sportsbook account over the phone, and a representative was with me by phone in fifteen minutes. It must be added that they were very polite and knowledgeable (which could be very handy when wondering about bonuses and promotions). The other online sportsbook and casino sites have also already had their reputations precede them, being listed as some of the most secure internet gaming sites available.

This weekend is huge for the NFL, and some of the toughest bets will be wagered this week and weekend. This is an absolutely perfect time to throw myself into the mix and see how I do. While perusing a few of our featured gaming sites, I took the time to update myself with some of the spreads posted, and the articles relating to this weekend’s games. While admitting that I will be glad to finish .500 this weekend (and hopefully get some cash!) due to the incredible matchups and playoff implications at stake, I am positive that just learning the information provided by some of our sites will have affect on my outcome for the better. Not only do a number of our featured gambling websites offer outstanding support and learning tools, but they have sports updates and key game notes that can easily make a difference between winning and losing bets.

So that’s all for now! Check back soon and see what has been going on in the overwhelmingly informative and exciting world of online sportsbooks and gambling websites. I’m off to place my bets – wish me luck.

Aaron G.