Boxing is a rather simple sport to bet on from a technical standpoint, offering typically simple-looking odds like 6-1 or 3-1, but the sport of boxing itself is far from simple.

The skill of the competitors in this sport is very high if only because boxers compete for their life and health every time they step in to the ring, and this is not something to be taken lightly. You would be skilled, too, choosing a profession with those demands.

Above and beyond the skill, though, is the toughness and determination it takes to be a winning boxer. If you haven’t felt that wobble in your legs and total exhaustion in years, imagine how it would feel to deal with that feeling after being punched in the head 46 times in the last half hour.

Boxing betting, you have to bet on someone who can triumph in such circumstances.

First Comes Toughness

Toughness can have many different meanings, connotations, and expressions, so even this is not so clear-cut. But you definitely need to think about toughness when betting on boxing.

To win at boxing, you need extreme mental toughness, first of all. Or you can be rather unintelligent but young and angry, but even that, perceived correctly, can be a sign of mental toughness in the sense that a rock is harder to destroy than a fruit.

What we mean, of course, is that intangible but apparent toughness is what every fighter needs to win challenging fights. Without this toughness, a fighter is not a good bet unless they are fighting against a totally outmatched opponent, and even then it can be iffy.

Remember that toughness is not always what some people say it is or perceive it as. Some people would say that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not a tough fighter, because of his style and because of his refusal to fight Manny Pacquiao.

But Mayweather’s skill alone is enough to make him very tough. That toughness can be created through skill is why boxing is called the “sweet science.”

Certainly it would be nice to see Mayweather and Pacquiao battle it out for large paychecks. Who would you pick? Probably best, if possible, to pick the tougher fighter.

Boxing Is Generally Not an Odds-Based Bet

For every different kind of gambling, there is some element of the odds being what you’re betting upon, rather than the “game” itself. For example, if you’re getting 9 points betting on the Dallas Cowboys to stay within distance of the Redskins, you might well bet on the Redskins if the odds were not so much in the Cowboys’ favor.

Boxing is a different proposal. The finality, combined with the potential for extreme brutality, renders “close enough” a moot point in many cases. There are ways to bet odds in boxing, for instance by betting that a guy will get knocked out in Round 1, 2, or 3.

Still, there is a primal aspect to boxing that makes it difficult to bet on anything other than the fighter upon which you are betting. You may not know exactly how it’s going to happen, but you believe this man or woman will triumph. Thus the vast majority of boxing betting action takes place in the “vanilla” bet of simply choosing one fighter to win the fight.

Boxing Experts Know a Lot about Boxing

Boxing was once one of the most popular sports in America and even the world, but now it is not necessarily like that. Many people do not know much of anything about boxing, and this group includes many people who think they know something about boxing.

Mass ignorance can be desirable when you are not so ignorant.

This is why it always makes sense, whenever you’re betting on boxing, to consult experts on the sport and see who they like in this fight, and why, and how. Boxing experts may be a dying breed but that doesn’t mean they don’t have large reserves of knowledge to share.

Knowledge that you may be able to, by listening and filtering, turn into cold hard cash.

Is the Boxing Match Fixed?

Not to be rude, but another thing you have to think about with boxing is whether or not “the fix is in.” The sad fact of the matter is that boxing has proven itself to have major integrity problems.

So you have to consider that, too, whenever you’re betting boxing.

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