Formula 1 Racing can be an extremely exciting sport, and it becomes even more exciting when you are winning money betting it. There is something about the cold beer in your hand, the heat of the day, the smell of the gasoline, the roar of the engines, the thrill of the wager – you know now why Formula One Racing is an international sport with hundreds of millions of fans.

Formula 1 Racing becomes quite a bit more boring, though, when you are losing money picking the wrong driver over and over again. We try to avoid that by having a good grip on how to bet on F1.

Don’t Miss the First Two Days!

Amateur F1 bettors who only tune in once every long while, when there’s a really big race on TV and they need something to bet on, are often under the impression that an F1 race starts Sunday.

Well, it does and it doesn’t.

On Friday and Saturday, the custom is to hold practice sessions that enable the fans to get as much entertainment as possible, yes, but also to order the drivers for the real race on Sunday. Drivers that run slow on Friday and Saturday will be in poor position come Sunday.

Obviously, F1 bettors who watch those first two days, who know whose car is running fast and whose isn’t, are going to have an advantage when it comes time to bet on Sunday.

Hard to Pass, So Bet Accordingly

Another thing that’s obvious, and yet underrated by the amateur F1 bettor, is how difficult it is for a car to pass another car during the course of an F1 race.

The cars are flying at such high speed, the track is so narrow, and the drivers are so aggressive—it’s just plain hard to bet on an underdog with bad pole position in a Formula 1 race. Drivers who have superior pole position should be and are heavily favored to win the race.

Usually as an F1 bettor you are then choosing between 2-4 drivers for the win, and many of the other drivers don’t have much of a shot because they are behind to start.

That’s not to say that an underdog will never win you a bet in Formula 1 Racing, but you shouldn’t count on it with any regularity.

The Cars Are the Real Competitors

F1 racing has a wonderful tradition and a loyal following in Italy, France, and Great Britain. In America, F1 racing has lost a lot of attention to the less predictable Nascar league. But whatever corner of the world you’re from, you should know that the real stars of the show are the cars.

The drivers are important, but it is the incredible speed, the sleek design, the bright aggressive colors of the vehicles themselves that so fascinates the crowds. And not only are the cars beautiful and powerful, they also pick the winner on most race days.

If you are driving a better car than the other guy, in F1 racing, the chances are that you will have a better chance to win the race, regardless of the relative skill of either driver. Everyone is a professional here and therefore it often boils down to who has the better car.

Ferrari, for instance, knows this, and thus spends—no, invests upwards of $250 million dollars per year into F1 racing. More than it is a test of driving skill, a Formula 1 race is a test of that car’s ability to be faster than you can believe, without falling to pieces.

When you’re betting F1 racing, then, try to figure out which car is the best and bet on that one. Obvious advice? Certainly. But also very valid.

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