The sport of NASCAR racing is at an ever-expanding point of popularity, and has quickly become the fourth-most watched sport in the USA, replacing NHL hockey. Read on to learn how to bet on NASCAR.

Corresponding with NASCAR speeding past it’s iced down competition, is the growing interest in betting on NASCAR racing. Whether you’re a diehard Dale fan, or the occasional NASCAR viewer who enjoys slapping down your hard earned cheese to try and reap a profit, gambling on NASCAR definitely offers some favorable options when compared to sports like basketball, baseball, and football.

There are, generally speaking, three possible avenues to use betting Nascar:

1. Driver vs. The Field

The most common form of NASCAR betting is when the wagerer chooses an individual driver from the field of many to win the race outright.

Now this gambling choice has its benefits, in that the odds for the majority of the drivers available for selection are very favorable, due to the high improbability of this particular guy winning the whole thing.

This, however, can backfire on you quicker than a dragging pit time, in that many times the punter is going to choose the driver with the highest probability of rolling down victory lane. The general better is going to ride the hottest, most consistent and talented driver at that particular moment.

This will obviously decrease the favorability of that driver’s odds. Tony Stewart -110 might be a common line you might see when your betting page pops up.

This is similar to the situation in baseball when a punter stacks on a beast of a pitcher such as a Sabathia, and the oddsmaker in return leaves you with a potential outcome that is somewhat safe, but a line that is surely less than favorable in terms of a decent payout.

2. Driver vs. Driver, a.k.a. “Mano y Mano”

If you like your gambling straight up and want to narrow your competition to a one-on-one driver battle, this is the choice for you. This choice involves a bit more specificity, and you can take your favorite driver against another rival, making the wager that much more interesting in the long run.

For example, let’s say you stacked some chippers on Tony Stewart vs. Dale Earnhardt Jr. The odds would line up as follows. Stewart -220 Earnheart+280. What this means is that for every $220 you lay down for the favorite Stewart, a win (Stewart placing higher than Earnhardt) will earn you one hundred dollars in return. So $440 will, with a winning result, reward you two c-notes, and so on.

On the flip side, banking on Dale’s son to place higher than Stewart will get you $280 back for every hundred you lay down. So $200 down on Junior will get you a sick return of $560 back.

All bets on Nascar are of the money line variety, meaning they appear in this baseball or golf type of format, +100, -180.

3. Driver Finishing In the Top Three

Another form of Nascar betting that is prevalent is an individual driver finishing in the fields top three. These odds are considerably less than, say, a bet on an individual driver to win the race outright, for obvious reasons.

This does give you, the gambler, a bit more maneuverability and stabilizes risk, due to the fact that you can pick a driver that loses the race but you can still cash in if he finishes in the top three. Safer bets pay out less, so it simply depends on the size of your balls at the moment.

In that sense, betting on Nascar is a lot like driving Nascar: you gotta have guts.

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