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If you’ve never been to Las Vegas during the first two days of the NCAA Tournament, you’ve never seen a true orgy of sports betting; it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen. The sheer number of games being televised simultaneously is enough to make a sports bettor’s head explode.

But is it enough to make a sports bettor’s wallet explode?

That is the more pertinent question if you want to learn how to bet on college basketball not only for fun, but also for profit.

When watching post-season NCAA basketball, fun is a guarantee, an automatic—these kids play their heart out. In order to profit from those valiant efforts, though, you’ll need to step your sports betting game up a notch or two, or better yet ten notches.

Hidden Goldmine: Betting Regular Season NCAAB

The NCAA Tournament gets so much attention from sports bettors, it’s easy to forget that there is in fact a regular season for NCAA basketball, and you can in fact bet on it.

But veteran NCAA bettors don’t let these kinds of facts escape them, and are happy to snatch the low-hanging fruits that regular season NCAAB sometimes offers. If you only tune in come March, you may be missing out on some of the easiest picks around.

No, betting Duke at home -22 may not be the gutsiest pick you’ve ever made, but it may make you a couple dollars because betting home favorites is one of the tried-and-true methods for NCAA basketball betting. Home fans love to see slaughters, and frequently do.

Ironically, betting against home favorites is also one of the tried-and-true methods for betting regular season college basketball. Indeed, the dominance of home favorites has somewhat eroded because so many great players from big schools leave for the NBA early, giving smaller schools with veteran players good upset potential.

Small School Underdogs with Crafty Veteran Guards

It sounds stupid to call a 22-year old kid a crafty veteran, but in today’s world of college basketball, any player with more than two years college basketball experience qualifies as a veteran.

When these veterans are guards, and are crafty, and are playing for a small school underdog, it may be time to bet the underdog. We have seen this trend increasing each year, as guards who can bomb three-pointers and don’t turn the ball over have become the best bets in NCAAB.

Just look at the 2011 NCAA Tournament Final Four and you will find proof of this trend. Virginia Commonwealth, Butler, and University of Connecticut all benefited from terrific crafty veteran guard play to get to the Final Four.

Kemba Walker, of course, bested his crafty veteran counterpart Shelvin Mack in the final game, as UConn defeated Butler to take the title.

The Two Most Important Lines to Watch When Betting NCAAB

There are two extremely important lines to watch whenever you are thinking about betting on NCAA basketball. Number one is the three-point line; as noted above, guards who can drain threes are game-changers who can win or lose bets for you.

But the other line to watch is the line on the actual game. College basketball lines move and change with more reckless abandon than any other sport. It is not uncommon to see a game go from -5 to -2 within a matter of hours.

When the line is changing like this, you know that more money is being bet on the other side of that bet. Asking yourself why the line is changing can lead to some revelations. Maybe a certain player is reporting an injury, or maybe the smart money is just now coming online.

There have been many “point-shaving” and related scandals in the world of college basketball and while we would certainly not like to impugn this great sport, there can be no doubt that when the smart money is moving lines drastically, there may be a reason behind that.

So pay attention!

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