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NCAA football betting is widely regarded as one of the best opportunities in all of sports betting. There are in fact people who, over a number of years, actually make a profit betting college football. Not to say it’s easy, but it can be done.

Can you do it though?

Well, that depends on whether you know how to bet on college football and how you apply that knowledge. Of course you’ll need a healthy dose of luck to really win big, but overall we’d say that college football is one sport where deep knowledge of the sport itself does seem to pay dividends provided you manage your bankroll appropriately.

But how can you give yourself the best chance to win money betting on NCAA football? What do you need to know exactly, what is the secret recipe, what statistics are most important?

These are good questions that deserve good answers.

Here, then, are a few specific thoughts that will hopefully take you to that land of milk and honey of consistently winning NCAA football bets:

Huge Underdogs Are Huge Underdogs for a Reason

If you’ve been betting college football for a while, you already know this, but if you’re new to betting on this sport, you will most certainly learn this fact quick enough:

In NCAA football, huge underdogs are huge underdogs for a reason, dogg.

Unlike the NFL, where everyone on the worst team in the league is at least in The League and that means something, NCAA football is a classic case of the Haves vs. The Have Nots. You have your big schools, your Florida’s, Ohio State’s, Alabama’s, and so forth, and then you have your various variations on the infamous College of the Sisters of the Poor.

When the Haves square off against the Have Nots, you can expect massive point spreads that can (especially if you’ve had a few beers) seem massively appealing.

If Alabama is a -47 favorite against Ohio Valley Technical State, you definitely don’t want to jump on OVTS just because the spread is so high. Instead, it’s likely that Alabama is astronomically better at every single position…and is going to slaughter this team mercilessly.

Remember that football is an intensely physical game; if one team’s offensive line outweighs another team’s defensive line by an average of 50 pounds per man, a -50 point spread for the bulkier team may be your best option here.

Betting on a Team at Home Is Different than Betting on a Team on the Road

Another crucial sports betting tip, if you’re planning on betting NCAA football, is to realize the importance of the home field advantage in college football. Again, this point is obvious to the experienced college football bettor, but still it’s worth emphasizing:

Home field advantage is BIG in college football.

Aside from the frenzied “game day” environments that can give even the couch potato fan goosebumps, let alone the players on the field, it’s instructive to recall that these kids on the field are 18-22 years old. If you think back to when you were 18 years old, you will understand how different it is when 80,000 people are cheering for you than when 80,000 are hoping your head falls off and rolls on the ground.

To make a long story short, always consider which team has home field advantage when betting NCAA football. Home field advantage can swing a point spread 7-10 points, easily.

Too Much Action Is Not Necessarily a Good Thing

Also note that just because there are 25 college football games on TV this Saturday, you may not want to bet on every single one—if you want to make a profit, that is.

You are NOT, unless we are mistaken, a “Football Rain Man” who can pick every game with the greatest ease because you’re an autistic idiot savant. You are mortal, to the best of our knowledge.

Of course to restrain oneself from betting profusely on college football is easier said than done, and may seem faintly unpatriotic if you are an American, similar to not gorging yourself on turkey during Thanksgiving dinner and then falling asleep on the living room floor.

The best college football bettors that we’ve encountered, on the other hand, resist the temptation to engage in utter and complete gluttony, choosing instead to “pick their spots” on Saturday. The best NCAAF bettors place larger wagers on games that seem ripe to them, and are then careful not to dissipate those winnings by betting on any and every game that’s on TV next.

This “greed for more” that so many college football bettors experience also manifests itself in the constant placing of “long shot parlays” that pay out $2,000 when you lay down $10, but, mysteriously, never pay out…and never will pay out, we’re sorry to say.

You lose 10 $10 parlays, though, you’re guaranteed to lose $100.

This leads us to a natural and fitting conclusion for this article about how to bet on NCAA football: not every food coma is created equal.

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