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UFC Is Not Fake—Yet

Due to its facial resemblance to Professional Wrestling, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has had to work for any credibility it has gained. Fans were so conditioned to Vince McMahon’s tricks that Dana White’s direct nature was one reason the league—the concept, really—took off.

If you think about other sports you may find yourself betting on, there can be considerable fakeness that you have to take into account as you wager your bills. Basketball can be fake and fixed, boxing is often fixed, and cheating in baseball is as American as apple pie.

The UFC, then, stands out for its intensely physical, brutal, non-fakeness. Even as competitors have gone from bare fists to gloves, from very few rules to a few more, even as the brand of UFC has exploded and spawned a couple TV shows, the guys that fight still really, really fight.

The fans demand it like that. Dana White himself knows that is “the brand.”

If you want to bet online on UFC, it seems rather appealing by these standards. To bet on a sport that is not significantly fake, nor significantly fixed, is a breath of fresh air. Maybe someday, maybe even someday soon, UFC will be faker, but for now, it looks pretty real to us.

UFC Injuries Are Key Factors

When you get slugged in the face, kneed in the thighs, and accept flying kicks to the face on a regular basis, this lifestyle can lead to injuries. Especially for fighters with lots of fights in their career, the injuries can pile up and affect performance tremendously. A guy can have all the heart in the world and still lose if an injury doesn’t let him perform optimally.

Injuries, then, are one of the key factors that you must consider as you look to bet UFC. If a guy you’re about to bet on has a bad leg that’s been kept under wraps by his camp, or conversely if a guy has a good leg that’s been called injured by a brainwashed media, you as a sports bettor need to evaluate this issue. How healthy is your fighter? Any injuries I should know about?

This is a big part of the UFC betting process.

Getting Knocked Out Is Easy to Do

Another factor that we consider, when we bet UFC, is which fighter has more knockout power. Guys like Chuck Lidell or even Dan Hardy are hard to bet against when they’re healthy because the knockout potential is so there. One fist to the temple and the fight’s over.

Getting knocked out, remember, is a fact of physiology, not a matter of “toughness” like if you get knocked out, you’re a weakling. No, if someone crushes your temple with a fist behind which is 500 pounds of pressure, your brain will be jarred and you will likely lose consciousness.

Yes it’s great to have a hard head, but some of these punches would knock out a hippopotamus. So you really have to watch out for those knockout specialists who can be losing the fight handily, and then suddenly end it with a victory.

Betting Against Everybody Else’s Hero

Some fans that like UFC like certain people in the sport to the extent that you kind of suspect the fan wants to be the one rolling around on the ground in his underwear with the athlete. There is abundant allegiance in this blood sport, much of it tied to feelings of national pride.

Whenever you see a big UFC fight coming down the pike, then, and you’re thinking about getting some money down on it, you need to watch the action closely to see if people are stacking too heavily on one fighter due to emotional or “fan-based” reasons.

If you spot an imbalance such as this, you can be the hero of yourself by betting against everybody else’s hero. One way to multiply the winnings on this strategy is to not only bet at an online sportsbook, but bet your friends or contacts who are the fans of the crowd favorite.

Just make sure everyone puts their money in a pot somewhere before the fight, though—you don’t want to be in a position of trying to collect money from angry, drunken, bitter, belligerent, bellicose, bulky individuals who want to get more-than-half-naked and fight you right now

Talk about awkward.

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