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If you are going to bet on the Canadian Football League (CFL), you might as well bet the right way and give yourself a chance to win some cash—and that means doing your research before you plunk down your wagers. Here at, we offer a variety of resources that will enable you to research CFL bets thoroughly but also quickly, with plenty of useful CFL information in one place.

In addition to the obvious stuff, such as the date and time of upcoming CFL contests and the associated point spreads, we give you other valuable CFL research materials such as:

  • What are the main factors that affect CFL bets?
  • How has each team performed lately?
  • What is the history between the two teams?
  • Which online sportsbooks are the most friendly to CFL bettors?
  • Are there any key injuries that you should be aware of before you bet?

These are just some of the questions that we strive to answer in our CFL sports betting research section. The idea is to give you a “one stop shop” for all your CFL bet research needs.

As any CFL bettor knows, CFL betting—and CFL research—can be a fairly specialized niche in the overall sports betting world. That’s why we employ real CFL bettors to assemble our CFL betting research materials. Check out our blog, too, to find the latest and greatest CFL betting info.

Last but not least, when researching CFL betting, make sure that you choose an online sportsbook that has the CFL action that you want and need. This, perhaps, is the most useful part of our CFL research page: the “preferred partners” links that tell you which online sportsbooks give CFL bettors the best odds, the most action, and the best overall CFL betting experience.

The Best Sites for Betting on CFL

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