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Horse racing has been intimately tied in with betting on horse racing since horse racing even became popular in the first place. This is a wonderful fact if you are someone who is prepared to do a little horse racing betting research because it means that there is plenty of research material available.

Seriously, think about it, when you go to the track, you can get a whole book of all these different horses, all these different races, different jockeys, all the odds, the difference between the opening odds and the closing odds, and hundreds of other pieces of information to help you bet on horse racing.

Imagine all the data that can be gathered, and is being gathered online every day, about the history of betting on horse racing. Betting is so integral to the sport itself, indeed betting (along with rich people who like horses) directly pays for the sport of horse racing; it is rather a unique situation in sports.

But as with many things in life, this blessing is a curse. The non-professional horse racing bettor is often confused, even bewildered. With all this information—and not only information about the sport, remember, but betting-specific information such as the odds changing, rumors of injuries, and all manner of other pre-race speculation—well, what is one to make of all of it?

When you put down your money on a horse race, you know you’re taking a risk. There are many horses in the field and only one will win. But when you do horse racing betting research or read a review of BetDSI at a place like, you can reduce your risk by taking a calculated gamble informed by facts.

One can never underestimate, likewise, the importance of getting the best odds on horse racing. Luckily, our reviews of horse racing betting sportsbooks are second-to-none. We tell you which sportsbooks have a reputation for giving horse racing bettors the best odds and the most betting options. You may also want to check out 5 Dimes sportsbook.

The Best Sites for Betting on Horse Racing

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