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College Football Betting

NCAA Football betting is one of those things where the sheer number of choices makes it difficult to choose. With dozens of games going on every weekend, it can be difficult to know which games present opportunities and which games should be avoided like the plague.

Our NCAAF sports betting section is dedicated to helping you separate the opportunities from the imminent disasters and give you a closer look at how to bet on college football. Our NCAA Football betting research includes but is not limited to:

  • Dates, times, and point spreads for upcoming games
  • Specific NCAA football betting strategies, such as not being afraid of a big point spread
  • In-depth reviews of the best online sports betting sites for college football
  • Historical data of what teams have done against each other
  • “Against-the-spread” (ATS) data showing which teams consistently beat the spread and which consistently don’t

These are the kinds of factors that we take into account before we bet NCAA Football, and as always, our goal at is to give our audience actionable betting information that can be used today, not just ivory tower theory that doesn’t mean anything once the teams take the field.

With the chaos of college football season upon us, we all could use some help picking and choosing not only the outcomes of particular games, but also which sports betting research is most relevant to our money-making abilities when it comes time to bet NCAA football.

Whether it’s choosing which online sportsbook gives the best college football betting odds and options (read the Bookmaker review if you want to bet on horse racing) talking strategy when betting NCAA football, or offering free statistical information that helps you make better NCAAF bets, our NCAA football research section is intended to be a resource for our readers.

One of those resources designed to result in you winning more college football bets.

The Best Sites for Betting on College Football

Read the Reviews Below:

Historical Standings and Against-the-Spread Data



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