When was founded, more than 10 years ago, the goal was to create a valuable and actionable resource for Internet sports bettors. Since we enjoy betting sports ourselves, we have understood from day one the value of well-researched, credible sports betting information.

The foundation of is and always has been our online sportsbook reviews, and those pages are still our most heavily-trafficked. Through our resources, including a comprehensive sports betting glossary, we are happy to say that we have enabled thousands of sports bettors to make informed decisions about which online casinos are worth patronizing and which should be stayed away from like the black plague mixed with bird flu.

Over the past couple years, though, we’ve been adding more and more additional sports betting resources on top of our already-stacked reviews section, including information on the latest sports betting systems. Yes, reviews are our bread and butter, but these days, we’re not only about reviews. We’re about resources.

Our site redesign is complete and includes hundreds of pages of new content. We hope that you’ll take a gander at some of the many sports wagering resources we’re now offering, such as:

Sports Betting Tools

One of the main things we’ve learned through sports betting is that you can’t let emotion get the best of you if you really want to make money wagering on sports. Sports betting tools provide bettors with an opportunity to evaluate bets using statistics and math.

Visit our sports betting tools section and see if any of the tools are useful to you. These tools are free to use for all of our visitors, and spit out results within seconds, so what do you have to lose?

You’d be surprised how often getting a “second look” from a non-human will prevent you from making an emotional pick that just doesn’t make any sense.

Sports Betting Glossary

Like all human endeavors that involve the transfer of large sums of money, the field of sports betting has its own jargon. Often, this jargon is employed as a sort of smokescreen, to blind and confuse new bettors and “squares.” is your homey that don’t play dat.

In an effort to make sure that every one of our visitors is never at risk of being taken advantage of by jargon-spouting wise guys, we now offer an extensive sports betting glossary that includes definitions of more than 100 common sports betting terms.

From AOPR to Vigorish, if there’s a gambling word you don’t know, check our glossary. It’s one of the most robust sports betting glossaries on the Web today.

Reliable Payment Processors Information

One part of our site that we’ve majorly beefed-up in our new redesign is our section that reviews sports betting payment processors. We feel that this beefing-up is majorly necessary because:

The banking crisis of 2008 and the resulting loads of new bank regulations passed into law by the United States Congress has made the whole issue of sports betting payment processing extremely important, especially for U.S.-based bettors. It’s gotten to the point where you wonder sometimes if your online sportsbook will even be able to pay you out your winnings, and if so, what is the best method for taking payment?

We’ve responded to this unacceptable chaos with a special section dedicated to evaluating the different online gambling payment processing options out there. When you win money betting sports online, you need to get paid quickly and easily. If you agree with that statement, read about the strengths and weaknesses of the payment processing choices available today.

We hope that this section will be a valuable, actionable resource for you as you decide how you’re going to move money into and out of your betting accounts. Important stuff!

Sports Betting Tips

The new sports betting tips section is another resource that’s part of our site redesign and should hopefully enahnce your experience of Especially if you’re new or new-ish to the online sports betting game, a sports betting tip here and there can earn you some dough.

We know we would have appreciated if someone had told us early in our sports betting careers that at most sportsbooks, “long shot parlays” pay out dramatically less than they should, i.e. long shot parlays are drastically, mathematically skewed in favor of the house.

We would never claim to know everything about betting sports. But what we do know, we want to share with our visitors; that’s the idea behind our new sports betting tips section.

Sports Betting Systems

Sports betting, like life itself, can seem completely random sometimes, but somehow we thoroughly suspect that there is some pattern behind the madness. If only we could access that pattern, see it clearly, and then bet accordingly.

And so people look for sports betting systems.

And so reviews sports betting systems such as the Martingale, the D’Alembert, and Multiple Regressions. We’ll be honest: we’re skeptical about some of these sports betting systems, and we don’t hesitate to say so.

However, we aren’t haters. Some sports betting systems can work startlingly well if you use them right. Perhaps just as importantly, reading about sports betting systems, most of them math-based, can open your mind to new ways of thinking about wagering.

Keep in mind that many sports betting systems are concerned with money management, rather than picking games like some corner store psychic. Seeing as money management is a skill that far too many sports bettors lack entirely, sports betting systems are definitely worth exploring.

Who’s Handicapping the Handicappers? is handicapping the handicappers, that’s who!!

As you can see by the double exclamation point, we’re quite excited about the new section on wherein we tell you which handicappers are making the money picks and which handicappers are, uhm, absolutely not, so don’t even consider paying one red cent for the bogus picks of these blabbering frauds.

Please excuse our enthusiasm, but we just kind of feel like if someone is selling sports betting picks for cash, that person should make better picks than you would if you were making the picks on your own, for free. Is this really too much to ask? We don’t think so.

Unfortunately, most underperforming handicappers are extremely adept at diverting attention from their history of worthless picks. These guys forget about yesterday’s losses quicker than a rat forgets about everything else when a piece of cheese comes into sight.

Fortunately, the days of losing sports betting handicappers preventing potential customers from having any empirical knowledge of how their picks have performed in the past—those days are coming to an end. is building a list, and checking it twice.

Whose picks have been most money over the past few months? Which sports does this handicapper best know? What has this handicapper done lately, is he on fire or should be put on ice? These are the kinds of questions our empirical data will seek to answer.

In conclusion, the above items are just a few of the sports betting resources is now offering to you, our valued visitor. A veritable smorgasbord of sports betting info, no?

Don’t be shy—dive in!

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