Reverse Bets

Determines the maximum win/risk totals and situational outcomes on a reverse bet


  • Reverse Type: Signifies whether the reverse bet is of a WIN ONLY nature (denoting that pushes end the rest of the given IF bet) or ACTION (denoting that pushes do not end the rest of the given IF bet).
  • Estimated Bet: Projected currency value of the reverse bet.
  • Number of Games: The amount of games to be included in the bet.
  • Game N: Line on event# N and event results (WIN, PUSH, or LOSS).


  • Max Win: The highest possible amount to be won on the reverse bet.
  • Total Risk: The highest possible loss value on the reverse bet.
  • Situational Result: Win or loss on the reverse bet using actual event results.

A reverse bet, which can also be known as an Action Reverse, is a group of IF bets that can go both forward or in a reverse order. An IF bet is in two parts. The second apart of the bet only comes into play if the first part wins. However, depending on the book terms it can also come into play under other circumstances). The reverse bet can cover every two team combination possibility of IF bets that can be played from all of the underlying teams in the reverse bet.


A two team reverse bet using team A and team B would denote two IF bets: IF A then B and IF B then A.
A three team reverse bet using teams A, B, and C would denote six IF bets: IF A then B; IF B then A; IF A then C; IF C then A; IF B then C; and IF C then B.

The calculator establishes the highest vales for both winning and losing for any given reverse bet. It will also establish the situational results based upon the win, lose or push results from each underlying game.

Note: The calculator accepts both decimal odds and US odds. For decimal odds with a value of greater than 100 then they need to be prefaced with either a “d” or a “0”. For example, odds of 200.0000 this would then read as either “0200” or “d200”.

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