Round Robin Calculator

Determines the highest win/risk values and situational results for a round robin bet.


  • Estimated Bet: Expected currency value of the round robin bet.
  • Number of Games: The amount of games to be included within the round robin bet.
  • Parlay Size: The amount of games that are included in parlays and whether that amount constitutes “At Most” or “Exact” figures.
  • Game N Line/Result: Line and results for the nth event (Win, Push or Loss).


  • Max Win: Highest possible currency value win on a round robin bet.
  • Total Risk: Highest possible currency value loss on a round robin bet.
  • Situational Result: Wins or losses on a round robin bet using actual event results.

The round robin bet is a set of parlays (sometimes known as accumulators) placed on 3 or more teams. The bets must all be placed at the same time. The bet can be determined from the 3 or more teams chosen and the size of the parlays used in the round robin. For example, a 5 team round robin bet 3 ways would include all 10 3 team parlays that can be made from the 5 teams.

Some books will also allow a maximum size of parlays and not just one. This means that the round robin will then consist of all of the parlays with an ‘at most’ size.

The round robin calculator will determine the highest amount of wins and losses for any chosen round robin; it will also give the situational results depending on each underlying game win, lose or push.

NOTE: The calculator accepts both decimal odds and US odds. For decimal odds with a value of greater than 100 then they need to be prefaced with either a “d” or a “0”. For example, odds of 200.0000 this would then read as either “0200” or “d200”.

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