Sports betting handicappers sell their sports betting tips (sometimes called “picks”) for money, usually through a subscription model. So for example, you might sign up for a particular handicapper’s betting service, for $100 per month, and you get 10 picks per month.

But who’s handicapping the handicappers? Who’s telling you which subscription-based handicapping services are actually worth it, and which are complete rip-offs?

This is where CasinoReview.org hopes to step in, giving you information about the best sports handicappers and the ones that are not worth your time or money.

What Sports Handicappers Do for a Living

Most sports bettors are at least somewhat familiar with the service that sports handicappers provide. It is easy to understand. These people highlight specific “money bets” for the week or month, and then they sell those picks to other bettors.

If you’ve never used a handicapping service, this idea may seem like a scam on its face. If these people were so good at picking games, why would they not just pick every game themselves and keep the profits for themselves?

Also, when you’re already paying the bookmaker juice to place your bet, you might feel like adding on another cost is just not worth it.

However, don’t underestimate the wisdom of some of these sports handicappers. The best sports handicappers, like the best people at anything, are extremely good at what they do. These people spend hours upon hours every day scouring the lines looking for the best sports picks.

Do you really have that kind of time?

Especially if you are going to be betting larger amounts of money, it may be worth it to buy some picks and piggyback off someone who does have time and expertise to spare.

The Best Sports Handicappers Often Mine a Niche

One thing we’ve noticed as we’ve gone in search of the best sports handicappers is that many times the really good ones have a niche territory in which they are most successful and most to be trusted.

For instance, there are some sports handicappers that are known as NFL gurus, while other sports handicappers may focus on horse racing, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, or football/soccer.

Due to the fact that sports handicappers, just like the rest of us, prefer to make money all year round, instead of just doing well for a couple months and then shooting blanks the rest of the year, you will find that most handicappers operate year-round, picking all sports.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to subscribe year-round. You may only want to purchase a subscription for a certain sports season, if you feel that the handicapper is best at picking games for that sport.

The niche nature of the best handicappers may render a subscription worth it during a particular season, and then not worth it until next season, when that sport’s season concludes.

Handicapper’s Past Performance May Be an Indication of Future Results

One of the first things we look for, when we’re searching for the best sports betting handicappers on the Internet, is historical data about a handicapper’s past performance. You will find, with many services, that such data is not readily available.

This is a giant black mark in our book. Certainly no sports handicapper has a 100 percent winning percentage, but when you do not offer any valid data on what you’ve done in the past, we really have to doubt whether or not your service is worth our hard-earned money.

As we review sports handicappers, then, we are always searching for the handicappers who have shown a good performance in the past, and hopefully not just over the past two months, but ideally over a number of years.

Part of the reason we are creating this new section of CasinoReview.org is to force—er, encourage sports handicappers to share more information about their correct and incorrect picks in the past with potential users, instead of just constantly throwing out marketing hype.

Whenever Possible, Ride the Hot Hand

As you most likely already realize, sports gambling is a game of streaks. We have seen some handicappers that have caught fire and made their subscribers huge sums of money. We have also seen some sports handicappers that couldn’t hit a pick to save their lives.

Whenever you are using a sports handicapper, you will want to keep a sharp eye out for the handicapper that seems to have a “hot hand” so to speak.

Many times this hot hand will result from the handicapper being early to spot an emerging team, and then riding that team to glory before the bookmaker’s catch up to that team’s greatness. So in this sense, when you see a hot handicapper and a hot team, this is doubly dangerous.

All aboard!

Some Sports Handicappers Will Never Leave You Alone

Another general note about dealing with sports handicappers is that some of these sports betting services will literally never leave you alone once you give them your name, email and phone number. Needless to say it can be highly annoying and even embarrassing when you get phone calls from guys with nicknames that always end in “The Greek” at Thanksgiving dinner, or during your workday.

This too, then, is a habit of highly successful handicappers:

They have some shred of integrity and will, when you’re no longer interested, leave you alone for God’s sake. Not so with some of these services. With the advent of the “robo-call,” this problem has become even more pronounced.

There’s “following up,” which is a simple and necessary sales technique, and then there’s being just plain hideously annoying—our reviews will seek to tell you which handicappers are on the right side of that line.

Sports Handicappers Are NEVER 100 Percent Correct

At the risk of stating the obvious, sports handicappers are not the all-knowing, all-seeing geniuses they may advertise themselves as. In fact, even the best sports handicappers are bound to pick wrong a decent percentage of the time.

If your handicapper is picking games with 70 percent accuracy, that’s pretty damn good.

But remember, too, it’s not just about overall accuracy. It’s about accuracy when a sports handicapper is picking a “lock” and DEMANDING that you stack huge on that supposed lock. Often these “locks” will be contrarian bets, meaning that the handicapper is picking against the crowd, meaning that you are likely to be getting very favorable odds to make this bet.

Picks like those are when sports handicappers earn their fees. Picks like those are the difference between profit and loss; weight these “heavier” picks accordingly and realize their importance.

Some handicappers are “clutch shooters” and some most definitely aren’t.

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