Click2Pay is yet another third party payment processor that can be used for online betting, and offers an alternative to PayPal, Neteller, and MoneyBookers. While not as widely accepted as the “Big Three” of online betting payment processors, Click2Pay is accepted at many online casino sites.

Overall, Click2Pay is very similar to these other electronic money transfer services. The user sets up a Click2Pay account, links that account to a bank account or credit card account, then makes a deposit from the bank or credit card account into the Click2Pay account.

The Click2Pay account can then be used as a bank account, to deposit money to online sportsbooks and also to receive withdrawals from online sportsbooks.

This “e-wallet” concept allows users to avoid giving away their bank and credit card information directly to online casinos.

Click2Pay Works Well with Sites that Work Well with Click2Pay

While Click2Pay is not quite an “also-ran” in terms of being outperformed by PayPal, Neteller, and MoneyBookers, it’s hard to say that Click2Pay is better than these other options.

Probably the main reason why a user might choose to use Click2Pay as opposed to another e-wallet would if a user enjoys betting at a particular site, and that site accommodates Click2Pay well. Some sites are extremely friendly with Click2Pay and process withdrawals very quickly to Click2Pay accounts, or some sites may offer special bonuses for Click2Pay deposits.

Betting websites located in Germany are the best example of this. Click2Pay users with bank accounts in Germany can receive withdrawals directly to their German bank accounts free of charge and within 1-3 days.

If you are German, then, Click2Pay is a great option.

Click2Pay Can Be a Bit Expensive

The fees charged by Click2Pay are not necessarily exorbitant, but neither is the fee structure cheap.

Deposits from a debit card or bank account are free, but if you deposit using a credit card, Click2Pay charges a fee of 3 percent right off the bat. Once it comes time to make a withdrawal, there can be fees of up to 20 Euros for getting a check out of your Click2Pay account.

If you are using an online betting site that requires foreign currency conversion, you can expect to pay Click2Pay another 2.5 percent fee to convert. MoneyBookers, by contrast, charges 1.99 percent for currency conversion, making Click2Pay’s fee 25 percent higher.

And then there is the “instant cash” option that Click2Pay offers. This is in fact one of the most popular aspects of Click2Pay: you can choose to you can have your cash instantly credited to the Click2Pay account, before your deposit is even fully processed by your bank or credit card.

This is nice if you are trying to beat the deadline to get in a bet, however you can expect to pay a hefty fee of 8.9 percent of your deposit amount if you go this ultra-speedy route.

Click2Pay Star Credit Rating System

Another quick note we’d add about Click2Pay is in regards to the payment processor’s “star method” for rating a user’s credit.

When you sign up for Click2Pay, the service will assign you a number of stars, based on its reading of your credit history; the more stars, the more you are allowed to spend via Click2Pay.

If you have only one star, then, you may be severely limited in how much you can spend through Click2Pay per week.

Of course this can be irritating for an online sports bettor, to not be able to access sufficient funds to make your picks. From a different perspective, though, this cautious approach may actually help to curb problem gambling, so that can be a plus in some cases.

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