It is unfortunate to see how ill-equipped some sports bettors are when engaged in the act of betting on sports. Armed with little more than a “gut feeling” and a 12-pack of liquid courage, these poor bastards start picking games willy-nilly, and soon are ruined.

You, on the other hand, do not intend to be another sad statistic. You are the kind of sports bettor who desires to use the tools at your disposal to make the best picks possible, every time out.

This is good. This is very good. This attitude, this approach, this determination to use tools.

Sports betting tools are exactly that: tools. It depends how you use them, of course, as to how successful you’ll be, but it’s always nice to have them around, at your disposal.

You, savvy sports bettor, are the reason why spends hours upon hours creating and reviewing the best sports betting tools on the Internet.

Math-Based Sports Betting Tools

Many sports betting tools that we offer are math-based, meaning that the intention of the tool is to give the sports bettor a mathematical representation of each bet, before it is placed. This is extremely helpful because if you’re not careful, gambling can become an emotional endeavor.

And we all know how love is blind.

Math-based betting tools can improve your vision, instantly. That’s why we offer betting tools such as:

— Parlay Calculator

— Odds Calculator

— Arbitrage Calculator

All of these tools give you a mathematical view of what you are doing when you lay down your hard-earned money. In particular, these sports betting tools allow the player to examine with exactness the risk/reward ratio of each and every bet, to see whether you are getting a fair deal.

What’s more, it only takes a couple seconds to plug your bet into one of these handy betting calculators, so there is really no reason not to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Reviews of Sports Betting Tools

At, we not only create sports betting tools, we also review sports betting tools offered by other online sports betting resources. We have always made our living from giving our users the best sports betting reviews and our reviews of sports betting tools follow in that tradition.

The truth is that there are some pretty impressive betting calculators, spreadsheets, and indicators that can give you an edge—a slight edge, maybe, but an edge nonetheless—when you sit down to make your sports picks.

However, there are also quite a few scammy sports betting tools out there, so we always feel free to skewer those and make sure you don’t bother with them.

Sports Betting Tools Are a No-Lose Proposition

The best thing about sports betting tools, from our perspective, is that most of them are free and take barely any time to use. You can use these sports betting tools to get a sort of “second look” on any possible bet before you actually put down your money.

Not every betting tool will be useful for every bettor or for every situation, but at the same time, when a tool is free and a tool takes two seconds to use, there’s truly nothing to lose by giving it a spin. We would definitely recommend that anyone who bets check out a few betting tools.

If you find a betting tool that you like, that works for you, that two seconds you took to use that tool for the first time might turn out to two of the more worthwhile two second of your wagering life.

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