New Jersey Appealing to Supreme Court for Sports Betting

The State of New Jersey appealed to the United States Supreme Court in what is thought to be a long shot in its effort to overturn a ban by the federal government on sports betting in 46 of the 50 states. The state has asked the high court to declare the federal ban unconstitutional.

The state has a ruling from a federal appeals panel that went against them and due to that is appealing to the nation’s highest court asking them to consider two questions.

The question are if the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection act usurps a state’s authority and is a violation of the 10th amendment and does granting permission in only four states to conduct betting on sports violate equal sovereignty?

The federal panel ruled that the law in New Jersey allowing betting on sports conflicted with its federal law limiting sports betting in only four states – Oregon, Nevada, Montana and Delaware.

In 1991, New Jersey had a chance to become the just the fifth state to have legalized sports gambling but did not act upon that opportunity during a prescribed period of time.

The odds of the Supreme Court agreeing to hear the argument are low and the odds are even much longer that they would side with New Jersey.

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Legal experts said the Supreme Court has been favoring the rights of states of late and even though they consider it a long shot for New Jersey, some believe the big boards might one day be in the Atlantic City casinos and other places throughout New Jersey.

The state has sued the four major professional sports leagues. The NFL, MLB, NBA , NHL and the NCAA say the perception of the integrity of the game could be compromised by betting that is state sanctioned on the sports. The U.S. Department of Justice has joined in on the litigation siding with the four sports leagues and the NCAA.

New Jersey voters, in a referendum that was non-binding in 2011 approved legal sports betting in the state. The proponents of sports betting believe it will help the 11 casinos in Atlantic City and the four racetracks in the state.

The supporters said that sports betting would also provide new sources of revenue from a large pool of money currently flowing to illegal bookmakers that are allied with organized crime.

The overall opinion is that the state has less than a 50% chance of the Supreme Court hearing its case and even less of a chance of winning.

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UTEP Kicks Three Off Hoops Team for Betting

The University of Texas El Paso basketball team is in the headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. A school official announced on Tuesday that three players on the men’s basketball team had been kicked off the team for betting on at least on sporting event. The three are not enrolled any longer at the university.

Officials said it does not appear as though the players for UTEP bet on their own games or participated in any way in point shaving to influence outcomes of their games for bettors. The university says they do not suspect any other player on the team was involved in gambling.

The three players involved are Jalen Ragland, Justin Crosgile and McKenzie Moore.

Moore, who was a transfer from junior college, had an average of 13 points and over 4 rebounds per game. Both Ragland and Crosgile played less than Moore did.

Tim Floyd the team’s head coach said he learned of the gambling for a tip, saying his 22 years living in El Paso means he knows many people. When he learned of the situation, he immediately contacted Bob Stull the athletic director.

The FBI was also contacted after being contacted by the city of El Paso police department. The FBI later confirmed that in fact they were conducting an ongoing investigation into the situation. The NCAA would not comment on the situation at UTEP.

Floyd has coached the Miners for the past three seasons and is amidst a rebuilding of the entire program. Floyd was an assistant at the school between 1978 and 1986 under Don Haskins. Floyd is 58-45 in his three seasons with UTEP.

Floyd came to UTEP following a stint as a New Orleans Hornets assistant coach in the NBA. Prior to that, he coached the USC Trojans to three consecutive 20-win seasons along with three straight NCAA tournaments.

However, Floyd resigned in 2009 after he had been accused of giving $1,000 to a third party who helped convince O.J. Mayo to attend USC.

The athletic director for UTEP stressed that the incident should not reflect negatively on the basketball coach or program, as it is just a reflection of individuals who made bad decisions and the coach and his staff cannot spend 24 hours per day with their players.

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Sports Books Squeeze Out Win over Thanksgiving Weekend

Even with the teasers carries over from the Thanksgiving Day NFL games, the sports book industry was able to squeeze out a small win over the holiday weekend. The deciding factor was the Houston Texans being able to cover against the New England Patriots.

Under normal circumstances, the sports books would have easily made another profitable weekend during Week 13 of the NFL, even with an 8-4 record for the favorites ATS. However, this past Thanksgiving weekend of NFL football was anything by ordinary

The yearly frenzy of wagering for the four-day weekend had become something of a ritual amongst wagers. The three games played Thanksgiving Day are bet on at a feverish rate equal to a top Monday Night game. That in turn could cause a huge risk that could hit the house hard come Sunday afternoon and evening.

With the risk on Thursday also carrying into two successive days of college football on Friday and Saturday, the NFL card on Sunday could have parlay liability build up quickly.

Thankfully, for the house, two scores late in the games on Thursday by the Steelers and Raiders cut some of the risk, as two of the three sides for the public did not cover, as all three of the point total cashed on the OVER.

Sports books were able to take a small win on the Friday and Saturday combined games for college football. The house was helped by Michigan not allowing Ohio State to cover. However, the improbable win Auburn pulled out of their magic hat however did not help.

When Sunday rolled around the weight of Thursday teaser leftovers was on the shoulders of the sports books. A bettor would have been 11-1 if teasing all the sides of the NFL games on Thursday.

While all the bets on teasers, both totals and sides, won in the final two games on Thanksgiving between the Raiders and Cowboys and the Steelers and Ravens.

Teasers normally do not concern the books as much as the parlays or even straight bets, but on Sunday, the books were hoping that more upsets took place than normal to knock some of the remaining teasers out. However, the popular teams did not come through for the sports books.

Many sports books were beaten up on Sunday by the teasers. On Sunday, the Patriots, 49ers, Panthers and Broncos mostly came through as the big favorites.

Big upsets the books were hoping for did not come through except for the Jaguars covering as 7-point dogs at Cleveland. The only other outright win for an underdog was Atlanta over Buffalo.

The biggest help of the weekend came in the Patriots and Texans game for the sports books. After New England beat Denver last Monday, most of the public took them on straight bets and parlays. When Houston covered, the books earned much of was the difference between a winning and losing weekend.

Alabama Remains BCS Front Runner, but Florida State is Lurking

With the NCAA football season three quarters complete, thoughts are starting to center on the BCS National Championship game, and what two teams will be playing for the national title.

As week 12 approaches, there are nine teams still in the hunt for the BCS Championship with Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State and Baylor with the obvious best shots at getting there.

However, crazy things can happen during November and have on many occasions. Therefore, teams such as Auburn, Missouri and Stanford are still in the mix and both Michigan State and Oregon are still there lurking.

Most sportsbooks including Bovada and betonline have Alabama as the favorite at 6 to 5 to take home their third straight national title. The team with the next shortest odds is FSU at 8 to 5, followed by Baylor at 3 to 1, Ohio State is next at 7 to 1, with Oregon at 15 to 1 and then Stanford 25 to 1.

Fans and bettors that think teams with one loss are done, should remember 2007 when Pittsburgh defeated West Virginia as a road underdog of 28.5 points to open the door for LSU to win a national championship. Then in 2011, Oklahoma State was beaten by Iowa State, which was an underdog by 27.5 points to deny the Cowboys a national title shot.

Missouri for example could defeat both Texas A&M and Ole Miss to end their regular season and follow that up with a win against Alabama in the SEC Championship.

If that took place, Missouri would still need Florida State, Baylor and Ohio State to lose. Baylor has three tough games, while Ohio State faces Michigan and could face Michigan State with the nation’s best defense for the Big 10 championship.

Auburn could win out and then hope two to three undefeated teams lose.

Regardless, of what takes place, it is sure to be a great last three weeks of November and part of December for football fans and bettors as the games become that much more important and the opponents in each, that much more tougher.

Sites such as topbet and have updated their title game potential matchups. Alabama for example is -9 against Baylor, -10 against Ohio State, -5.5 against Florida State. Florida State is -6 against Ohio State and -4.5 against Baylor.

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Big Thursday Schedule in NCAA, Heisman Watch

The BSC should be a bit clearer after Thursday when two undefeated teams battle in their respective conferences.

The Oregon Ducks will take on the Stanford Cardinal, while the Baylor Bears face the Oklahoma Sooners. Both the Ducks and the Bears are double-digit favorites.

On Wednesday morning on online sports books Bovada, betonline and topbet, Baylor was favored by 15-points over the Sooners, while Oregon is currently an 11-point favorite at Stanford.

Oregon is 11-0 in their past 11 games as a favorite on the road, while Stanford has won straight up the only time they have played at home under David Shaw as an underdog.

Last season Oregon lost to Stanford in OT 17-14. However, the last time Oregon faced Stanford in Palo Alto, the Ducks crushed the Cardinal 53-30, as an underdog of 3.5 points.

Baylor has a record of 16-6 ATS as a favorite at home since Art Briles became the Bears head coach. Oklahoma is 5-2 ATS in its seven games as an underdog on the road over the past 8 eight seasons.

Fans from Florida State will be cheering on Stanford as their Seminoles are ranked one spot in front of Oregon in the latest BCS standings, but if both teams remain undefeated, the Ducks will finish in front of Florida State.

Florida State’s easy schedule that features the likes of Idaho, Nevada and Bethune-Cookman is detrimental to the Seminoles when it comes time for the BCS rankings.

Heisman Watch

Marcus Mariota is the odds on favorite at this time to win the Heisman with his 20 passing and 9 rushing touchdowns. However, his No. 1 status in the Heisman race is predicated on his team winning on Thursday against Stanford.

Jameis Winston is 3 to 2 to win the Heisman but dropped a bit further behind Mariota this week after tossing two picks against Miami last weekend. However, with Wake Forest, Idaho and Syracuse as his next three opponents he should pad his statistics going forward.

In third in the race for the Heisman is Bryce Perry the talented quarterback for Baylor. He is 8 to 1, but his hopes also depend on his team defeating Oklahoma on Thursday in his biggest test of the season thus far.

In fourth is A.J. McCarron who is at 10 to 1. The Alabama quarterback must put up big numbers to have a chance against Mariota and that is difficult in Alabama’s offensive scheme.

In fifth is the defending Heisman Trophy holder Johnny Manziel for Texas A&M. Manziel is 15 to 1 but he needs other teams to lose so he can move up the ladder.

Public has Strong Weekend vs Sportsbooks

This past weekend was not a good one for the sportsbooks. It has been eight Sundays of NFL that bettors have waited to finally get their act together where they could assert damage to the payout charts of the sportsbooks.

Bettors over close to the first half of the NFL season seemed to always miss the big one. Some would say that they had been screwed by the Patriots or that thanks to Denver they lost a huge parlay.

However, this past Sunday all that changed, as nearly everyone one of the public bettor’s teams covered which sent sports books such as Bovada, betonline and topbet to their worst NFL Sunday of this season.

The big blow was the 44-31 Packers win over Minnesota on Sunday night.

Public bettors had the Broncos, 49ers, Patriots, Saints and the Bengals. The public had them in parlays, parlay cards and even with teasers.

The parlays paid out from between 10 to 1 and 40 to 1, with some even higher. All the top sports books could do were feel fortunate they were able to take the sharp money as they took a hit.

The Packers game is what gave many public bettors their big parlays. In that game, the public was 7-1 against the books.

Nearly all of the division leaders were able to cover this past weekend. Even the Cowboys who lost were able to cover +3 against Detroit. That put Dallas 7-1 ATS this season, which is an interesting stat for the public to follow.

The biggest plays for sharp money this week were the Bills, Redskins and Vikings and all of them failed this week. The Packers were bet down to -7 by game time and easily defeated the Vikings.

What made things worse on Green Bay was many public bettors parlayed the total on the OVER, which was easily paid out on the 47.5 total as the teams combined for 75 points. That alone paid out 13 to 5 for the public bettor.

New Orleans started their game at -10.5 and easily defeated the Bills. At home, the Saints are now 4-0 ATS.

Denver prior to this past weekend had not covered in three straight weeks. They had just lost to Indianapolis and smart money had bet down the spread to -12.5. That did not bother the public, they took the Broncos with the OVER and took home 13 to 5 winnings.

A Sunday such as this was due as the odds say it eventually will. For the public it was a great day, but just one day of many and the books are now 7-1 after the first half of the 2013 NFL season.

Two Great Matchups in Week 8 of NCAA

Week 8 of the college football season is quickly approaching has two good matchups highlighting the card. Florida State visits Clemson, while Florida takes on unbeaten Missouri.

The unbeaten and No. 14-ranked Missouri Tigers take on the No. 22 ranked Florida Gators. The opening line has Florida as the 3.5-point favorite since Missouri will be without James Franklin its starting quarterback, who in their upset over Georgia separated his shoulder.

If he would have been playing, experts at Bovada, topbet and betonline said the Tigers would certainly have opened as the favorite by 1 point. Early action has gone to Missouri and the line has dropped to 3 points.

Missouri is playing exceptionally well this season, but Georgia has had defensive struggles this season and loads of injuries. The Gators have strong and fast athletes and Missouri might not be able to stay with the Gators.

Franklin was replaced by Maty Mauk, who filled in well, leading the Tigers to two touchdowns. Mauk, who is just a freshman, completed all three of his passes and converted an important third down to keep a drive alive.

Some experts in wagering on sites such as have said that usually it gets tougher for a backup at quarterback after they go through an entire week with the starters and know they will be starting.

Another great matchup will take place between the visiting Florida State Seminoles and the host Clemson Tigers.

The No. 3 Tigers host the No. 5 Seminoles in this week’s biggest game. The ACC showdown opened on sports books such as Bovada with Florida State as a 3-point favorite. That line has held up for the past 36 hours.

Line makers have said that Clemson did not look sharp in their 24-14 win at home against Boston College. The Tigers went into that game as a 24-point favorite. Some believe it was case of overlooking Boston College.

The Seminoles were off this past weekend, giving them additional time to prepare. The Tigers have one of the nation’s best athletes in quarterback Tajh Boyd, but overall Florida State is faster. Nevertheless, it will be one of the best games of the year.

Missouri is 4-0 ATS in its last 4 head-to-head games with Florida State and 8-2 ATS over the past 10 versus the Seminoles.

The Seminoles have not won a game on the road against Clemson since 2001.

The line during the summer had Clemson favored by 1.5 points. Most odds makers believe the game will go off with FSU as 3 or possibly 2.5-point favorite.

All the Numbers from NFL Week 1

Week one is over in the NFL and as usual there are more stats than any numbers person would ever know what to do with.

This first week of the season had its share of great plays, great games and last minute outcomes.

Kansas City returned to winning form, the Patriots nearly lost to a rookie and Terrelle Pryor almost became an instant hero in Oakland.

However, individual numbers stood out in the games and on the betting lines.

3 – The amount of safeties that were scored in just the first quarter of the games in week one of the season.

15 – How many seconds were left in the game when LaVonte David committed a personal foul on Jets quarterback Geno Smith to put New York in field goal position to kick the winning field goal.

78 – The number of yards Adrian Peterson had in his first rush from scrimmage with 10:49 left in the first quarter against Detroit. He was held to just 15 yards after that by the Lions defense.

412 – The amount of yards Colin Kaepernick threw for the 49ers in their 34-28 win over Green Bay.

7 – the number of favorites that covered in week 1, including Denver, Seattle, Detroit, Kansas City, New Orleans, San Francisco and Dallas.

8 – the number of favorites who did not cash out including, New England, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Washington and Houston.

8 – The number of games that have cashed out on the OVER including Monday Night’s two games

8 – The number of early Sunday games, out of 10, that cashed out on the UNDER, while the last 3 games of the day on Sunday and both on Monday went OVER.

An early look at week 2 shows that New England is the biggest favorite at -12.5 against the Jets. The narrowest favorite at home is Kansas City at -1 against the Cowboys.

Favorites playing on the road include: Carolina, Detroit, New Orleans and Denver.

Early season great matchup: Seahawks hosting 49ers.

Betting Sports announces the launch StripSportsBetting

As the NFL prepares to open its 2013 season in less the two weeks, a new site, is launching that will make NFL fans and bettors alike happy. Betting Sports announced on Thursday the launch of its newest site.

The new site has just what every sports fan wants including gorgeous models who play a great game of strip poker that only beautiful models can pull off.

Best of all, viewers can see the action live on YouTube, Ustream and on the site itself during every Sunday Night and Monday Night NFL game this season. The action on the site will be as exciting as the game on the field. Throughout the game, the models will bet on plays, points being score and who the winner of the game will be.

As each play is finished, one of the models will have to remove a piece of clothing she still has remaining. When the fourth quarter rolls around and the game reaches the two-minute warning, the ladies should be wearing just their skimpy, lacy lingerie. What better way to spend a Sunday and Monday night than to watch your favorite NFL team and beautiful women discarding their clothing.

If you take a look at the site, you will see that has bios and photos of the models who will be appearing each week on Sunday and Monday nights. This gives you the user the opportunity to meet the women before the opening kickoff.

In addition, the site has listed the Twitter handles of the models so users can become a follower of the models on the social network. has a great interface for live betting and users can use the interface to make the same bets on plays, scores and final score the same way the beautiful models do.

StripSportsBetting’s Director of Marketing Chris Neismeth says that the website has been optimized to give the user a perfect mobile experience. Neismeth also commented that users can utilizes their tablets, mobile phones or other electronic devices to watch the on Sunday and Monday nights throughout the entire regular season, while watching the game itself.

The NFL season starts on Thursday September 5, and StripSportsBetting will be offering the opening game on Thursday followed by Sunday and Monday night during the 17-week schedule.

Throughout the course of the season, the site will feature well-known adult industry stars including Jacky Joy, Vyxen Steel, Sofia Delgado, Alexis Texas and more.

Best of all, users will be able to make all the bets they want using BetOnline’s live interface.

To get up to date information on the site, follow on Facebook at StripSportsBetting or on Twitter @stripsportsbet.

Eastern Conference Finals Has Reached Game Seven

Paul George
Paul George
George came up huge in helping the Pacers force a game seven in Miami.

This is one of those rare occasions where yours truly gets to toot his own horn so rather than just tap the horn and I’m going to lay on it like an impatient senior citizen at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy Drive-Thru. I told you when this series started that it was going to go seven games and after Indiana’s 91-77 win in game six last night that is exactly where we are headed. What I won’t be in any hurry to mention of course is the fact I had Memphis beating San Antonio in six games so let’s move on shall we?

If the Miami Heat are going to advance to the NBA Finals for the third straight season then it will be on the back of LeBron James. It has become crystal clear that Dwyane Wade is not 100% and Chris Bosh really isn’t either and they are both struggling as a result. There is certainly an argument to be made that no one is “100%” at this point in the season but Wade and Bosh are both far from it.

LeBron James
Quite frankly, if the Heat advance, it will be on James' back.

James went for his typical 29 points, seven rebounds and six assists but he had absolutely no help from his teammates. Wade, Bosh and Mario Chalmers combined to score 25 points on seven of 27 shooting from the floor. That just isn’t going to get it done period whether it’s the playoffs or a regular season game in Charlotte. Well, OK, maybe in Charlotte, but you know what I mean.

The Pacers meanwhile went into the contest with a less than 100% David West who was struggling with a respiratory infection. It showed in the first half as he was zero for seven but rebounded nicely to make five of seven in the second half. That was the perfect compliment to Roy Hibbert (24 and 11) and Paul George who had 28 points, eight rebounds and five assists.

George benefited from having Wade on him at some rather interesting points in the game rather than James who went down low to battle the bigs more often than usual.

So what can we expect in game seven? For starters, I’m not jumping off the Heat’s bandwagon simply because of the Pacers’ beat-down of them last night. Miami has often proved resilient in their time with LeBron on the floor and I’m confident the proper adjustments will be made to limit both George and Hibbert offensively.

James cannot do it by himself however. Someone will have to step it up whether it be Bosh or Wade or Norris Cole or Udonis Haslem. Someone has to chip in with an 18-22 point game or the Heat will struggle to break 80.

For those of you believing David Stern would never let Miami lose a game seven because of the TV ratings bonanza that would collapse with a San Antonio-Indiana Finals I tend to agree. I’m not suggesting I have a tin-foil hat on but let’s be real too. The NBA is a business so look for the calls to mostly go Miami’s way.

A Comment on Roy Hibbert’s Comments…. Last night in his post game press conference, Roy Hibbert used a gay slur and then called the media a bunch of MF’ers because they don’t really know anything about this team. Shame on Hibbert for using the gay slur. It was wrong and he knew it and he also didn’t need to swear at the media because everything he said was accurate. His team isn’t on national TV every week and they are paid little attention all season long and he cited sp