New Year’s Day Handle For College Football Equal to a Super Bowl

Props aside, the college football lineup for New Year’s Day will be on a par with the Super Bowl says bookmakers.

Both the Sugar and Rose Bowl are receiving two-way action, as the games are now just 24 hours away.

If the total betting handle is any indication and it certainly is, college football’s decision to put its two semifinal games for the national championship on New Year’s was the correct one.

A great deal of action has been written on the two games leading up to the kick offs and much more is expected over the next 24 hours, according to Bovada and betonline.

The two big games, along with three others on the day, will make the day the biggest New Year’s Day lineup ever for college football, according to topbet and

In fact, eliminating the props that are offered that are very popular with betting on the Super Bowl, the lineup for New Year’s Day will be one that is comparable to a Super Bowl.

One bookmaker said that when taking into consideration straight bets, totals, sides, teasers and parlays, January 1 will be as much as the Super Bowl.

However, almost 50% of the total money bet on a Super Bowl is for prop bets, and excitement around individual college players is not as high as it is for the NFL.

The betting action is split evenly thus far between favorites and underdogs in the two College Football Playoff semifinal games.

Both games are very popular with bettors and both teams in each game are getting their share of support by the public at the betting window.

Both playoff games on Thursday are sitting with a spread of 9 points. In the Alabama vs. Ohio State matchup, the Crimson Tide has gone up to 9.5 points but has pulled back to 9. Oregon in its matchup against Florida State started at -8 and was bet up to -9.5 but has since retreated to -9 as well.

A number of bookmakers said that the favorites would need to win for them to do well since a great deal of money has been placed on the two dogs in those two games. The money line is the popular bet since diehard supporters of their college team only believe their team will win outright and often do not take the points route, but just the money line.

One bookmaker said he would need Oregon to win both the points and money line and Ohio State to win the points and Alabama to cover the spread.

The betting frenzy will continue right up to kickoff on Thursday.

Bettors Win Week 15 Over Bookmakers as Handle Drops

There was both good and bad news for the bettor who wagered on games during Week 15 of the NFL at sports books at casinos and online.

The positive news is that the public collectively beat sports books while the bad news is the overall handle was lower.

Winning collectively is a good thing, but bettors could have taken in more winnings if they had been risked what they have been for the previous 14 weeks.

However, with the holiday season here, some of that handle is headed toward gifts.

The other reason is that this was the first Saturday that did not have major action in college football and that could have caused less bettors spilling over into Sunday NFL games and less teasers and parlays that are played between college and NFL games.

According to Bovada and topbet, Denver was a huge loss for many books, with many of the books being affected negatively for all the late afternoon games on Sunday.

The New York Jets 16-11 win as a favorite by 3 points at Tennessee helped many of the sharp bettors.

The Broncos 22-10 win as a favorite by 4 points hurt the books tremendously.

Ten of 14 games on Sunday remained UNDER.

The one matchup every book seemed to win according to betonline and was Green Bay losing to Buffalo outright 21-13. Green Bay had been a favorite by 3.5 points in the game.

Many of the sports books said that loses could have been far worse if Buffalo had not won the game over Green Bay. Since the game was  popular for the public and the vast majority of the public bets Green Bay, the take was huge for books.

Aaron Rodgers did not have a touchdown pass and recorded two interceptions during the second half. Buffalo ended the season 4-0 SU against teams from the NFC North.

Buffalo was one of the three underdogs this past week to win their game outright. The Cowboys and Bengals were the other two.

The books were so behind when the Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles came around on Sunday night that things did not matter that much since the bettors in that game were split down the middle.

Some bettors took Dallas on moneylines and against the spread, so that added late night hurt to the books.

This weekend starts bowl games with college football on Saturday followed by the NFL on Sunday so handles should increase again this week.