2015 NFL Win Totals Posted by Odds Makers

Super Bowl XLIX was played just 17 days ago and the win totals for the 2015 season have already been posted for futures wagering online and in Las Vegas.

According to Bovada and betonline, the Seattle Seahawks are projected to win 11 games during the 2015 season, which is the high for the league, while the reigning Super Bowl champion New England Patriots are projected to win 10.5 games.

A number of teams expected to improve their win totals by two or more games were middle of the pack teams this past NFL season. Among those teams are the New Orleans Saints, New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons.

According to topbet and sportsbook.com, the Arizona Cardinals a playoff team with 11 wins during the recently ended NFL season despite a number of issues with quarterbacks going down injured were given a win total of 8.

The Dallas Cowboys should according to the numbers posted drop from their 12-win total of this past season as they have been projected to win 9.5 games.

The Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos are also expected to win fewer games next season than this season, although the two teams are two of just four teams that opened with win totals in the double digits. The win total for the Pittsburgh Steelers has been listed at 8.5, which is two and a half games down from their total of 11 wins this past season. The Oakland Raiders are at the bottom of the heap as they are projected to win just 4.5 games, while the Tennessee Titans are at 5 games and the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are sitting at 5.5 wins.

2015 NFL Projected win totals, 2014 win totals
49ers 8.5 wins, 2014 wins: 8
Bears 7 wins, 2014 wins: 5
Bengals 8.5 wins, 2014 wins: 10
Bills 8.5 wins, 2014 wins: 9
Broncos 10 wins, 2014 wins: 12
Browns 6 wins, 2014 wins: 7
Buccaneers 5.5 wins, 2014 wins: 2
Cardinals 8 wins, 2014 wins: 11
Chargers 8.5 wins, 2014 wins: 9
Chiefs 8.5, 2014 wins: 9
Colts 9.5 wins, 2014 wins: 11
Cowboys 9.5 wins, 2014 wins: 12
Dolphins 8 wins, 2014 wins: 8
Eagles 9 wins, 2014 wins: 10
Falcons 8 wins, 2014 wins: 6
Giants 8 wins, 2014 wins: 6
Jaguars 5.5 wins, 2014 wins: 3
Jets 6.5 wins, 2014 wins: 4
Lions 8.5 wins, 2014 wins: 11
Packers 10 wins, 2014 wins: 12
Panthers 8.5 wins, 2014 wins: 7
Patriots 10.5 wins, 2014 wins: 12
Raiders 4.5 wins, 2014 wins: 3
Rams 7.5 wins, 2014 wins: 6
Ravens 9 wins, 2014 wins: 10
Redskins 6 wins, 2014 wins: 4
Saints 9 wins, 2014 wins: 7
Seahawks 11 wins, 2014 wins: 12
Steelers 8.5 wins, 2014 wins: 11
Texans 8.5 wins, 2014 wins: 9
Titans 5 wins, 2014 wins: 2
Vikings 6.5 wins, 2014 wins: 7

Odds to Win Super Bowl 50

SB 50
SB 50
Super Bowl 50 Odds are out and there are few surprises among the favorites.

You’ll notice immediately I used the term ’50’ instead f the Roman numeral ‘L.’ This is because the National Football League recognized the potential issues by having their marquee game represented with a big ‘L.’ This often stands for “loser” or well…. You get the picture.

Anyway with the season officially over, here are your odds for next season already.

Odds to win the 2016 Super Bowl  

Seattle Seahawks                            5/1 – Can they overcome perhaps the toughest loss in Super Bowl history?

New England Patriots                   7/1 – As usual, this team will look different in several areas as they attempt to repeat.

Green Bay Packers                         8/1 – Another team struggling to get past a horrible loss. At least it wasn’t in the Super Bowl.

Denver Broncos                             10/1 – Keep an eye on this, if Manning doesn’t return, the odds will drop considerably.

Dallas Cowboys                             14/1 – Can they repeat the success of this past year and what about Dez Bryant’s contract?

Indianapolis Colts                         14/1 – Must solidify the running game and the running defense to build around Andrew Luck.

Philadelphia Eagles                      20/1 – Late season swoon should be forgotten as Nick Foles returns under center.

Colin Kaepernick must avoid these situations in 2015 and under a new coaching staff how easy will it be?

San Francisco 49ers                      20/1 – With Harbaugh gone, can Jim Tomsula get Colin Kaepernick back on track and can the defense get younger?

New Orleans Saints                       22/1 – Rob Ryan returns despite a brutal defense in 2014 but the offense needs some work too behind an aging Drew Brees.

Pittsburgh Steelers                         25/1 – Offense was prolific, but defense needs serious upgrades. Ben Roethlisberger contract situation a top priority too.

Arizona Cardinals                          33/1 – Imagine what this team could do with consistent QB play? Larry Fitzgerald contract also an issue.

Baltimore Ravens                           33/1 – Ravens blew 14-point lead to eventual champion Pats; pieces are there but depth needed.

Detroit Lions                                   33/1 – Big step for the entire organization in 2014, but Matthew Stafford must play better on a consistent basis.

Atlanta Falcons                             40/1 – Team has addressed defensive liabilities by bringing in Dan Quinn; now the talent must get better.

Carolina Panthers                         40/1 – Under .500 division title likely saved Ron Rivera’s job but team must improve in 2015.

Chicago Bears                                 40/1 – John Fox will bring in some stability but can he do anything to make Jay Cutler better?

Cincinnati Bengals                        40/1 – Andy Dalton is now in a must-win situation. Getting to the playoffs is nice, but 0-4 is unacceptable.

Houston Texans                              40/1 – Who is the QB entering the season and can J.J. Watt get some help on the defensive end?

Kansas City Chiefs                          40/1 – Chiefs must get more out of wide receivers and keeping Justin Houston on D a priority.

Miami Dolphins                              40/1 – Somewhat surprisingly, Joe Philbin is back but he’ll need to find more consistency from his entire team.

Minnesota Vikings                         40/1 – There’s a lot to like in Minnesota but still many pieces to be put in place by Mike Zimmer.

New York Giants                             40/1 – I’m a little surprised to see Tom Coughlin back and his fate will rest on Eli Manning’s shoulders.

San Diego Chargers                        40/1 – When is the last time Philip Rivers won a huge game? Chargers’ fans would like to know.

St. Louis Rams                                 40/1 – If this team gets consistently good QB play are they a team to watch in 2015?

Buffalo Bills                                      66/1 – Kind of an odd hire in Rex Ryan. Defense wasn’t the problem in Western New York.

Cleveland Browns                          66/1 – One QB (Hoyer) is a free agent and wasn’t great. The other QB (Manziel) is now in rehab.

New York Jets                                   100/1 – Will Todd Bowles stick with Geno Smith or does he have another agenda?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers                  100/1 – Mariota or Winston? There are risks and rewards for each.

Tennessee Titans                             100/1 – If they decide to go QB, they’ll likely be stuck with whoever is left over after Tampa selects.

Washington Redskins                    100/1 – My gut tells me Jay Gruden would love to move on from RGIII but he won’t. Can he stay healthy is the question.

Jacksonville Jaguars                       200/1 – Don’t be a bit surprised if this team is greatly improved. Skill players needed but there is a decent nucleus.

Oakland Raiders                               200/1 – I’m not overly impressed with the Jack Del Rio hire. Someone to groom Derek Carr would have been better.

Breaking Down Super Bowl XLIX

I believe Super Bowl XLIX will come down to a final drive and Tom Brady will be under center for it. Will he be successful?

My favorite part of the the two weeks leading up to the playing of the actual Super Bowl is… The playing of the actual Super Bowl.

On Sunday night, we will be able to finally stop worrying about deflate-gate, what Marshawn Lynch says or doesn’t say and whether Idina Menzel has messed up the national anthem or not. In short, it will finally be time to play football.

Choosing who to go with in Super Bowl XLIX has not been easy. There are so many factors that must be considered for both teams and of course we can never predict turnovers or how the game is called by the officials. Nevertheless, I think I have a good read on this game so see whether you agree or not by reading on.

Super Bowl XLIX New England Patriots (-2) vs Seattle Seahawks (O/U 47.5) – Let’s take everything off the field off the table. That means let’s focus on the two teams and not deflate-gate or Marshawn Lynch’s hat.

Tom Brady is making his sixth start in a Super Bowl and he’s lost his last two which were both against the New York Giants. In the prior five Super Bowls, the game has come down to the final drive and I feel this one will be no different.

Look for both Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas to be involved with covering Rob Gronkowski.

If we analyze both of the Patriots’ losses, the Giants were able to get consistent pressure up the middle on Brady and most of that pressure came from just the front four defensive linemen. The Seahawks are significantly better than the Giants were in the secondary but can they get the same type of pressure the Giants did?

My assumption is that the Patriots will learn from Denver’s struggles last year in the Super Bowl and they will not abandon the run. The problem is whether Josh McDaniels chooses to use LeGarrette Blount or another running back like Jonas Gray. Seattle must also decide how they are going to cover Rob Gronkowski. Will they attempt to keep a linebacker on him or will Kam Chancellor or Earl Thomas be stuck with that assignment?

When the Seahawks are on offense, they will know that Bill Belichick typically likes to take away his opponent’s best player. Common sense points us to that being Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch. Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell will be prepared and I think you’ll see more read-option from Seattle than we’ve seen recently from them this season.

If they find any success with that, the passing game will open up, especially on the edges and to the tight ends. Will that be enough to keep New England on it’s heels defensively?

Obviously the one area we can’t forget is special teams. Turnovers or major mistakes here are likely to be disastrous as close as I expect this game to be.

Trends: The total has gone UNDER in six of New England’s last eight games… Seattle is 6-2 straight up in their last eight games against New England… The Patriots are 2-6 against the spread in their last right games against the Seahawks… Seattle is 6-1-1 ATS in their last eight games.

Key Injuries: NE C Brian Stork QUES/Knee, CB Brandon Browner QUES/Knee… SEA S Earl Thomas QUES/Shoulder

The Pick:  No one holds a lead as well as the Seahawks but I think they will fall behind early. Tom Brady has an opportunity to seal his legacy as an all-time great with a win and to do it, he’ll need a touchdown to win the game late. I think Seattle takes its’ first lead in the second half and holds on to win 27-23. Take the Seahawks and the points and take the OVER.

Strong Argument for the OVER in Super Bowl XLIX

For Sunday’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks odds maker opened the total points at 49 but that has been bet down to 48, with a few going as well as 47.5.

Even though the Seahawks are known for having an outstanding defense, No. 1 in the league against the score, there are strong arguments for both the OVER and UNDER in Super Bowl XLIX.

However, the OVER will be discussed here with the UNDER to follow tomorrow.

In the regular season, New England averaged 30.3 points a game, which gave them a 9-7 OVER and 1-1 during the postseason.

New England has lost just four games all season and if you throw out its meaningless lost to Buffalo 17-9, to end the regular season they lost 33-20 to Miami, 41-14 to Kansas City and 26-21 to Green Bay.

If you look into all those road losses, you will find that the Patriots allowed 10 touchdowns and 10 field goals and if the opposing offensives had been more productive in the red zone, the scores could have been much higher.

Seattle’s defense is No. 1 in scoring, but is it due to how good they are or how poor the quarterbacks have been that have played them. In the postseason, Cam Newton led Carolina to three scores on the Seahawks and he was intercepted once as well in the end zone.

Green Bay, led by Aaron Rodgers had six scores but just one touchdown. Was it great defense or poor offensive execution?

Other talented quarterbacks have also had success this season against Seattle, Tony Romo and Philip Rivers both helped their teams score 30 points against Seattle.

The key to shutting the offense for Seattle down is stopping the ground game and putting pressure on Russell Wilson the quarterback.

Of course easier said than accomplished and the defense for New England has no sacks in two playoff games this season.

In its past 9 games versus AFC opponents, Seattle has scored an average of 28.5 points and the OVER in those games was 7-2.

In its four games versus NFC North teams this season, the Patriots scored 21, 30, 34 and 51 points.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick is praised often for defensive schemes but the team has not been super when playing outside Gillette Stadium during the postseason. The defense has allowed an average of 26 point a game in road playoff games and 21 per game in its five Super Bowls.

In seven games in the postseason with Wilson as quarterback, the OVER is 4-3 for Seattle, of which three straight have cashed OVER.

At 48 points, the total could easily cash OVER with New England winning 28-24.

Bookmakers NFL Conference Championship Sunday Hurt by Seattle

For the second consecutive season, both No. 1 seeds from the AFC and NFC conferences advanced to play in the Super Bowl.

Each of the teams however took different routes to arrive at Super Bowl XLIX.

While the New England Patriots routed the Colts, the Seattle Seahawks pulled off a shocking comeback to win in overtime.

Bookmakers did not enjoy their NFL Conference Championship Sunday. New England winning big hurt many of them, as not much money came in over the weekend on the Colts.

Most of the sharp money arrived early on the Colts +7, which happened after the announcement of the injury to Bryan Stork the rookie center for Patriots.

However, on a number of levels, the big surprise was in Seattle.

Green Bay could have won at +325 on the moneyline for Bovada and sportsbook.com, leading 19-7 with under three minutes to play.

The UNDER sitting on 45 also seemed quite safe at that point, even after a touchdown by Seattle cut the Packers lead to 19-14.

However, after the Seahawks scored an improbable touchdown to lead 22-19 with just 90 seconds remaining, the UNDER died on a field goal of 48 yards by Green Bay to force overtime.

The moneyline bets for Green Bay were then killed when Seattle scored a touchdown only 4 minutes into the OT period.

However, the Packers were able to cash in as dogs by 8.5 points, which for sportsbooks such as topbet and betonline was much worse. Seattle winning the game outright late and the OVER cashing at the end of regulation, was not good for most books.

The Seattle win also triggered a number of moneyline bets as well as teasers.

The Patriots are now -1 on most books for Super Bowl XLIX to be played in Arizona. Seattle opened as 2.5-point chalk, but before the AFC Championship Game was even over, support on New England came in to bet it down to the current New England -1.

This is the third time a Super Bowl has been played in Arizona. It will be the second played at University of Phoenix Stadium.

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX in 1995 27-17 to claim their third Super Bowl in four years.

However, Pittsburgh was able to cover as a 13.5-point dog, while the UNDER cashed on 51 with a point total for the game of 44.

In 2007, New England lost its opportunity to go 19-0 when the New York Giants beat them 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII. The Giants were 12-point dogs in the game. The UNDER, at 55, easily cashed on a point total of just 31.

Bettors Have Two Weeks to Peruse Props, Lines and Trends

The two weeks between the NFL Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl is always a great time for bettors to peruse the many options for betting on the big game. There are ample prop bets available, the point spread, money line and of course the point total.

Props include betting on what score each team will have, who scores first or how many rushing yards a particular player will have.

Last season, the Seahawks to win by 22 points or more was 12 to 1.

The first play resulting in a score being a safety went off at 35 to 1. Surprisingly, both cashed.

There are countless props for stats including passing yards, rushing yards, interceptions, touchdown passes, sacks and more.

There has yet to be overtime in the previous 48 Super Bowls. That can be however bet on, if the game will end in overtime.

The biggest single sporting event in the U.S. brings out creativity in the odds makers. Smart bettors will sift through the props, and side bets trying to find where the edge is. Since 1976 and Super Bowl X that featured the Cowboys and Steelers, the point total has been OVER 23 times and UNDER 16 times.

The overs have dominated and one reason is teams with the lead are not as likely to sit on the bowl during the second half. If a team has a 14 to 20 point lead at half during the regular season, they might play conservative to run the clock down and to avoid any injuries.

However, during the postseason, each game is potentially the last and the Super Bowl is definitely the last therefore no lead is ever enough.

Often times new plays or even trick plays are put into the game plan to maximize every possibly scoring opportunity.

Despite there being a large number of overs, the importance of the defense cannot be overlooked.

Last year, Seattle won the title thanks to incredible defense despite being an underdog in the Super Bowl to Denver’s record setting offense.

High scoring teams like Green Bay and New Orleans lost in the divisional playoffs three years ago, but defensive minded Baltimore and New York reached the conference championships

Key numbers will enter the equation as well. Bookmakers are worried about being middled. In 2001, St. Louis was a 7- to 7.5-point favorite versus Tennessee. The Rams won 23-16.

This year’s game will feature the up-tempo New England Patriots offense and that dreaded defense for the Seattle Seahawks. It should be another tough decision for the bettors.

Betting Line NFC Championship Green Bay vs. Seattle

The NFC Championship Game kicks off Sunday in the Pacific Northwest between the visiting Green Bay Packers and the host Seattle Seahawks.

With a win, Seattle will return to the Super Bowl for the second straight season. Last year the Seahawks defeated Denver in the Super Bowl to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The Packers have not been to the Super Bowl since 2010.

The line currently has Seattle favored by 7.5 points with the point total sitting at 47.

The line has bounced back and forth between -7 and -7.5 in favor of Seattle. The total has gone from an opening of 46.5 to its current 47.

Seattle 13-4 SU and 11-6 ATS has a winning streak of 7 games both straight up and against the spread. Seattle defeated Green Bay in Week 1 of the season 36-16.

Overall Seattle is 25-2 SU and 20-7 ATS since 2012 at CenturyLink Field.

Green Bay 13-4 SU and 9-7-1 ATS is adjusting to playing with its superstar, Aaron Rodgers, injured. Rodgers the star quarterback for the Packers has an injured calf muscle. However, he engineered Green Bay’s comeback win over Dallas last weekend by tossing for 316 yards and 3 touchdowns.

However, having success against the Dallas defense is not the same as facing Seattle’s stingy defense.

Since 2012, Seattle is 14-3 SU and 9-7 ATS when a favorite at home by 7 or more points.

The UNDER cashed out 5 times in the past 7 games for Seattle.

Green Bay is 4-4 SU while 3-5 ATS this season on the road.

The key to this game will be if Rodgers can be effective passing the ball with his limited mobility against such a high caliber defense for Seattle.

The Green Bay defense must also come up big. During the loss in Week 1, Green Bay gave up 4 touchdowns on defense to Seattle.

Russell Wilson is playing strong at quarterback for Seattle. During the Seahawks seven-game streak, Wilson is throwing for 246 yards and running for 42 yards per game.

With the exception of Rodgers, Green Bay is healthy. Seattle has had injuries all season, but for the large part, their core players currently are healthy.

The weather forecast calls for rain and temperature in the 50s.

The 7.5 points seem too high for this game. The dog looks like it has good value.

I like Green Bay and the points, with the total cashing on the UNDER.

Point Spread and Total Movements for Four NFL Playoff Games

Another week of NFL playoff means another week of betting action. There are plenty of plays that are sharper than some others are; the trick is to find the sharpest plays.

The Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots have loads of postseason history between them. This will be the fourth time the two have played in the postseason since 2009.

The first three games and now this one have all been played in New England at Gillette Stadium.

New England is 1-2 straight up and 0-3 against the spread in the previous three, so it natural the public would lean toward Baltimore and that has been the case thus far.

It has been reported by Bovada and topbet that 57% of the bets on this matchup are behind Baltimore, but the line stayed firm all week at -7 for the Patriots.

The point total, currently at 47.5 has dropped which is likely because of the cold weather forecasted. The number opened at 49.

The Carolina Panthers are 10.5-point underdogs on the road against the Seattle Seahawks this weekend.

Carolina has been given double-digits even though they have won five straight games.

The line opened at -11.5 for Seattle. It has come down a point, even though almost 60% of the bets are behind Seattle.

Seattle does not allow points. The Seahawks have not given up over 14 points in any one game for the past two months. Six of Seattle’s last seven opponents have scored 7 or fewer points. That is the biggest reason the point total has dropped to 37 from its opening 39.5.

In the Dallas vs. Green Bay matchup, bettors are uptight because of the torn calf muscle Aaron Rodgers has.

The percentage of bets in this one are nearly split down the middle. According to betonline and sportsbook.com, 54% of all wagers on this one are behind Green Bay.

However, in the past two days, with Rodgers not practicing much, the line has been bet down from Green Bay -6.5 to -5.5.

Green Bay is also 1-3 SU in its past four games in the postseason. Two of the three losses have been at Lambeau Field.

The point total has fallen one point from its open of 53.

In the Indianapolis vs. Denver game, there has been zero movement on the line since it opened. The line was out Sunday night a Denver -7 and has stayed there since.

The total moved up a half point to 54.

Each team has half of the total bets in this one and with Andrew Luck trying to come out from under the shadow that Peyton Manning left at Indy, this game has the makings of the best of the weekend.

An Early Look at the NFL Divisional Playoff Lines and Latest Super Bowl Odds

If Suggs has the same impact in New England that he had in Pittsburgh then another Ravens' win is possible.

Things are liable to change slightly as injury reports come out later this week, but right now I’m focusing on the lines for the Divisional Playoffs as they stand today. Below, you’ll find the latest Super Bowl odds as well.

Baltimore (+7) at New England – Tom Brady has lost just three times at home in the NFL Playoffs but two of those losses were to the Baltimore Ravens who come to town yet again. The Patriots are typically very good coming off of a well-deserved bye, but questions will certainly arise about whether they are all in sync with the time off.

The Ravens come to Gillette Stadium with nothing to hide. They know they have a pedestrian secondary and will rely heavily on the pass rush to slow down the Patriots. Offensively Joe Flacco will need to be his unflappable-self in order for the Ravens to win and advance. Ultimately however, the Patriots’ offensive line will do a better job than did Pittsburgh’s and Tom Brady will expose that secondary. I like the Pats to cover as of right now.

Cam Newton will need a Superman-type performance if his Panthers are to pull the upset in Seattle.

Carolina (+11) at Seattle – This is more than likely going to be the least interesting game of the weekend yet somehow it has garnered the Saturday night primetime spot. That probably isn’t fair because if the Carolina defense can limit the Seahawks’ offense then there’s a chance this could be a close game.

My gut tells me otherwise though. Cam Newton is less than 100% and running back Jonathan Stewart can only do so much. I have to believe the Seahawks will be primed for this game as a return to the playoffs has been their top goal since day one. Right now, I like Seattle to cover.

Dallas (+6) at Green Bay – If the forecast holds, it’s going to be extremely chilly in Green Bay and that will favor the hometown Packers unless the Cowboys resist the temptation to throw it too much and stick the ground game. DeMarco Murray can in fact lead the Cowboys to victory if that offensive line gets rolling.

The Packers will hope that Aaron Rodgers’ bad calf has had enough time to heal. Either way, I expect them to stay as balanced as they can be behind Eddie Lacy. of all the games this weekend I think turnovers will dictate more about the outcome than the others.

I like Dallas getting the points but Green Bay wins a tight one.

Indianapolis (+7) at Denver – Don’t be a bit surprised if the Colts come into Denver and pull off the upset. Yes the running game is pathetic and the defense is susceptible to getting beat either on the ground or through the air but if any game has the feel of an upset it’s this one. The Broncos have relied heavily on C.J Anderson in the second half of the season and I’m guessing the Colts will look to take him away first.

That will more than likely give us a passing duel between Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. While I believe Luck will turn the ball over once or twice, I’m also not convinced that Manning isn’t 100% especially with regards to his arm strength. If you’re looking for a game to go with the underdog then I love the Colts in this one.

Latest Super Bowl Odds

Seattle 2/1

New England 10/3

Green Bay 11/2

Denver 6/1

Dallas 7/1

Indianapolis 16/1

Baltimore 18/1

Carolina 28/1

Lions visit Cowboys as 6.5-Point Road Dogs

Sunday the Dallas Cowboys are hosting the Detroit Lions in an NFC wildcard round playoff game where two of the top players on the field will be wide receivers from both teams.

The NFC East champion Cowboys have Dez Bryant, while the Detroit Lions have who is considered the top receiver in all of football Calvin Johnson.

Fans of the NFL will be treated to a special game with both receivers.

On the Bovada and betonline prop boards, Bryant is sitting on 86.5 receiving yards while Johnson is on 94.5.

Each of the two receivers is capable of putting up huge number on the day, but Detroit’s Johnson and Matthew Stafford the Lions quarterback have not clicked this season, as they did so successfully last year.

In 8 of the 13 games Johnson played during the regular season, he was under 94.5 yards. Part of the problem this season has been an injured ankle he suffered during midseason.

In addition, the Dallas defense has allowed a receiver to gain over 94.5 yards receiving only seven times this season.

On the Detroit side, the Lions have allowed opposing receivers to pass 86.5 yards receiving only seven times.

Many feel the UNDER on that will cash since Dallas is dedicated to establishing a running game with the NFL’s top back in DeMarco Murray.

The number of receptions each will get and any touchdowns they will score will be equally important to their respective clubs.

Dallas is favored by 6.5 points with the point total sitting on 48.

Dallas is 12-4 straight up and 10-6 against the spread and has been one of the NFL’s better teams to play this season.

Detroit on the other hand is 11-5 SU and 7-9 ATS and the only playoff team with a losing season record against the spread.

Dallas under Jason Garrett as head coach, is 13-2 SU when a favorite by 6.5 points or more. However, against the spread in that role, the Cowboys are just 4-11.

Since 1978, favorites playing at home with a point spread of 6.5 points or higher are 26-10 SU and 21-15 ATS during the wildcard round.

Dallas is 3-5 against the number at home on the season, and 6-5 against the spread on the season as a favorite.

On the road, Detroit is 2-6 against the spread. The Lions are 0-3 ATS in their past three games.

Dallas is 22-18 outright and 21-19 against the spread during the playoffs since 1978.

Detroit is 1-9 SU and 3-7 ATS during the postseason since 1982.

Detroit is winless in the postseason since 1991, when they defeated Dallas during the divisional playoffs.