Thoughts on Tiger Plus the Latest “Storming the Court” Problem

Both Jack Nicklaus and Butch Harmon weighed in on Tiger's recent struggles.

Everyone these days seems to have an opinion on what’s wrong with Tiger Woods. The man who Tiger is chasing in the Major Victories category, Jack Nicklaus, thinks Woods’ problems are “between his ears.”

Former swing coach Butch Harmon, with whom Tiger won eight of his 14 majors with, said recently he’d actually spend time with Woods but that he’ll never call because “his pride will get in the way.” I can’t argue one bit with either Nicklaus or Harmon because I believe both guys to be among the most credible in terms of ‘talking Tiger.’

I honestly don’t know if Woods’ issues are limited to just one thing because I really think what he’s going through is as a volatile cocktail of things ranging from his broken down body, failing swing and mental issues that go far beyond even what the Golden Bear is suggesting.

Paul Azinger mentioned that what Tiger is doing by taking a leave of absence of is the right thing to do. He needs to sort out not only his mental side but also he needs to find the right swing again and the only way he can consistently do that is with practice, not tournament golf.

I do believe however there will come a time when he has to return or else his chances of returning as a top player reduce with every tournament he misses. The great ones need competition not just to better themselves but to thrive and even survive. Woods is exactly the type of player I speak of and he certainly doesn’t need me to tell him that.

Storming the court
How long before a player's safety is really in question before the NCAA does something to keep them safe?

Storming the Court Take II

What was it? A year or two ago that Duke Head Basketball Mike Krzyzewski pulled his team off of the floor in the waning seconds of a loss on the road? Remember how many went after Coach K saying this was just another example of the “spoiled Dookies” not being able to take losing?

I defended Krzyzewski at the time and I will again today in the midst of another story about a large contingent of fans rushing the court. Two nights ago in Manhattan, Kansas, the under- .500 Kansas State Wildcats had knocked off arch-rival Kansas and before the final shot had even touched the floor the Wildcats’ faithful were running wild on the hardwood.

To his credit, K-State Head Coach Bruce Weber and his assistants were doing their best to keep the Jayhawks safe until the crowd could disperse but their efforts were essentially fruitless. If you watch the video, you can clearly see students rushing directly to the KU bench to taunt the players. Several are moved out of the way by security personnel while more keep piling on the court.

Conferences like the SEC have adopted rules against students rushing the court. Those include fines against the university in question but that doesn’t always stop the crowds from going bonkers. Personally, I like the storming of the court or field in the case of college football. At least on the gridiron, there is more room and typically opposing players have a sliver more of time to get into the locker room but still, there are dangers.

The overwhelming majority of fans who rush the court mean no harm to the opposition. They run out there to celebrate with other fans and the players but unfortunately there are a small percentage who are rushing the court to instigate problems. Jayhawks’ Head Coach Bill Self said as much when he talked about fans who “chicken wing” players as they rush the court.

Before long, it won’t be a chicken wing but an actual elbow, punch or worse and then the NCAA might actually be forced to act.

Books Cannot Wait for Woods to Return

Tiger Woods has missed a cut and withdrawn in his first two starts of 2015 on the PGA Tour. However, that has not stopped odds makers from wanting him to return to play again.

Woods’ odds to win April’s Masters have been lengthened to 50 to 1. If last week was any indication, the public will want some of the action.

Odds makers tantalized bettors during last week with attractive odds for Woods at the Farmers Insurance Open played on a course Woods has won 8 tournaments on.

The former No. 1 withdrew in the first round giving a win to sports books.

Some sites, such as Bovada and topbet, offered props on Tiger. Such as if, he would make Friday’s cut. The prop opened with the yes at -140, but had to be adjusted to -150 due to a great deal of wagers by the public.

Even more significantly were the odds for Woods to win last week that had to be adjusted down to 40 to 1 from 50 to 1 due to the public betting.

One odds maker said there were significantly more tickets written on Woods last week, which was a weird thing to watch.

According to online sites betonline and, there was a large amount of liability on Woods winning the tournament. Some books could have lost six figures if Tiger ended up winning that tournament.

The prop on Woods making or missing the cut took a strong amount of two-way action on most books. It came down to sharp money against the public, and so much money was placed on Woods that bookmakers cannot wait until he recovers from his latest injury and returns to play.

It is not known yet when Tiger will return, but odds makers are confident it will be in more than enough time for him to compete at the Masters that will be played April 9-12.


ADAM SCOTT 15 to 1
JASON DAY 12 to 1

My First Saturday Bullets of the “Football-less” Period

I don't feel like Chris Paul meant anything sexist in his comments but I get why some feel that way.

In the old days, this weekend was the one where there was that last taste of football for basically a half a year. The NFL Pro Bowl for many years in my lifetime anyway was always played the Sunday following the Super Bowl. That tradition no longer exists as the Pro Bowl is now played the week prior to the Super Bowl.

Therefore for my football-loving friends, we are stuck without our favorite sport for the foreseeable future. Then again, the NFL Combine is in just a few weeks…

On to the bullets.

-While I think Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers could have chosen his words more carefully Thursday night, I really don’t believe he was attacking referee Lauren Holtkamp. In her first season as an NBA official, Holtkamp T’ed up Paul during the game against Cleveland. Afterwards, Paul felt the technical foul was undeserved and added “If that’s the case, this might not be for her.” Many felt Paul was criticizing her because she was a woman and I don’t think that’s the case here. He was clearly frustrated and I feel his shot was more at her inexperience than anything else.

Tiger is breaking down at an alarming rate and I'm not sure it's just coincidence.

-There was a time when I really enjoyed watching Tiger Woods play golf but now I’m really starting to wonder if we weren’t duped a bit by the 14-time major winner. Woods withdrew this week from a tournament at the very course he won his last major in 2008. This is now the sixth time Woods has WD’ed and in every case it was due to injury. Not surprisingly, he was also out of contention on each occurrence as well. As his body breaks down I can’t help but wonder if Woods was in fact a user of PEDs. Ironically, it was July of 2008 when the PGA started drug testing. Take it for what you will.

-Fresh off the heels of his thoughts on banning the defensive shift in baseball, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has added that he’d like to see a bidding process take over as the way to find All-Star Game locations. For the previous 82 years, the game has rotated between National and American League ballparks but this year and next, the game will be in National League parks. By moving towards a Super Bowl-like bidding process, I can’t help but imagine we’ll be seeing All-Star Games in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles on an annual basis.

-The Atlanta Falcons admitted this week that they were piping in artificial crowd noise to make the Georgia Dome louder. Therefore, the environment would be tougher for opposing teams. This same claim has been leveled many times against Indianapolis but has never been admitted to or proven. My question is this; if this is illegal, then why were the Seattle Seahawks allowed to build a stadium that creates more natural noise than any other?

-I have to admit it’s pretty cool to look at the standings in the NBA see teams up there that we aren’t normally used to seeing. In the Western Conference, you have Golden State and Memphis while in the East you have Atlanta and Toronto. As much as I like to see the Boston’s, LA’s and Chicago’s of the NBA up there it’s nice that these other cities get a chance to shine and feel the air of a top basketball team.

-Believe it or not, March Madness is just around the corner.

Super Bowl Sunday Bullets From Across the Sports World

Serena Williams captured another grand slam and moved closer to Steffi Graf's career record.

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and I’m tackling a number of stories that have developed in recent days.

-If you haven’t placed a wager yet on Super Bowl XLIX, then you may want to add a bit of research before doing so. So much action has been coming the Seahawks’ way that most Vegas sports books have moved the game to a “pick’em” selection.

-Congrats to Serena Williams for her victory in the Australian Open. She is now three grand slam titles away from tying the great Steffi Graff.

-If you ever needed further proof about just what kind of person NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is then I give you his “State of the Game” Presser on Friday. CNN’s Rachel Nichols asked a very direct question related to the conflicts of interest regarding investigators the NFL has chosen to run its’ investigations. Goodell was clearly annoyed and couldn’t even look Nichols in the eye as he gave a condescending answer. He even badgered her at the end of the his diatribe.

-My dreams of an unbeaten NCAA Championship Game in college basketball went out the window last night. Duke went into Charlottesville and knocked off second-ranked Virginia 69-63. Now I can only hope that Kentucky gets there unbeaten to give the game just a little more added flavor.

Jerome Bettis was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame last night along with seven other worthy candidates.

-Congratulations to the eight men selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame yesterday. Junior Seau, Will Shields, Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown and Charles Haley were the modern-era selections. All in my opinion are worthy and should come with no debate whatsoever. Also elected were Mick Tingelhoff who was elected by the Seniors’ Committee and team executives Bill Polian and Ron Wolf.

-This is one of the rare Hall of Fame classes that should come with no debate across the board.

-UFC 183 saw Anderson Silva return from a 399-day layoff to defeat Nick Diaz in a unanimous decision. The bout was an odd one with Diaz taunting Silva throughout and even faking a knockdown at one point. Last we saw Silva, he suffered that horrible broken leg against Chris Weidman. At 39 years old, Silva is considering retirement but has announced nothing at this time.

-Tiger Woods shot a career-worst 82 Friday and finished dead-last and missed the cut at the Phoenix Waste Management Open. Heading into the tournament, Woods was very excited about his newly crafted swing and added length off the tee. To his credit, Woods didn’t give the typical excuses we’ve become used to after his poor rounds. He instead went with humor and even resorted to Marshawn Lynch’s “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” comment.

-Speaking of golf, how can you not love the atmosphere around the 16th hole? Golf purists of course find it to be a disgrace to the game, but the arena style par three is fantastic for fans and makes great television. Are there people a bit out of control at the 16th? Of course, but then again this isn’t a major so let’s just take a deep breath and enjoy it.

-Aaron Rodgers won his second Most Valuable Player Award last night and J.J. Watt became the first-ever defender to unanimously win the Defensive Player of the Year Award. I can’t argue too much with the selection of Rodgers but if Watt can’t win the MVP with the year he had then I don’t see a defender ever winning the award again. Watt wasn’t just a great defender though, he was a great player who probably deserved better.

Christmas Wishes for Your Favorite Athletes and Teams

Maybe my Christmas wish will come true and Tiger will actually just admit he played poorly for once.

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope your day is filled with all kinds of good food, family and fun. Today I’m giving you some Christmas wishes for any number of teams and athletes.

My Christmas wish is…

for Tony Romo to get at least one playoff win.

for Michigan to land a head football coach who wants to be there.

for Roger Goodell to resign.

for ESPN to cancel First Take and no longer allow Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless on television.

for you to win every bet, on every game this coming year. (giggles a bit)

for Tiger Woods to walk off the course just one time and say, “I played like crap” rather than blame it on everything else.

for the Kansas City Royals not to be one-hit wonders.

for college football to immediately move to an eight-game playoff.

for high school athletes to enjoy being “high school athletes” and not be forced to specialize by club sports.

for ‘Mike and Mike’ to use more of my tweets.

for the National Basketball Association to become interesting again.

for Coach K to get one more title before he hangs up the whistle.

for soccer to go back to being a world sport and not an American one.

for Marshawn Lynch to actually give a decent interview after a game.

for Steelers’ Coach Mike Tomlin to drop a few of his cliches.

for MMQB’s Peter King to finally admit he’s just a shill for the NFL.

Thanks Ed O'Bannon for ruining my family's favorite video game!

for the NCAA and EA Sports to find a way get the NCAA Football video game back for us.

for NFL people stop using the word “elite” when it comes to quarterbacks.

for Antonio Brown to go up against Richard Sherman in the Super Bowl.

for Peter Edward Rose to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

for all of us to just admit that college football and basketball is nothing more than a minor league for the pros.

for Mike Emrick to call every game in every sport for the rest of his life.

to never see another pro athlete charged with domestic violence.

for the Super Bowl to be a national holiday and everyone gets the next day off.

for the Atlanta Hawks to the NBA Title.

for the Detroit Tigers to win a World Series before owner Mike Ilitch dies. No one has been more important to Detroit sports than he has.

for group celebrations to be allowed after NFL touchdowns.

for a “Gretzky-like” figure to reappear in the National Hockey League.

for the Cleveland Cavaliers to lose in the NBA Finals. Let’s face it; it makes for more interesting sports talk.

for the Lakers and Celtics to continue being irrelevant.

for defensive backs so they can actually play defense again.

for Jerry Jones’ plastic surgeon who must be tired of seeing him walk through the door.

for Larry Fitzgerald to get a Super Bowl title before he retires.

for Al Michaels to narrate my life.

for someone in a Santa suit today at an NBA game to do something ridiculous.

for officials at all levels and in all sports to remember it isn’t about them, it’s about the game.

for Oregon to settle on a uniform or 50.

for Devon Still’s daughter to make a complete recovery.

for karma to show up at Jameis Winston’s door.

for the NFL Playoffs to be as great as ever.

for your favorite teams to do as well as they can!

A Dose of Honesty Among Other News for a Sunday

Cameron Tringale DQ'ed himself days after the PGA Championship ended.

I’ve spent so much time being negative lately that it’s time for a nugget of news that is actually positive. It might not sound real positive for the person involved, but his actions are refreshing and welcome in a time when there is very little honesty and upbeat news.

This piece comes from the PGA Tour and goes all the way back to Sunday’s PGA Championship. You’ve probably never heard of Cameron Tringale who is in his fifth season on the PGA Tour. Tringale was nowhere near the action when Rory McIlroy clinched his second PGA Title and probably shouldn’t be in the news today if not for his owning up to his own mistake.

During the final round, Tringale claimed he did not credit himself with a stroke after he mistakenly waved the putter over the ball before tapping in for bogey. He could have easily kept quiet and taken his $53,000 in prize money (he finished 33rd) and walked away. His conscious got the better of him through the week and yesterday he contacted the PGA telling him about his error.

First of all, this should have been noted by the player competing alongside Tringale. As a competitive golfer, your job is not only to keep track of your own score, but to also keep track of a player you are playing with. I’m not certain of who was playing with Tringale but he should have been paying attention.

Either way, it’s refreshing to see a professional athlete be so forth-coming in a situation like this. Kudos to Cameron Tringale.

Johnny Manziel can't afford 'innocent mistakes.'

OK, back to the negative stuff…

Johnny Manziel was late to a meeting this week and claims it was an innocent mistake. You know what? It really could have been just as he says but there’s a problem even with that. Manziel is fighting for a starting quarterback position in the NFL. There are only 32 of these jobs in the entire world. You do not make an ‘innocent mistake’ in this case.

This is exactly the type of thing that Manziel can’t do because he is under a microscope the size of Texas. Manziel also went on to say this week that he wasn’t ready for the Pittsburgh Steelers on opening day. I like his honesty. That said, I still think he’s the starter on opening day at Heinz Field. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian Hoyer were in another uniform soon too with the addition of Rex Grossman.

Back to golf to close things out…

I’m extremely hard on Tiger Woods and for the most part I feel it’s warranted, but I have to give him credit for shutting it down this week. Woods could have easily been stubborn and despite not being 100% would have made the Ryder Cup team. The pressure on Captain Tom Watson would have been too great for him not to select him for the team.

The pressure coming from NBC had to have been there but Woods bailed out Watson by taking himself out of consideration. The other reason this is good for Tiger is that if he really truly feels that he can return to his glory days then he must rest his back. It’s also a good time to duck out of the limelight while Rory McIlroy enjoys his tremendous run that he’s on.

Tiger playing well is good for golf. This was the right move and I know it couldn’t have been easy for him.

Rory Enters New Territory Despite PGA’s Significant Error

Let me get this out of the way right now; I had absolutely no dog in the fight in last night’s PGA Championship. I enjoy good, compelling golf regardless of who is playing and that’s exactly what we got last night.

To recap for just a second, Rory McIlroy had surrendered his lead heading to the back nine. He soon found himself in amazing quartet of guys vying for the Wanamaker Trophy. Besides McIlroy, there was Rickie Fowler again who became the only golfer to finish in the top five in all four majors this year. There was Henrik Stenson who was the FedEx Points champ last year. He had a share of the lead on the back nine.

The final member of the foursome charging towards victory with eagles, birdies and amazing par saves was Phil Mickelson. Lefty will always be known as the ‘other guy’ during the great run of dominance by Tiger Woods but there are few players I’ve come to respect and enjoy watching more than Mickelson.

Lefty gave it a great shot yesterday but finished one shot back of Rory.

It wasn’t to be for Lefty though as he finished one back of McIlroy and nearly tied him with a pitch that missed by mere inches for eagle. It was Mickelson’s ninth runner-up finish in a major tournament.

For McIlroy, this was his fourth major title and he joins Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods as the only players to win four majors at 25 years old or younger. Only the Masters has eluded his grasp to this point and common sense tells us he will be a very heavy favorite when the attention turns to Augusta in April.

This major title was easily his most difficult because his prior three major victories were pretty much without tension. This one was just the opposite and the pressure didn’t end until he dropped a 10″ putt to close out Mickelson. I think this is bad news for the rest of the players on the tour. McIlroy has now proven he can withstand the pressure of a major and pull through. That doesn’t bode well for other stars trying to break through in major tournaments.

Last night’s finish wasn’t without a bit of controversy however and as former golf coach of ten years, I can tell you it shouldn’t have happened the way it did.

Because of a two-hour rain delay, the exciting finish was happening as the darkness closed in. With Mickelson and Fowler walking down the 18th fairway, the decision was made to allow McIlroy and his partner to hit their drives. Mickelson was being told this as McIlroy’s ball went flying over his head. THat wasn’t the problem and this often happens in tournaments from junior golf through the professional ranks.

Where the controversy entered was when Mickelson and Fowler were told on the green before putting that McIlroy would be hitting his approach shot. This is much more uncommon than hitting the drive was. Does it happen? Absolutely this does, especially when you’re playing with a group of buddies at the local muni and you let the group behind hit up so you can all finish together.

This doesn’t and shouldn’t happen in a major tournament. Would the outcome have changed? I doubt it, but we don’t know and that’s the key. How do we know things wouldn’t have played out differently had the tournament finished as it should have? You don’t change the rules you’ve played by for 71 holes for the final one.

Was it a significant thing? It’s debatable, but either way, Rory McIlroy has cemented his place as the best golfer in the world right now and that isn’t even close to being debatable.


Weekend Ramblings is Back With Thoughts on the NCAA, Tiger Missing the Cut and More

The NCAA will no longer exist as we currently know it.

It isn’t like it’s gone anywhere it’s just that I haven’t used the title in awhile. Either way, Weekend Ramblings returns and here are my thoughts on the latest in the sports’ world in a ‘Readers’ Digest’ form.

It was a very interesting and precedent-setting week for the NCAA as two different decisions were made that will have long-lasting impacts on college sports and most specifically, college football. The first seismic shift came from the NCAA itself when it’s Board of Governors voted to give autonomy to the ‘Power Five Conferences.’

What this means is that the Big 12, Big 10, Pac-12, ACC and SEC can essentially run things the way they would like to moving forward without the NCAA being able to say “boo” about it. Let’s face it; there is a significant difference between the Power Five and everyone else when it comes to money and power in most sports but clearly football is the issue here.

This ruling will allow the Power Five to work together to create legislation that benefits them. This could be in recruiting, in how the schools schedule future opponents and perhaps even how they create a football playoff in the future.

The second big shift came late yesterday when a judge ruled in favor of Ed O’Bannon and his fellow plaintiffs against the NCAA. This was the lawsuit brought against the NCAA where players’ likenesses were being used without their permission in such things as video games and jersey sales. The bigger issue was the fact that the schools were taking in all of the profits while the athletes were seeing zero dollars despite their obvious likeness being used.

Ultimately this paves the way for college athletes to be paid. While some believe this is a step in the right direction, it could also be the opening of another Pandora’s Box. How will athletes be paid? Will the starting quarterback make more than the back-up left guard? Can they be compensated for each and every jersey with their number that is sold?

Stay tuned because this in only the beginning.

Tiger missed the cut in the PGA and that's good for him and us.

I admit that I’m guilty of kicking a dead horse far too often. I do it with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and I certainly do it with Tiger Woods as well. My reasoning is that these guys continue to do things that scream for discussion and debate and Woods is once again doing this. I can keep calling him out because I don’t have to worry about being ignored by him for an interview.

Woods of course missed the cut yesterday in the PGA Championship after limping around the golf course with his bad back. I don’t doubt Tiger was in some pain and I congratulate him for actually finishing the round, but I’m tired of the act. You know and I know if he were somehow in contention that he would be labeled ‘heroic’ and ‘tough’ for hanging in there.

But he wasn’t in contention and he never is when he withdraws from a tournament. See last week as the latest example. OK, I’m over it.

One final thought for today is on Michael Sam who played in his first NFL game last night in the preseason opener for his St. Louis Rams against the New Orleans Saints. Sam was credited with a tackle and a QB hit on the evening. This was ESPN’s highlight of the night by the way.

I mention this only because I hope the day comes when an openly gay football player makes a tackle that it isn’t a big deal. I hope it’s noting more than statistic in the box score. That’s the road Sam is paving for many that will follow.

Tiger is Miraculously Healthy for the PGA; Coach Snyder Rant is Dead On

My loss of interest in Woods is about his on-course issues rather than off.

Do you think Tiger Woods would have limped off the course last week had he been in contention? Of course not. Woods’ shtick has grown old and the fact that no one is ever willing to call him out on it is a tribute to the power he has in the media. To say anything negative about Tiger is to lose interview access for life.

There was a time when I never missed Tiger Woods on the golf course. As much as he is still ‘must see TV,’ ten years ago he was even more than that if there is such a thing. Watching him was exciting because he played with emotion and did things that had never been seen before on a golf course but then things changed.

We can point to the loss of his father and we can point to his infidelity and how it played out in the public and we can now point to the injuries but for whatever reason Woods is no longer worth watching for me.

The Open Championship at Royal Liverpool was so refreshing because even though Woods was on the course, ESPN rarely, if ever showed him, They stayed with the leaders and guys in contention. This isn’t something to gloss over because there was a time when cameras would have followed Woods regardless f where he was on the leaderboard.

Ultimately what turned me away from being a Woods’ fan was not his issues off the course but his issues on the course.

In the last two tournaments, Woods has cursed out cameramen and this has gone from the exception to the rule now for Woods. His behavior does nothing more than solidify his image as an arrogant, self-absorbed ass. Did you ever notice it always happens after Tiger jerks one into the gallery? Perhaps if Tiger kept it in the fairway he wouldn’t be going after cameramen so often.

As much as that irks me, the fact he is teeing off today in the PGA Championship is a joke. He could hardly stand on Sunday let alone walk at the Bridgestone Invitational before withdrawing. So we are to believe he is suddenly healthy enough to play just four days later?

Tiger ‘walked’ off last week because what was hurting was his pride. Go back and look at the tournaments he WD’s from and you’ll notice he’s rarely if ever in contention when he quits. Hey, more power to him I guess. He certainly doesn’t need the prize money.

K-State Head Coach Bill Snyder was right on the money with his comments yesterday.

Bill Snyder Rants and Has Every Right 

Kansas State Head Football Coach Bill Snyder was supposed to be talking about his 2014 Wildcats’ football team but instead went on a lengthy oratory about the demise of college football.

“It’s changed. I mean, college athletics, football in particular, has changed dramatically over the years,” Snyder said. “I think we’ve sold out. We’re all about dollars and cents. The concept of college football no longer has any bearing on the quality of the person, the quality of students,” Kansas State coach Bill Snyder said. “Universities are selling themselves out.”

He went on to discuss the fact that education is a second thought now and that television has way too much power now in the college sports world.

Snyder couldn’t be more right and sadly, his message will only get a brief mention today around the country and will be swept under the rug. If he were the coach at Notre Dame or USC or Florida State and won a championship or two his words might have more relevance. He’s just the head coach at Kansas State though and that won’t carry much weight.



The Open Wrap-Up Plus Thoughts on Jameis Winston’s Comments

Rory McIlroy blasted his way to the Open Championship title yesterday.

How ironic it was that while Tiger Woods quietly and covertly was driven off in a darkened Mercedes, that 25-year old Rory McIlroy worked on his game. He still had about 90 minutes before he even teed off. The unfolding scene couldn’t have been more appropriate as hours later, the classy McIlroy hoisted the Claret Jug at the very place Tiger Woods’ last did.

One can argue about just how classy McIlroy is considering the break-up of his engagement in May but I think we can all agree it’s still a far cry from Tiger Woods’ off course relationship issues.

I always find it ironic how when Tiger starts a tournament well the commentators will give him a literal tongue bath but as soon as things went south in the final three rounds, the excuses became nauseating.

As for McIlroy, he is a champion that we can embrace. He doesn’t talk about his round with typical cliches and doesn’t make excuses when he plays poorly as Woods often does. With his win, McIlroy joins Jack Nicklaus and Tiger as the youngest to win three different Major Tournaments. Only the Masters has avoided his grasp.

Earlier last week I picked Sergio Garcia to win and end his drought of Major Championships and although he didn’t win, he certainly didn’t disappoint. The Spaniard finished in second along with Rickie Fowler and neither guy gave McIlroy the title. Remember that McIlroy started with a six-shot lead. Garcia closed it to two shots with four to play but then a drive found a pot bunker and that was that.

ESPN’s Ian O’Connor is already leading the “Tiger will be back” surge of articles that follow every time he loses another major. He cites the fact that Tiger won five times on tour last year and that he was close to winning the Masters in 2013 as reasons why he’ll win another major. O’Connor might be right but I don’t think he or the other shills are considering the young talent that now surrounds Woods.

Regardless, McIlroy is a worthy champion and does things the way a champion should.

Let's hope Jameis Winston follows the words he was told to say in a recent interview.

Jameis Winston Should Follow His Own Words, If They’re Actually His

The reigning Heisman Trophy winner sat down with ESPN during the ACC Football Media Day to discuss the upcoming season. While there is no doubt about the enormous talent and maturity that Winston has on the field, he has shown anything but off it.

I wish I could tell you that what Winston said was from the heart and in his own words but I think that most of what he said has been beaten into him through rehearsal and Winston certainly wouldn’t be the first to have this happen but read this excerpt courtesy ESPN.

“You always have to have a smile on your face. Leadership isn’t just on the field. It’s off the field, too, and I know I have a lot of young guys looking up to me, and I know I have a lot of support from my teammates as well.”

So what type of leadership was Winston portraying when he walked out of a Publix Grocery Store with crab legs and other sea food he didn’t pay for? Oh, that’s right. He forgot to pay and just hadn’t come back to pay for them yet before the police showed up at his apartment right?

This is what we call entitlement. Winston was punished by Florida State as a baseball player so he won’t face any action during the football season. Hopefully Winston has grown since this incident but I have a feeling he won’t. If he didn’t learn his lesson after being accused of sexual assault then why would he after stealing crab legs?